Leandro Paredes with pain in his ribs, could be replaced by Guido Rodriguez for Argentina


Leandro Paredes has suffered a knock in his ribs and is a doubt for Argentina vs. Uruguay.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has something to think about as Leandro Paredes is currently suffering from a knock. Paredes is feeling some pain in his ribs due to an old knock and could be replaced by Guido Rodriguez, this per a report by TyC Sports.

Guido has represented Argentina 10 times with his last match for being in the 2-1 win vs. Bolivia in the South American World Cup qualifiers last year where he replaced Paredes.

As we reported earlier, Cristian Romero will be replacing Lucas Martinez Quarta in the eleven vs. Uruguay while Nicolas Gonzalez is a doubt for the match.


  1. TYC is reporting Lo Celso may not be fit for the game. Please let this not be true. Arg is such a different team with him playing

    • Yes, I just now read that there will be 5 changes in Total

      Acuna, Romero, Guido, Palacios, Di Maria in

      Tagliafico, LMQ, Paredes, Lo Celso, Nico Gonzalez out

    • Thats why we needed buendia. We need to search for a locelso and paredes replacement specially locelso because he is too much injury prone. We can even try papu gomez he is hardworking creative why always ignore him

  2. With both Suarez and Cavani in the team this Uruguay side is something else. I think since loss vs France in WC 2018 with both Cavani and Suarez in team Uruguay never lost (with full potential team) except in penalty shoot out in Copa America and tommorrow they both going to play these two compliments each other so match is going to be very exciting

  3. I do not know why Foyth was not selected by Scaloni, Foyth was phenomenal in La liga but I am sure we will see Foyth in Qualifufiers very soon. In Euro big name players are making mistake and as tournament goes some other big player will also make mistakes. Foyth and Renzo Sarvia are best RB for me.
    Montiel can not defend and when I watch his crosses and passing balls into the box it looks like he makes those crosses and passes with closed eye. He needs to see the player and then pass but he does other way around,very poor.

      • Not one bad performance. Multiple. 2 out of 2 this time. You have to ask, how many great performances he had? Not decent performances, but “great”. Match winning performance. Take a count, how many he played? How many greats? How many average? How many bad?

        I don’t rate Armani as a good GK and Emi is miles better than him. But I cannot think of because of Armani we lost a game or point. He actually has a tournament saving penalty in last Copa. I don’t want Armani because Damian Martinez is light years ahead of him. Its a little different than Foyth situation in my mind.

        • Not 2 but just 1.Free kick was not Foyth mistake. The 2nd mistake was not just a single mistake but rather series of mistake. A. Maschrain could made a simple save, Pezella got out jumped by goalscorer. Many senior AMD good defender are making mistake in Euro but that does not mean they should be axed.
          That was not bad performance just one mistake.

          • My apologies, but Foyth makes multiple mistakes a game. It’s been happening since he starting playing for the NT. Some may not lead to goals, but they are there. He is not ready for the NT at the moment, perhaps in the future. The mistake in Columbia was so egregious that it is not possible to trust him at this time in such an important tournament.

            What professional defender does not clear the ball with less than a minute left in injury time with all of columbia’s players in the final 1/3?

          • It wasn’t Pazella, it’s was Foyth who was out jumped. This is the second time I’m correcting. Go watch the game again and make useful comments

          • Foyth, I am convinced you see things wrong accidentally and that is why Foyth is much better in your eyes than ours. It was Foyth that got outjumped for the header by a Colombian league player. I emphasize the league because you seem to think that because Foyth plays in La Liga and Europa league he is suddenly an undisputed starter and untouchable, while you use the league excuse to bash on local players. Several local players would not have made that mistake and cost 4 points. He is a liability and needs time to improve

      • you will ask for foyth when Molina gets exposed. he is terrible at defending. you have to define a team and stick with it and if a player is young, he should be given a chance. if the same yardstick is applied then both otamendi and Aguero should not be in the team.

      • This is true, foyth is too nervous, it is obvious that even his teammates recognize this when they are constantly speaking to him during the match and trying to raise his confidence and moral. One great thing about no crowd in the stadium is that you can hear the players, if you speak Spanish it’s helpful of course.
        Enganche, no need to personally attack the guy. You made your point, although hard to understand, you made your point.
        “Somehow you fail to see that…speaks volumes about you”
        This is unnecessary and negative. I hope you can quell your anger and whatever is wrong with yourself personally. All the best

        • With due respect, it’s not only. Enganche who is annoyed with this guy. He is disrespectful, don’t know how to respect alternate opinion, and keep asserting same rubbish in multiple permutation combinations as if repeating makes a statement fact, which is annoying. Yes, many of us don’t read his comments anymore but the sheered volume of his rubbish is downgrading the quality of this blog. Sometimes, someone needs to speak up against such a character.

      • Even with mistake he won Europa League against powerhouse team like Arsenal, Manchester United and being main key part of team that also speaks volumes.

        • Pezella got out jumped because he was in front of goalscorer and the ball went through him to goalscorer but he did not jumped and his positioning is also questioning I do not why some people watches games if they can not get clear idea about a single instance like that go and watch that incident again in slow motion.

  4. Someone who is neutral told me: Brazil has great results up to now but they played two arguably not that strong teams and the most important, from the first team (Venezuela) where missing 9 players and from the second (Peru) 4 if i am not mistaken. He told me that under these circumstances cannot really determine how powerful Brazil is.

    However, i have 3 questions:

    1. Why is this (missing starters from the opposition) happens only with Brazil?
    2. Why noone in here except Dfox didn’t say a thing about Peru’s missing players? Because if it was for us certain people in here would say that our win would not reflect such importance because we played Peru and Venezuela B teams.
    3. If somehow we manage to go far and play Brazil, i am almost certain that our key players will be tested covid-19 positive and if we lose certain people will come out again to highlight Brazil’s brilliance and say that Argentina is a mediocre team at best, am i right?

    I am trying to be objective too and to accept when a team is superior to us as well, but not under those circumstances. I give gredit to opponents who can show that is superior only under fair and honest conditions! And if there is someone in here who believes that all the above are coincident or even non important enough to define a result, then sorry, but i think he is the one who is not objective!

    Personally, regardless our state, i believe that the winner of this copa has already been decided and you know who this is!

    Anyway, i still hope for a miracle!

    • @waveride
      I do respect your opinion a lot. Are those really true? To that extent? Will be super surprised if it is at that level. I do feel they got a pretty good helping hand last time, especially against us. I do have couple of thoughts

      1. The way Brazilian players and people created noise about this tournament, may be them winning it will calm some of it. So there could be a force.

      2. Based on what I have seen so far in Copa and couple of qualifiers, I don’t see anyone beating them. I hate it but I have to be honest. They are overwhelmingly favorite. I am more worried about our progress and performances.

    • Brazil was outplayed for 60 minutes of the Peru match. They could not get possession and were weak in link-up play. The great equalizer for them however is that they finish their opportunities. Teams cannot make mistakes with them b/c they will punish you.

      I honestly believe we would be singing a different tune about Arg if they finish their damn opportunities

    • Its interesting that Brazil in last 4 consecutive matches has hit goals in last 15mins or even lesser. Its a stage when opposing team is chasing for a goal & opens acres of space for the Brazilian attacking quadruples to capitalize. We will surely need a defensive pivot in Brazil game ( assuming thats coming up in KO )

    • Ur imaging a scenario which is completely imaginary. Nothing of that sort happened. Even if those starters played result would have been same mayb only margin was little different. U guys think too much excuses. We should concentrate more on our game rather than crying for why Brazil is winning. Match officials always support a host nation nothing new. We all saw how south korea reached semis of wc 2002.we r not yet on Brazil level so dont expect to win this copa rather its a good tournament to build chemistry and new players may emerge. Even European heavyweights like Belgium, germany, italy, spain, france all fear Brazil on their day they can beat anybody. So if we face Brazil that will be a good test. If we can beat them then we can beat those European heavyweights aswell and if we loose like 2-0 or 3-1 something like that then we will struggle big time against those big European countries. I have less hope as our fullbacks will struggle against Brazil. Remember in 2019 brazil didn’t have much idea about our players bt this time surely they may already studied our game so plan will be ready plus there was no Neymar. Brazil is a completely different thing with Neymar and we don’t have sarabia or foyth in rb so our fullbacks r defensively weak and wing play is their strength. We may compete bt eventually i don’t think we can beat them specially referee decisions going their way being hists

  5. Gokul and ddr13…it seems that you have more football knowledge than Argentina coaching staff and scaloni..
    Pls tell me if to sack scaloni to whom you appoint a new coach?I request you both fly to bunous Aires and apply for a coach

  6. What an opportunity for Guido if he starts!
    I’m hoping he is hungry and ready to hold the line.
    It may be a blessing in disguise for our team.
    But then again paredes is a very good player who has been collecting experience fir a bit if time now

  7. Sometimes you have a rock-star team and the coaching staff or managers don’t matter. These rock stars come together magically and wins it all. Not always, but happens. The top players want to win. They have the ego and desire. Brazil 2002.

    Sometimes you have a bunch of mediocre players and but a brilliant coaching staff with a great plan, that takes these players and make a winning team. Collective is more powerful. Greece, Leicester City.

    I am not sure which category do we fall into? Based on how we are playing this year, I have started having doubts on our coaching staff. I was super hopeful at the end of last Copa. I am open about a brand new coach with no experience. You have to give them chance. But now I am feeling, last copa was like a beginners luck for Scaloni and co. They have done well in integrating new players, but its 3 years now. What bothers me most is we don’t have an identity, no intensity and we don’t dominate games at all. Sometimes we win, we draw a lot. We are playing like a mid table league team. We don’t look like the one who wants to win it.

    Let see. Life is all about hope.

    • Exactly. There is nothing scaloni can give into this team.
      I hope he won’t make any damage, I trust in the players and their chemistry.

    • What are you talking about?? In all the last 3 matches we deserved to win…..after a long time I hv seen argentina creating so many chances.
      We have improved a lot.

  8. If parades not Playing vs Uruguay. Let see how our mid field performs… It’s now or never for Guido. Play well cement your place…

  9. Scaloni results against top teams: 0:0 vs Columbia, 0:1 vs Brazil, 0:2 vs Columbia, 0:2 vs Brazil, 2:1 vs Chile (in an unimportant 3rd place match for Chile after 2 Copa titles), 2:2 vs Germany (but Germany outclassed our team in the first half even in their crisis Loew times, but at least we fought for our lifes)1:0 vs Brazil (where Brazil missed a penalty, and played without Neymar), vs Uruguay 2:2, 1:1 vs Chile, 2:2 vs Columbia, and 1:1 vs Chile and he didnt win even against a good, massive team like Paraguay 1:1 and 1:1. Im not optimistic, his tactical skills is too low. 1:1 vs Uruguay imo a good result with him. No free-flowing passing football, no real attacking plans or build-up patterns. No improvements since years.

    • Scaloni is pathetic, there is nothing to expect from him. If a manager with some class and proven record (LIKE most of his predecessors) makes mistakes after mistakes, failures due to tactical blunders or over thinking, we could have criticize. We could have hope, they learn from mistakes and correct it in future.

      But look at our pathetic low cost option in place of a proper manger, HOW CAN HE IMPROVE?
      How can he do anything good?
      The guy, who should have been coaching some less heard clubs in Latin America or Some 3rd division teams in Europe, and learn managerial skills, he is given the Job of Argentina National Team.

      I’m just hoping, he won’t spoil anything from his part during the games, and fully trust the Class of 11 Argentina men playing the game. They are capable of everything, with or without the help of our Unfortunate case of the so called Manager.

  10. I hope overrated Lautaro Martinez do not start,he will mess up our attack. Aguero should be in CF. I can not believe Barca wanted to buy him with more than 100 million Euro he is a waste. If Scaloni wants a striker whose work rate should be high he should search for a striker like Griezaman not overrated Lautaro.

  11. if Guido Rodriguez is starting that is good he will be influential. Di Maria is also good choice. N. Gonzalez is good. Other than Montiel team is good

  12. For a change lets see what Guido can bring to the table. I dont think it would make much of a difference unless we change the way we play.

    Well we dont have much options left in the attacking front isnt it. The 2 Correas dont usually have much impact in matches the which they have started for us before.Then who is there? Palacios?Acuna? I dont see any one apart from Papu who can inspire us in the middle, but he wont start. Lo Celso is good. Wish we had Dybala-Messi combo. Even though Dybala havent been that good for us till now. But he and Messi combo is rarely started together. It may have struck a fear in opponents mind.

    Hopefully it wont be a boring match like the last one vs Chile.We need to score a goal somehow from an open play. All the best.

    • “2 Correas did not have much impact when started for Argentina”
      Hello it was J. Correa who scored winner vs Bolivia and took 3 points,J.Correa was always substitute not starter. J. Correa has done more than enough despite few chances

      • Even if Joaquin Correa starts also i dont think he can make that much of an impact on consistent basis.May be once in a while every player scores goals. Paredes scored for us against Colombia too.If J.Correa was too good he would have started more consisently for us. A.Correa looks great for ATM but for argentina he looks average. Angel Di Maria always plays great for his club but 90 out of 100 times he looks ordinary for us. Dybala, Icardi, Papu all them looks good on paper.But for NT most of them are not getting consistently starting.I dont know why it is like that for whatever reason.

        Lo Celso looks good, Romero and Emiliano looks to have transfered their club form to the NT from whatever we have seen them till now.De Paul is doing similar to what he is doing at his club. Paredes, Lautaro looks average. Messi looks average too. I dont have a clear cut answer for this.The way we play dont looks nice. There seems to be something missing.

  13. i hope di maria and kun starts. Lauta isnt in form. Makes alot of Kilometers but infront of the goal he not scores at the moment. Di maria is strong when he come from Sub. but i think he should start becuz we Need his passes and the brain.

  14. Our defense kills us to much. In WC Qual. match vs Chile they just watched and hoped the ball goes out and the same reaction at the penalty from vidal. the defense is a big Problem to win Copa. Argentina is bad in defense Standard situations. Otamendi and Taglia runs without control against the strikers – every game we get a penalty against us or very near to a penalty.

  15. Finally a proper no.5. A blessing in disguise perhaps?
    Romero coming back into the line up is also an assurance, but also feel sorry for him as he not only has to deal with the opposition but also with the utter rubbish a.k.a otomendi next to him.

  16. off topic: medical research proves that tattoos have an impact on performance. Tatttoos make perspiration difficult, it is hard for sweat to leave the body through the skin.

    With more and more players getting their arms, legs, body and neck full of ink, it is something to think about.

    I am not judging the designs or esthetics, just stating medical evidence.

  17. it will be much better, bring Guido and see the team will have more fluidity as the mid have a dynamic player; as always only injury can change the system and game plan

  18. If Paredes can’t play now is the time for Guido to show you guys up how the team will perform without Paredes as some of you guys calling for, thus, for up front if Gonzalez not fully fit I think Scaloni should try 3 Oldy up front I mean Di Maria, Kun and Messi, give Kun a chance to replace Lautaro let see how the oldy will perform, that’s just my opinion, so whatever starting 11 is I’ll always support the team.
    Vamos Argentina and Come on You Tangos

  19. Sorry to break it but Brazil is way better and in-form than Argentina at the moment
    Not that they have better players,but they have a better Team

    • At KO stage it only takes 1 bad performance to get stopped. Remember that Brazil almost lost in QF in 2019 Copa and needed a shootout and only beat Argentina with the 12th man.

      Its actually better to hit top form at KO stage.

    • True😔. Especially the defense which is so well drilled. Tite looks so confident he has started rotating players so early in tournament

      • their defense is aging and the world cup is still 1.5 years away. their midfield strength is thin. they are creating havoc because they have 4 genuine goal scorers when they attack. Argentina is suffering because Argentina is currently thin in the attack. except for Ecuador and Argentina, no other team is replacing their older players.

        • Only Thiago silva is aging & may drop levels by Qatar WC . Marquinhos, Eder Militao , Gabriel ( Arsenal ) are all in young or in their primes . Same with fullbacks – Danilo / Alex Sandro still easily have a couple of years at highest levels like Tagli/ Acuna. Renan Lodi has just come in & has a long career ahead. So they seem pretty ready from a WC readiness perspective. Midfield lacks creativity – but attack is really lethal .

    • Brazil is in form and has better players bro and better manager and system and style of play. You wouldn’t want Marquinhos instead of Otamendi, Casemiro in DM, or Richarlson? Heck, I’d take any one of their keepers. What if Neymar was Argentine playing alongside Messi?

      These guys play consistently as starters in top clubs since they were 18-19 years old. Our players get into mediocre clubs at 22-25 and still, they can’t break the first team for a year because of “language barrier” or “I had to learn a lot about football because it’s fast-paced here” (Paredes – Roma, Zenit, before going to a top club in a league many call farmers; Palacios still not in first team, though due to injuries, Mammanna – man really the list goes on and on – insert whoever).

      With Brazil, even Lodi is a consistent starter and I didn’t know he was Brazilian until Copa lol. What about that shit Brazilian player constantly playing right wing for Real Madrid because of Hazard injuries? Even inconsistent Firmino is counted on when not informed – plays for a top club.

      Gio Simone now 25 – still the same player as he was at 19. Where’s Kranvitter, or the Argentines that ruined their careers in Zenit, MLS, the kid who played for Villareal, then Atletic Madrid (can’t remember his name, but we had hopes for him lol)? Where’s the next Masherano kid who played in Stuggart? He’ll be ready when he is 28. Wait there’s more. Where is Ricardo Centurion (next CR7)??? MacAllister better turn it around or go to Spain or Italy quickly.

      • Brazillian team is now superior than ours… There is no shame in admitting that. They wouldn’t be superior, if Coaches selected players properly. Dybala, Ocampos regular players at top level has been omitted for players like Julian Alvarez.

        We had high hopes and relied on Pavon and Maxi Meza in world cup matches. Renember?

        The crazy coaches are the reason for our downfall.

      • yeah thats true. sometimes the talent is overrate or the agent makes bad Transfers. Players who go to Russia are just moneysharks i think. this u23 who goes to tokio for olympic games is for me very very strong but from all that super Players we will see Maybe about 4-6 who Plays in big teams and leagues in 1-2 years. i wish much more but reality is different.

    • Brazil do have better players in each and every position they have better defender’s better forwards better dm even Neymar is better than messi in current form plus Argentina has corruption favoritism many talented players like buendia, lisandro Martinez etc not getting chances. Its 5 yrs now that zabaleta left we yet to find a decent replacement. Without proper or decent fullbacks a team cant win and our fullbacks cant even make a proper forward pass they r the reason we r not creating enough danger. Plus scaloni playing messi in wings in this age he can’t be a winger he lost pace a lot don’t track back and if Aguero also plays that effectively 2 players out of 8 don’t track back atall to counter that scaloni try to field hardworkers who can cover their defensive deficiencies that makes our attacking play weak. Tough situation for us.

      • in midfield argentina is better. in attack include dybala ,ocompus and icardi then argentina forward line is better.in defense include senesi in place of Pezzella/otamendi and foyth in place of Molina. then you have a team that is better than brazil. according to sofa score guido has better stats than Casimiro in la Liga.

      • Yes but messi doesn’t have leadership quality plus he is old now he is not the messi of 2009-14 lost a lot of speed. If we want to win our other players need to play out of their skins

        • Messi still scores almost 40 goals this season for Barca. Top scorer in the league by big margin, scores best goal in CL against PSG.

          He should have had an assist if wasnt his teammates keep wasting it.

    • There is nothing to be sorry about. It is the truth. Like I said before there is Brazil and the remaining 10. One should not be ashamed or sorry to admit the fact and truth. Once you accept it you demonstrate humility and the desire to grow comes in.

      I am an Argentina supporter all my life. That doesn’t mean I don’t respect or appreciate good football from others.

    • Hopefully.
      I was just comparing both. The performance looks much similar n Gaudio is bit more disciplined. I think he will give a extra cover to the defense but the question of linking up with the forwards is questionable or will have to wait n watch. However it is worth a try.

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