Erik Lamela to reportedly join Sevilla from Tottenham


Erik Lamela is reportedly close to joining Sevilla from Tottenham in a swap deal.

Per a tweet by transfer news journalist Fabrizio Romano, Tottenham and Sevilla are finalizing a deal which would see Lamela join Sevilla in exchange for Bryan Gil. In addition, Sevilla would receive 25 million plus add ons.

Already 29 years of age, should Lamela join Sevilla, he would play alongside Argentina Copa America winners Marcos Acuña and Alejandro “Papu” Gómez in addition to Lucas Ocampos.

Lamela joined Tottenham back in 2013 from Roma and has taken part in over 150 league matches while also winning last season’s Premier League Goal of the Season with a rabona vs. Arsenal.


  1. Dybala must take a strong decesion that he should join a club where he will be the penalty taker, free-kick taker and the main focus player.

  2. i personally will love it and feel secure if we arrive at the WC with a

    Molina/Montiel – Romero-Senesi – Licha/Acuna
    as as our first choice of backline. Tagliafico also in the mix too.

    However, I consciously know, that from now on, Otamendi will be respected by the coaching staff for the COPA victory. I remain hopeful one of the qualifying rounds present this opportunity to Scaloni to see what others can offer to the table.
    i hope an experienced and a fit Lamela and Kun can be recalled too. I still have hope in this guys somehow. Especially for Lamela and Kun.

    • I believe as time goes the coaching staff will replace otamendi with one of those players l martinez Quarta, lich martinez, marco senesi and f. Medina if they all have very good campaign in this new season coming
      BTW scaloni were closely Following marco senesi. Outside chance leo balerdi too pending which season he will have

    • Sabellista, I am not sure Licha Martinez would do so well as a left-back. At Defensa y Justicia he may have had a few game as a LB but that’s not his forte. I personally think he is better than Senesi at the moment. Yes, height is an issue but he wins many aerial duels so maybe it’s not a big deal. I just don’t think he can stretch the play and overlap as a fullback should.

      • Enganche, my brother. I don’t know nothing of him at Defensa I only say this because of the few games I saw him deputize at LB at AJAX. He did a god job worthy of real LB and he is more skillful than Taglifiaco just to make a case.

    • Wasted talent?? He’s played for the NT and almost won the Copa as a preferred sub if it weren’t for penalties. Had an incredible season with Roma and was made Tott’s most expensive transfer at that time. Received regular minutes as the starter or sub for 8 seasons in the PL, the most competitive league in the world. Was the leading assist man on the Totts team that finished 3rd in the PL, the highest ever for Totts. He couldn’t crack the NT starting lineup bc he played Di Maria’s spot.

      The hip injuries didnt help, but calling him a wasted talent is harsh

      • He has shown good moments but based on his potential in Roma it is a bit of a failed career. Tottenham fans complain about him a lot

  3. Fabrizio Romano “herewego-ed” the transfer so it’s happening. Now imagine how great it would be if Montiel or Alario were to join. And does anyone think that Senesi could fit as a hypothetical Kounde replacement? Even just one more Argentine would be amazing. Becoming a bit of a Sevillista

    • A big sevillista here brother..u won’t regret becoming a Sevillista.. with the same spirit as Argentina..”.never surrender”.I have been supporting Argentina and Sevilla from 2006

  4. Atalanta president confirmed that they will sell Romero only if right bid arrives. Tottenham and Atalanta valuation of Romero has big gap atm.

    • Atalanta are not one of serie A top teams. The chance of getting €60 million doesn’t come every year. Of course they will want to sell. Udinese is the best example, they like to buy young players with cheap price and sell them much more expensive 1-2 seasons after. Thats how those mediocre clubs grow.

      Yes Atalanta are able to sell Romero for sure.

      • Right now Atalanta are one of the top teams in Italy, playing champions league almost guaranteed. They just don’t have that history that makes them a “big” club but their ability and level now is that of a big club

    • It is really getting hot. The only hope is Daniel Levy is a miser. Hope they don’t offer anything great. Why would Romero go to spurs? other than the money. We cannot afford to lose him for NT.

  5. This transfer came couple years too late for Lamela but nevertheless came at excellent time. We desperately need a solid midfielder and Lamela has proven to be a complete midfield player playing for Spurs. He can attack, create,score and track back and defend. His only weakness is his fragile body. His fitness was never good enough for high paced epl . If he can maintain somekind of fitness and last more than 4 games in a row then he can easily make his comeback into the national team. He is a natural enganche and far more skilled than his competitors at Seville and if fit will definitely get more playing time there.

  6. I like Lamela alot. I feel he is under rated and appreciated. I hope he can start along side sevillas other Argentine players and show his capabilities more

  7. This is very good, if it happens. Get the hell out of Spurs. You have to see the history and look at Daniel Levy. Its a business and he is doing very well. I don’t see them excel consistently. And now with the new coaching staff, get the hell out of there.

    Lo Celso must leave from there too. Go to Inter or Sevilla. Monchi is killing it.

  8. So now Sevilla have Ocampos, Lamela, Papu Gomez. All play in similar position. Dont think all of them would start.

    I still hope somehow Romero would end up in Barca if they sell Lenglet and Umtiti. It will be huge for Argentina.

    • Papu is playing LCM or CAM for them, Ocampos plays mostly as a LFW while Coco plays on the right so there isn’t necessarily any overlap and in any case I doubt he’ll be more than a sub considering his endless injuries.

  9. Now that the dust or rather confetti is settling, and euphoria is slowly fading away, we can look into the future with some optimism. I hope for a good transfer window for our players and a good season ahead free of injuries.

    Also, worth mentioning, Scaloni showed little to no favoritism in his team selection, apart from Messi nobody else was untouchable. All this talk from some about special relationship with some players aka “excelling in Scaloni’s bed” turned out to be utter and complete nonsense. Paredes who started virtually every game for Scaloni was subbed by Guido when necessary, Acuna replaced Tagliafico, Quarta whom Scaloni also liked did not feature at all. Mind you, Armani’s COVID may have forced his hand with Dibu, but for the most part the team selection was great.

    By the way, kidulthood and undisputed12 were not celebrating much or at all. For them Scaloni and some of the new players were not supposed to win. Meanwhile, Romance king serving another ban…pathetic as he is….will likely, predictably come back.

    • Funny you say that, Kidulthood completely disappeared. If I remember correctly he was passionately complaining about Scaloni and other stuff before the games. Guess that Argentina winning the Copa with Scaloni did not match to his agenda haha. But I am not surprised at all that after winning they are virtually gone

      • Olive, yeah I expected him to at least come and say “I told you so” that Argentina won thanks to the old guard which would have been only partially true. Our victory was a team effort with the veterans (Di Maria, Messi, Otamendi, Papu) plus players in their prime or approaching it like De Paul, Lo Celso plus younger promising talents like Romero plus a world class goalie in Dibu.

    • That’s not completely true… Scaloni has a core of players… Emi Martinez, Romero, Otamendi, De Paul and Lo Celso

      And I’m very happy with that core of players… Even though I was never a fan of Otamendi, I have to admit he was one of our best defenders.

      I love the midfield we got at the moment. Guido and De Paul is a must!! I’m a huge fan of Lo Celso, but his fitness is really bad. I hope he gets back in shape soon. Lo Celso would have had at least 3 Assists if Lautaro and Nico would’ve scored… Paredes is great to sub Lo Celso in either the 50th 60th Minutes…

      What I am really concerned of is our RB Problem and the left wing… And of course we need a second Striker… I’m thinking Dybala!

      • Mark, I guess what I meant was that underperforming players did not have an guaranteed spot in his team. The names you mentioned actually played really well so it was only natural to include them.

    • No no no, don’t say that, euphoria is still going strong and I’m not ready to give it up yet.
      Funny, I thought the names mentioned already put in their two cents after the victory, guess not.

    • “euphoria is slowly fading away”

      No way just tuned up my old guitar and was singing ‘decime que se siente’ earlier haha.

      “Scaloni showed little to no favoritism in his team selection”

      his man mangement and time management was so good in this tournament. I was very worried lo celso or di maria would breakdown and would be cotton-wooled early but he handled their minutes so well.
      One of the qualities he has been good at is keeping even the guys out of the main squad invested. I am pretty sure if the season goes well, his outcasts like ocampos, foyth, dybala would be back again soon. We can nit-pick one or two cases but overall he has been performance oriented.

      On the other hand it is important for him to keep growing as well and keep a level head like the players and not get complacent. We can see in germany how jogi low got proud and lazy after all his initial success.

      • El Mongol, yes in-form Dybala and Ocampos would be huge assets, I am still unsure about Foyth as a RB. Let’s see if he cements his place in Villareal and what sort of players he becomes.

    • > Also, worth mentioning, Scaloni showed little to no favoritism in his team selection, apart from Messi nobody else was untouchable

      Its true to an extent but there are few names.

      Nico was untouchable no matter how shitty he played. He was easily one the worst players throughout the tournament (low sofascore) yet he started almost every game. Even after Papu KILLED It, Nico still played ahead while Papu vanished. We also had A Correa who did really well and came off an incredible season but he was not given a fair shot.

      Toro as well to an extent…wasnt a great 9 but continued to get playtime. I actually think Aguero would have shaken off that rust and would have performed really well if he continued.

      Toro at least scored that brilliant pen and 3 goals so he gets a pass but Nico didn’t….next copa or wc will be Nicos time to shine no doubt. Great player., bright future.

      • True about Nico, I was thinking throughout the tournament that I have never seen a luckier player than him, to play so poorly and still get to start alongside Lionel Messi every game in such an important cup. I mean that doesn’t happen to anyone so he should consider himself real real lucky

        • Wrong. He played RW, while he is left footed, and a LW/F. Unfair to critize him. Messi moving to midfield along with De Paul, and Guido will solve us a whole lot of problems and create boundless problems for any opposition. This way Nico or Di Maria occupy their natural position. Nico is an absolute gem.

        • yeah..he was very frustrating to watch, lucky indeed. TYC and other social media commentators were really harsh on Nico..calling him meza. I don’t agree with the meza comparison but he was still very underwhelming overall.

      • Choripan, perhaps Nico was an exception, maybe you’re right. Or there was something to his game that goes unnoticed, defensive contribution, movement off the ball, getting into dangerous positions, giving opposition defenses something to think about and keeping them busy tracking him.

        • Nico was unlucky, but he is important. All those chances show that he gets into the right place at the right time. One of these days he will be a reason for a major WC victory when he puts it in the back of the net.

  10. Pochettino tends to be great for us because be purchases our players and shows interest in them, but this year it seems to be almost entirely blunted because PSG are not giving him a voice in transfers or almost anything for that matter. Their signings have been good but no interest in Argentinians at all. The one thing I am hoping for is an Icardi-Dybala swap because I would like to see Dybala with Angel and Paredes, but not sure how likely that is

  11. I hope to see Locelso as first choice for Tot spurs..
    Sevilla is a club I will not miss their they accumulating argentine players…
    I like to see Dybala taking some good decision in his career..bcoz he is a good player for us..

    • This year I will definitely be supporting Sevilla, Aston Villa in premier league, Atalanta, PSG, Atleti, Barca, Fiorentina, Leverkusen

  12. Erik Lamela is very good player,lets see how he performs in La Liga.Argentina have embrashment of riches in midfield. Great headache for Scaloni.A world class striker who knows finishing is needed ,Alario and Icardi are perfect for this kind of role.

  13. Did not expect this at all, for some reason I felt it was a lost cause and he was going to stay in Tottenham forever. We will see how he responds in La Liga and hopefully it is better for him to avoid injuries there. And wow, yet ANOTHER Argentine in Sevilla, great. Lo Celso is a little alone now so I hope he leaves before his career is ruined by Tottenham and EPL

  14. Hail Monchi. Wish we had 2-3 of his types in all top leagues . He played in Sevilla during Maradona & Simeone days & guess thats rubbed him on his Argentine preference.

  15. I hope and believe he will revive his career, although this move is 5 years too late.
    I once thought that Lamela would be the CR7 of Argentina when he was in Roma.
    He should be included in the squad for his tenacity, dribbling ability, determination, and technique.

    He stayed in Tottenham enduring the language barrier, his brother kidnapped before his Spurs home debut, many coaching changes (only Poch and Mourinho believed in him), and injuries – coming back from two hip surgeries is incredible! He should have seen this as a sign. When God has better things for you in life, we have to recognize the signs we must let go and move on to better things.

    He needs to be included in WC 2026 and I hope he earns a spot.

    All these events show me that Lamela has the mentality to endure. He is stubborn and determined to succeed even in bad situations. You need a player like this to win the WC.

    • Lo celso swap for bryan wouldve been a better deal 🙁 But still, I am happy….hope Montiel joins us for the RB position…..VAMOS MI SEVILLAAA….VAMOS ALBICELESTEEEEE
      World Cup 2022 is Argentina’s

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