Argentina goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez: “I’m prepared for this moment”


Argentina national team goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez spoke at a press conference on Thursday about a number of topics.

Emiliano Martinez appears to be the new number one goalkeeper for Argentina as he has already taken part in three matches. Three draws for Argentina, four goals allowed, one penalty saved, Martinez has yet to taste victory with his country but that’s not his fault.

With the team lacking goals and yet to win, Martinez was the player who spoke to the media as the team prepares for their match vs. Uruguay. Here’s what he had to say:

“I’m not taking this challenge with pressure, I’m prepared for this moment. I’ve tried to do what I can ever since I was a kid, I enter the pitch and think of nothing else.

“There are still things to adjust but I believe we are going to have a great Copa America.

“Aside from the number 10, I believe no spot is safe in the Argentina national team. This spot requires the best of me, everyone knows that we have to give our best to win a spot.”

In regards to himself, here’s what Martinez stated:

“As the matches go by, I’ll feel more secure and I’ll be able to transmit that to the team.

Emiliano Martinez: “The goalkeeping position of the Argentina national team is as great as they come. The truth is that I feel very well, I’m enjoying this moment a lot. I feel more secure in myself every time.

Once I enter the pitch, the goal is the same size everywhere. It doesn’t matter who I play or who the opponent is, I’m focused on myself.”




  1. He allowed 2 goals only, The 2 Goals vs Colombia was conceded by Marchesin, isnt it.

    Hope he builds on this opportunity and build a great career for the NT. He is at the right age means he can serve us for long time.

  2. Scaloni must use Acuna in each game.He is an alround player. He is a very useful player.Leaving Occampos and including Alvares is totally shit I think..Similarly dyblas exclusion..

  3. An Infoam locelso is a good playmaker. He can distribute and can hit longrange shots. Giving him more chances and to feel him he is Argns playmaker makes arg better in future..Arg must concentrate to stop freeing space in defence area. other areas not very looks beyond average.

  4. Watching Brazil vs Peru… Brazil looks much more organized than us. They r the real title contenders.

    We need to win against uruguay at any cost. IMO We need to play fast paced game.. hope for the best…Vamos Argentina!

      • Brazil scored 2 right after 2nd half but their intensity remained the same… they pushed and scored 2 more. We need to do same… defensive mode after scoring first goal cost us many matches.

  5. I love reading comments as I can’t get enough info about the AFA… But I must say, all of these lineup suggestions seem silly to me when we don’t have too many options.
    If scaloni had the choice of players in 2010 and he decided to leave zanetti and cambiasso off then we can write as much hate as possible.
    But it’s 2021, we dont have zanneti, nor a riquelme,…our options are limited in defense and mid field. Even our attack is limited because of contradicting players such as dybala and small dick players who takes their teammates ugly wives which we won’t mention by name.
    So, my point is that we don’t have the luxury of teams like Belgium or Brazil or France etc who have a whole all star team waiting on the bench.
    One other thing I must say is that our players always seem to be under pressure. It’s rare to see them smile or clap for each others pass attempts. Alot of the teams failure is because of pressure.
    we always bash our players into retirement. Higuain, tevez etc.
    For Gods sake, most of this planet would be thankful to have di maria on their team, or lauturo as a striker…. But us, we would rather have Dominguez or Gonzalez or some other Nico that is lacking in experience and skill. Let’s celebrate what we have while we have it. Thanks for reading

    • you talk good suddenly you talk garbage like all the sh*t talk running around “But us, we would rather have Dominguez or Gonzalez or some other Nico that is lacking in experience and skill” yeah gonzalez never played as much as matches like di maria the number of matches he plays it is enough to judge player and quality.. what experience what skills you are talking about … do you know anything about talent do you know anything about skills… good players invent bases on their talent not on their experience and about skills what skills you are talking about do you have any idea on footballing skills

      • So yeah, …the only thing I understood from your comment is insecurity and a lack of writing “skill”.
        If you like you can re write your comment in 4 other languages as I used to translate for BeIn Sports in four languages for world cup 2010 and 2014 .
        I don’t need to tell you about my knowledge of the game, nor how long I’ve been involved in it. but I will tell you that you need assistance in anger management, basic expression skills, and whatever else is troubling you in your life. Hope the best for you.

        • bro yeah my english is weak and i’m not here to teach english or any other language to anyone. and i can assure you nothings is troubling me in my life so you don’t need to worry or you don’t need become my advisor on anger management.. yeah you don’t need to tell me your knowledge of the game.. i can understand it without telling a lot.. hope the best for you. same goes to you

  6. Maradona front line : Messi, di maria, higuain,aguero
    Sabella front line : Messi, di maria, higuain,aguero

    Both the front line are same. Sabella only fixed the defense. He worked on weaknesses. That’s a better coach does. When defense is shaky no front line can perform well.

  7. If we are playing with 4 men back instead of 3, it’s better to go with 4_4_2.

    Of course playing Acuna, in the expense of Lo Celso, will make us creative. But it’s better that way against teams like Uruguay.

    Emi ;

    Di Maria, Paredes, DePaul, Acuna

    Messi Lautaro.

    It’s safer in my opinion. Uruguay will no way dominate us or destroy our midfield.
    But it seems we are sticking with the 4,3,3.. which is risky in my opinion.

    • It’s hard to drop Lo Celso when he seemed like the most creative midfielder last game. I’m not sure if dropping him is the answer. Could he play on the other side in your formation instead of Di Maria?

    • Acuna in place of locelso makes the team creative??are you mad or what.?? So many people comes up with weird weird ideas.. Amazing.. Hats off to you bro.. Really salute to you…scaloni please don’t you ever open this site.. This is site filled with amazing amazing masterminds.. Acuna in place of Messi makes this team more creative I think.. Or Acuna in place of lautaro or maybe EMI Martinez

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