Preliminary list of Argentina U23 team for Olympics announced, Lucas Alario included


Argentina U23 national team coach Fernando Batista has decided on his preliminary list of players for the Olympics.

A total of 26 players have been selected and the big inclusion is that of Lucas Alario. At 28 years of age, Alario, along with 28 year old Jeremias Ledesma and 24 year old Lucas Robertone are the three overage players that have been selected. Alexis Mac Allister, Esequiel Barco and Adolfo Gaich have all also been included.

From those 26 players, 18 will make the final cut for the Olympics in Tokyo. Here is the list:

Joaquin Blazquez (Talleres)
Lautaro Morales (Lanus)
Jeremias Ledesma (Cadiz)
Hernan De La Fuente (Velez)
Marcelo Herrera (San Lorenzo)
Nehuen Perez (Granada)
Leone Mosevich (FC Vizela)
Facundo Medina (Lens)
Nazareno Colombo (Estudiantes de la Plata)
Francisco Ortega (Velez)
Claudio Bravo (Portland Timbers)
Nicolas Capaldo (Boca Juniors)
Fausto Vera (Argentinos Juniors)
Santiago Colombatto (Club Leon)
Tomas Belmonte (Lanus)
Martin Payero (Banfield)
Lucas Robertone (UD Almeria)
Fernando Valenzuela (Famalicao)
Pedro De La Vega (Lanus)
Alexis Mac Allister (Brighton)
Thiago Almada (Velez)
Agustin Urzi (Banfield)
Esequiel Barco (Atlanta United)
Adolfo Gaich (Benevento)
Ezequiel Ponce (Spartak Moscow)
Lucas Alario (Bayer Leverkusen)


  1. A couple of years ago I never thought Thiago Almada will be playing in Argentina league at the age of 20😐
    Something is wrong with our players not getting marketed properly

  2. @roy, lucas robertone wont be an overage player. Any player born on or after jan 1st 1997 qualifies for olympics bcos of the 1 year delay. Robertone dob is march 97 & we still have 1 more slot for overage player

  3. 🇮🇹 🔜 Nicolás #González, who currently plays in Copa America with the national team, will leave Stuttgart and will be a reinforcement of the #Fiorentina. The Italian club buys it for € 22.500.000, plus € 4 million in bonus. In turn, between the plusvalue and the solidarity mechanism, Argentinos Juniors will receive € 2.500.000

  4. Brazil are by no means the best team ever right now but looking at the Peru game they can eat Otamendi alive with their quick passes and dangerous presence in the box. Romero has kept players like Lukaku out of games and I am sure he will play well if we face Brazil, but it would be helpful for Scaloni to test options like Lisandro off the bench for Otamendi. Also shame on Neymar. The Brazil team is well aware that the referee and VAR in many games may be on their side and take advantage of it entirely with their antics. I am thankful the Argentinian referee did not give a penalty (for once) but the amount of time he had to look at that to decide it wasn’t one makes me suspicious and very concerned for what could be going on. Also are the four starters out of Peru because of Covid??

    • Playing these tough opponents will help us later in the Tournament … this Argentinan team is still learning who there are …. Tough games like their against Chile, colombia and now Uruguay will unlock this teams potential ! Brasil playing weak opponents will hurt them once they play a real team.
      And we will be waiting !!!! Vamos

  5. I AM disgusted
    First ARG is stripped from hosting Copa America…… no support, fans not even soil
    Then, it moves to FUCKING Brazil from all places, the country that probably handled the pandemic worse than any other country in the region and very possibly responsible for spreading that shit beyond its borders and into all of S. America
    Then, they play two shitty teams, one missing 8-9 STARTERS and the other 4 LMAO, its not funny, while ARG ends up with Fucking Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay who I’m sure all will play like its the fucking WC final and knowing our shitty luck, who knows!

    Player selection aside, coaches aside, fitness aside…….its this Mother f***ING luck that has been biting us up the ass for what seems like FOREVER.
    Don’t tell me luck doesn’t play a role.
    I’m disgusted, pissed off, annoyed AND ANGRY but what is that going to get me other than support this shitty-luck ridden BELOVED TEAM.

  6. Gonzalez has ended up going to Fiorentina. If LMQ leaves his slump and improves and comes into legitimate contention for minutes with Argentina (not the case now) it is good to have them together

  7. The transfer market is moving very good for us. Players like Buendia, Gonzalez, Foyth, Depaul, Romero get good deal, let’s hope the like of Vera, Perez, Alvarez, Capaldo, Barco, Gaich, Urzi, Valenzuela can move to Europe so we can have a very good foundation for years to come… VAMOS ARGENTINA….

      • Perez, valenzuela already in europe. Capaldo now closes deal with red bull salzburg. This season among new kids, almada, de la vega, alvarez, vera moving from local league to one of the top 5 europe leagues will be our ideal desired situation. Hope no MLS moves happen for serious young talent. I doubt barco can get an european suitor in this window

    • It cld also be player priorities. Maybe dybala wants to focus on juventus preseason & feels olympics is below his levels.
      Surprised that AFA totally overlooking Senesi at all levels. Balerdi must be bcos of covid recovery. A fit Alario will be a welcome addition. Just wanted a good overage full back to join team ( maybe angileri ). Our u23 team chemistry is good & best is to retain the core of team as they have been playing together for last 2-3 years.

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