Mauro Icardi confirms he is staying at PSG despite Juventus rumors


Mauro Icardi has confirmed that he is staying at PGS on his Instagram account.

There have been rumors that Icardi could be going back to Italy with a possible swap deal seeing Cristiano Ronaldo going the other way. However, Icardi put up a story on his Instagram writing:

“This season and also the next one, I’m staying. There was never any doubt about that”

Already 28 years of age, Icardi initially joined PSG on loan for the 2019-2020 season before the club got him from Inter for €70 million.


  1. The harmony that we saw in the National Team in Copa is so precious. Scaloni is not an idiot to bring Icardi (and consequently his wife) and risk damaging the harmony and unity in the locker room.

    Thanks but no thanks…moving on…

  2. BENJAMIN GARRE returned from a long way injury .This kid is super promising scored last night and cried . I think he is the best youngster in argentina .Only 21 years old with very good technique and speed . He will be argentina No.10 few years later .

    MATIAS SOULE is another talent in juventus but he isn’t a winger at all .He will be lo celso type midfielder. His potential perhaps bigger than dybala .
    JOSE MANUEL LOPEZ (LANUS) good game despite no goal ,tall ,fast ,skilful and creative as a central forward .JOSE LOPEZ ,F COLIDIO ,A GAICH will be our future No.9

    FACUNDO FARIAS can be an attacking midfield, has speed and skill can pass good ball .MLS may not be ideal hopefully can go to Europe later.

    • Garre needs to play more. He is a very confident kid. Hope he gets back to Europe soon.

      Soule for me is a copy of Di Maria. He is a left footed right winger who also can play on the left. Juventus will make him Robben/Di Maria type of player.

  3. Icardi is a waste talented player that has no future in national team. Scaloni is a smart person and coach. he will not make red house the dressing rooms of team especially now that all inside the team are one united strong familly that trying to improve.

    As about Icardi s club career of course and he will stay in Paris. the only way he move from there is only if PSG don t want him anymore and push him leave OR if he receive an offer from a team that based in one other fashion/tv/showbiz city.
    why? don t ask me. ask his wife.

    • From a purely footballing reason Icardi would be good to have, but people need to remember that footballers are humans and what he provides on the field is not worth what it can do in the locker room. Would anyone want to lend a room in their own house to someone that ruined their best friend’s marriage? I am sure if Icardi was in the team it would make things uncomfortable and he would not be trusted.

      • > ruined their best friend’s marriage?

        That guy cheated on her and that’s why she broke up with him. He chose to break up his own marriage and ruin his family life. He chose to disrespect his marriage and children. He is solely to blame.

  4. At 28 i cant see him progress at national team or move to. Big club boy boy u wasted your super talent with your poor personality and stupid GF, HE COULD HAVE BEEN ON OF THE BEST AND FEARSOME STRIKERS IN EUROPE

  5. If the Copa maradona match takes place, I hope scaloni calls up and give chances to as many young players as possible, so that he can sort out which of them would have the calibre to get the next call up.

    The match against Italy will be crucial as this will be our first senior team match against a European champion, and this should not be missed. Scaloni should take this as the breeding ground for potential superstars. I hope he calls barco, Perez, de la Vega, gaich, girotti, Almada and obviously soule. These ones are more needed than baby Romero and sarmiento. They’re still kids.

      • I hope its a match between both of their A teams, if Argentina beat them it’ll do a hell of a lot for the team’s momentum going towards the World Cup

    • No more barco i was Brazilian g fan of him but he has wasted his talent, he is way bad than wen we see him in u20 worldcup now in olympics he cant even complete 2-3 passes plus he is very selfish i will pick Almada or matias palacios over him any day

    • He has 1 goal and 1 assists in 2 friendlies playing as a starter. I am glad that he gets to learn from one of the best wingers of all time, CR7. I hope he will make it to the senior team this year.

      • Allegri is more than convinced to take him to the first team. He’s a talent the coach admires and there are already ongoing speculations that he and rannochia are the two frontrunners to make the senior squad.
        I hope it happens.

    • Watch Soule performance last night. Amazing performance for the first team. He played along with De Light, Demiral, Ramsey, etc.

      Di Maria copy paste.

  6. Argentina midfield is too good. Lo celso,Paredes,Buendai,De Paul, Papu Gomez,Guido Rodriguez, Angel Correa these players are too good. This midfield needs pure striker like Icardi and Aguero who are good in all aspect like first touch, final touch, heading powerful feet, ball possession, aerial ability, clinicality in front of goal so Icardi and Aguero should play in Qualifiers and in World Cup or at least given chance.

  7. What happens to Ricardo centurion..??
    At times Roberto Baggio praised him by claiming him as his heir, I have come to know that this guy has got some attitude problems, any other issues..??
    Where is he..??

    • What happened to him? Everything from fights with team mates, with coaches, with fans, gun charges, domestic violence, bribery, drunkenness, excessive partying, car crashes, absences etc. But even if all of that is disregarded he will still not play for the national team, because in 2018 he made remarks about the team at the world cup after the iceland draw and for which he will probably never be invited.

      In any case, he plays for velez now. still quite decent.

  8. If icardi does well with PSG this season, he needs to be called up. He’s way better than Alario. My top 9s are Dybala, Aguero, Toro, and Icardi.

  9. i never understood the misguided blame Icardi gets for his significant other. All those that talk trash about Icardi saying he stole maxis wife are completely failing to lay correct blame. Remember, that dumbass 1st husband of hers chose to have sex with other woman. He cheated on her. He CHOSE to ruin his marriage and family life. Maxi disrespected his wife and kids. That trash cheating asshole is to blame, not Icardi. Wanda and Icardi presumably hooked up after her and maxi broke up. For all we know, Icardi is a loving step dad and loyal husband. As for chemistry with other players, we have no clue how they feel. I remember Messi even saying he liked Icardi and had no issues.

  10. I always rate Icardi higher than Alario or J Corea as our third striker. Icardi doesn’t have the same work rate but is even more clinical than the first choice, Lautaro when in form. I hope somehow he gets more chance in the qualifier. The only way to do that is by shining in PSG this year.

  11. Facundo Farias played his last game for Colon before his move to Orlando City for 8 mil. Good money for the club. European interests are hard to come by for young Argentines these days, so you can’t blame him for making a move. It would take another young Argentine to make a hit before Euro clubs come in again for our youngsters.

  12. From all the offensive young talent available to ARG, Icardi is probably the most disappointing, he is already 28 and yet to show anything, or maybe something for the NT!
    Why stay at PSG?? he will always play 2nd and even third fiddle to Neymar and Mbappe!

    C’MON Mexico, beat Brazil’s ass AGAIN, they did it in 2012. I laughed my ass off back then and I want to laugh again.

    • Mboobi probably leaving and Kean is the only competition for 9. Les hope Poch pushes Icardi to get more involved cause he still has a few years left.

  13. Garre back tonight after his long injury with a golazo and an emotional celebration after. Pizzi’s squad is fluid and nice to watch if anyone interested. But not a lot of finishing power, so maybe Ben can be more influential and consistent.

  14. Icardi and Aguero should be preferred Center Forward for Argentina if they have good form. Opponent will slightly fear Icardi and Aguero because of their goal scoring prowess while Lautaro is not that much feared after entrance of Lulaku in Inter his performance has slipped down as Lulaku performed very great.

  15. Many of us have written off Icardi from the national team but a player of his caliber needs to be in the team. Yes , he doesn’t trackback like Lautaro to defend but he is without doubt one of the most clinical strikers in the world today with exceptionally fit body. We all know that its very unlikely that Aguero will make it to the next world cup which is after 1.5yrs. I’ll be glad if he proves me wrong but beside maintaining form and fitness, he will have to fight for more playing time there. Messi is a different case, his body is as fit as a 25 yr old and I have no doubt he will arrive at the next worldcup like a young teeanger.

    When Scaloni took over , our team was new and specifically our midfield had no chemistry whatsoever. Icardi never really received any service a poacher needs to score. But its different now and its perfect time to integrate Icardi on the bench. Messi, Lautaro, Dybala,Dimaria, Icardi and Alario should be our forwards in the next world cup.

    • It looks like Scaloni will not bring additional striker as the chemistry of the team is solid and in harmony; sadly Icardi has been written off, although it would a great if Albiceleste give him another chance, he would be good to replace Kun Aquero

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