Lucas Alario extends his contract with Bayer Leverkusen


Lucas Alario extended his contract with Bayer Leverkusen until June 2024. After a reported offer from Udinese and some interest from a couple of Spanish clubs, the 28-year-old Argentine striker will continue playing for the German club.

Despite being called to play the Copa America and the Olympics with the national team, Alario missed both competitions due to an injury to his right thigh. The former River Plate man has since recovered from the injury and aspires to have a great season with Leverkusen. With the World Cup qualifiers in September, Alario hopes to continue his good form so he can be taken into consideration by Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni for the matches.

Having arrived at Bayer Leverkusen in September 2017, Lucas Alario has already played 131 official matches with the German team, scoring 51 goals and assisting 16 times.


  1. So sad in Scola last match. Humiliation. The team played really poor in whole tournament. No fighting spirit, no defending, no 3points shooting. It seemed they were not here, dont believe what happened with the 2019 team, with the same players, some plays in NBA since then, plus Bolmaro.

    • i am really sad for him too. Just the team keep the worst performance for the most important game of the tournament. this is make me really very sad. Just i don t agree with you for the group games only. we played with bigger than us teams and we wasn t so bad. the group was very strong unfortunately. anyway.
      My eternal gratitude love and respect for one BIG LEGEND of Argentina that makes us cry from happy many times for almost 2 decades.


      • Hello, my friend ! I do feel the same way as u and other’s who are truly supporting Argentina on every sport level ! And i feel your’s and other’s saddness as i do feel sad too ! But, i have to anyhow gongratulate u and every Argentine Person or anyone supporting Argentina truly from their heart’s as Argentine men’s volleyball team beat Brazil and won bronze medal from the Tokyo Olympic’s as also for ”LAS LEONAS ” as they got silver from hockey against the remaining Dutch WC Champions ! Very well done from both Argentine team’s even this time the football and basketball did not work in Argentine’s way and also happy to see Argentina playing handball and to see many different reprensatives in different sport’s of Tokyo Olympic’s ! Saludos: Ricky

  2. This Brazil olympic team is super average, our 2004 or 2008 teams would destroy them easily. I hope Japan or Spain will win it. And Vamos Argentina basketball team vs Australia, not impossible to win.

    • I watched 15 minutes in the first half and couldn’t watch more coz it was a very boring match. Japan can kill Varzil easily, but I am not sure if Spain can do that.

  3. in copa lautaro finishing wasn’t good and it is known he is not player lazy on… his play in copa was unconvincing only the reason his finishing was poor but one the day of final he was amazing for me bcs whenever he finds the ball he fluently try to take forward the ball he rarely did mistake which could create danger he has that fluency that a team needs to holding ball lautaro done it in the final.. in final dimaria and lautaro both was superb … de paul praise high and good yes de paul cover all over the fields and done some amazing work but his some first touch ball movement was poor which needs to improve… in final things are irritating for me when lautaro and dimaria both substitute for palacios and nico in 77 minutes it was too early to give chance brazil to go for full attacking mode.. bcs both lautaro and dimaria is fluently taking the ball forward they don’t loose ball occasionally their could be use for counter ball.. it was lucky that brazil didn’t able to score.. nico has pace he could be also options for counter .. but nico wasn’t seen in his ability in copa.. but lautaro dimaria was doing running good in the final and i don’t think they was exhausted

    • Di Maria was good in final but not Lautaro.Marquinose and Thiago Silvia handled him quite easily they did not seem in trouble a bit.

      • are you high or what?? where do you see marquinose and thiago handle him quite easily.. you sometimes come with idiotic words.. you need to watch the game again

  4. I canot understand why this man is not getting any move to other legue he is class and better than icardi and lautaro his finishing ability is to notch yet somehow he got ignored at his club and others

  5. Guys keep a watch-out for monito Vargas of Espanyol. The team has bounced back to LA Liga after a year at second division.

    Monito is 24 years old and will be crucial for Espanyol this season. Let’s hope he pass a great season this time.

    Ever since his move to the Catalan club, he hasn’t performed well and had been well below his expectations but we all know, some footballers take time to settle before they flourish. Hope he has got his feet on the ground by now and wish once the season starts he will definitely give the bites that we have been waiting for.

    He’s such a fantastic and creative player. In fact we all know that from his Velez days.

  6. The hype of Nicolas Castro of Newell’s old boys is swelling up real time. Seriously, the kid is a crack but I won’t jump too soon. The target should be a good season with lots of top flight games and then a possible move to Europe.

    By the way, who is this Santiago Castro of Velez, a 16 year old centre forward. He debuted against atletico Tucuman and played a considerable part. The kid is only 16 and people are singing high praise for him.

    Need to keep a check on this kid. Looks good from his plays.

    • Nico Castro is very interesting to watch for this year. He was part of 2018 sparring team. I really recommend mundo-ers to have a look next time NOB play. Good physicality, clean ball recovery, long passing and decision making, and personally I think the best dribbling in a argentina youth prospect. Last year he was only making 5-10 minute cameo appearances but this year since suda-americana he is consistent starter with some very good performances last 5-10matches.

      The other Castro is just a kid. He didn’t really play yesterday. fans were excited because he is very young debutante for velez. have yet to do anything on professional pitch.

  7. Atletico Madrid have landed their sights on Gonzalo Montiel with trippier set to return to England.
    Simeone said that he is his first target, but it won’t proceed until trippier leaves.

    Liverpool considering Guido Rodriguez move to fill the void left by wijnaldum. I seriously think……Guido shouldn’t go there.

    Argies, this is my request, plz resist the urge for money and fame and go to Italy and Spain for footballing development.

    • Man this Montiel dude 🙂

      All those people don’t watch FULL Copa America or what? Montiel was our major weakness and he got his best game of his life in the final. But a lot of clubs want him now because all they watch is the final.

      I will be happy if he improves though. Right now it is a 3 men race: Montiel, Molina, and Foyth.

  8. Matias pelligrini, once a prospect at estundiantes is returning to his boyhood club after two failed years at MLS. He’s only 21. If he performs well he would definitely not go unnoticed in the eyes of European scouts. It’s a chance for him to revive and lay out the red carpet to European clubs.

    Recent news outlets have said that clubs like Roma, sassoulo and Spanish teams are interested in Ezekiel barco. Bit no formal offers and negotiations have been made as yet.

  9. Good news guys!!

    Facundo farias has rejected the move to Orlando city FC. Newell wasn’t happy with the amount they received but farias doesn’t want the move either. But reports says that Orlando is preparing a revised offer.

    Let’s hope he rejects it all.

  10. This season Lautaro Martinez in Serie A scored two goals more than 39 year old Zlatan Ibranhovic and for that he also played 20 games more than Zlatan. Lautaro needs to go and be sole striker.

  11. If Lautaro join spurs thats actually good for Lautaro as we as Argentina.
    Imagine Romero >Lo celso>Lautaro..woow
    But Lautaro to arsenal is one step down, better stay Inter

    • Maybe, maybe not. The problem with going to spurs is he will have to fill Kane’s void, and that will be almost impossible as Lautaro is not a prolific forward, at least yet. No matter what whoever goes to fill Kane’s absence will be criticized by the fans and media because there is no player Spurs can afford or lure that can replace that (since they are so so reliant on him). Even if Lautaro or anyone will play generally well to the English it will still not be the same output as Kane and seem bad. We have all seen many players in the past go to replace the world’s best and being considered flops in comparison. I like Lautaro but I don’t think it will be the best move. Maybe, just maybe it could work if they use to money for a full squad revamp along with Lautaro and Nuno gets the system right to offset the previous reliance on Kane. But it’s not a “perfect” fit

      • Very good points. massive shoes to fill although and he get could crucified. Although i don’t think fans will hold him to Kanes standard. New club, new league so may be more forgiving. Plus, they’re really humbled right now. As Jewel points out, I love the idea of an argie spine playing day in an day out as it obviously benefits the NT. I would actually like to see Toro at ATL with Simeone.

        • Right, I would like Atletico as you do. For me either he goes to another club with Argentines or we hope that Zanetti encourages more to come to Inter, as Inter does not have near as many as they have other years

    • Yes lautaro to spurs is better for argentina since we dont have a cb-mid-strike combo in any club the closest we have is Sevilla hope occampose will bounce back this seasom

      • Not to mention 100 million for Grealish. Goodness, the price of those English players. I hope he stays at Villa because it will be entertaining to watch with Buendía

  12. Honestly what a waste, Alario is a really good striker but he lacks ambition and to be honest he needs a new agent because looking at his scoring record, I truly doubt that Udinese was the only club that was interested in him.

  13. Argentina play against India in semi final of Olympics in hockey 🙂 🙂 🙂
    so for one day i will have oponents my Indian friends in here 🙂 we will not be friends for one day guys ha ha 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • We may see a Great Britain – Argentina final which would be fun. Sadly these games are when I am asleep so most olympics events I only watch highlights

      Also Cox I am very excited for the superclasico. I hope Suarez and Diaz can make it. Also I have bad memories of the arbitro from River-Atletico Tucaman but I don’t think that the arbitro can decide this game like the last Boca game

      • Maybe. Just i believe Netherlands will beat British.
        Yes hours is completely shitty for us. i am same like you.
        Just i was arrange to be wake in most of Las leonas games and in basketball game against Japan. About football i saw only game against Egypt.
        This is what i saw from Olympics till now. the rest from highlights.

        As about my beloved River plate i am so pissed from yesterday with them after the draw with Huracan. we have serious problem in scoring my friend. right now i don t think game with Bosteros because i am pissed.

        • Right. I was expecting for Girotti to begin scoring now that he got his chance but he couldn’t. It is concerning that we are already reliant on Romero for goals a month after getting him. He enters and immediately scores. Maybe lack of game time is not helping Girotti. I always felt bad that he did not get enough time on the field especially during the end of the Borre era but I will trust Muñeco to develop him over time. Once Huracan scored I already felt it was going to be a 1-1 draw. But oh well if we beat Boca I will certainly forget.

          • some aspects: This year your game seems too reliant on overlapping crossing. Girotti just is not yet able to make that final movement to separate from markers on such plays, something Romero is really good in finding that final space. The header yesterday is good example.
            For such a style of play you used center backs to press up and challenge early on counters but you are doomed if maidana has to play such a role now.
            Carrascal is a decent player, but I am not sure he is the right player to put in the hole to carry playmaking responsibilities. Maybe it is a tactical thing but his role seems very limited to just being a pivot to widen the play for alvarez/suarez/rollheiser etc . you really need plays that break through the middle in my view to avoid being so one dimensional like right now. he really should be a bit wider and deeper in my view, but not sure who you have on the bench though to fill the role he would then leave behind.

            Frankly I think river was lucky to get the man advantage last night and be able to find more space for their crossing.

          • Good points el mongol. Now that I think about it in fact 4 out of our last 4 goals against Boca all were headers from crosses, making us a bit predictable. In order to playmake through the middle I think Palavecino is by far our best option for that but he has not been playing a lot recently due to form/fitness but he is a high quality player for a club like River. He is good at through balls and switching the play, he was also one of the scorers of headers against Boca recently

    • Hockey, this is the first semifinal for Women’s hockey India in Olympic games. Apologize, this time i will support the girls in blue – India. Winning and playing the final will be a milestone. Historical ! Chadke India

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