Juan Musso on winning the Copa America with Argentina, signing with Atalanta


Juan Musso spoke with TNT Sports this Tuesday and commented about Argentina’s Copa America win, Lionel Messi, Cristian Romero, Emiliano Martínez, and his move from Udinese to Atalanta.

After being part of the 2021 Copa America champion squad with the national team, the 27-year-old Argentine goalkeeper returned to Italy to join Atalanta. After three great seasons in Udinese, Musso moved to the club based in Bergamo in exchange for a €20 million deal.

This is what he had to say regarding his transfer and his days in Udinese:

“At Udinese, I felt very comfortable since I arrived. It is a team that did me very well. It helped me grow and adapt to a league that is very complicated, especially for goalkeepers. This step fills me with happiness because Atalanta is a club that I have always admired since I arrived in Italy. Being here makes me very happy.”

Then he added:

“Especially because it is a team that competes in the top positions, has reached the end of the Cup, and is also in the Champions League, which they have played really well in recent years. I am very excited.”

With the Argentine Copa America winner “Cuti” Romero named as the best defender of the league last season, Atalanta finished in the top four and they will play the Champions League the upcoming season.

This is what Juan Musso had to say about the possible departure of Cristian Romero from Atalanta:

“There is a strong possibility that Cuti will leave. He had two very good seasons, in Genoa and a very good one here too. Needless to say, he also played incredibly in the Copa America. I knew that this situation could happen. I would have liked to have him here but I’m happy for him because it’s something he wanted, and football is like that.”

The former Racing Club man also talked about the competition between the national team’s goalkeepers during the Copa America:

“In the National Team, you compete with the best; we are all qualified to play, and we must support the choice of the coach. We made a great group with the goalkeepers. In this case, the joy of ‘Dibu’ (Martínez) was ours; the group was very united, and we wanted to win the Cup. It didn’t matter who came out on the pitch.”

He also talked about Emiliano Martínez’s show during the penalties against Colombia:

“We already knew ‘Dibu’, and it was a normal thing. The issue was that there were microphones near the goal and what he was saying was heard very clearly. But there were several screams, and we yelled from the side too. At the time it didn’t seem the same way as on TV. And when I saw how he celebrated, it seemed like he was playing ‘Truco’ (typical Argentine card game) with us, where we made jokes that way.”

In addition, Juan Musso commented on Argentina’s captain Lionel Messi. This is what he had to say about Leo:

“The hug with Messi was incredible. We all knew that he deserved it more than anyone, and he was very close to achieving it many times. If you look back, you don’t have an idea of ​​what it is like to reach three finals, and not even lose them; in the 90 minutes, no rival beat them. It was like he couldn’t be crowned, but Argentina was at the top of world football with this generation and with Leo, who is the best of all.”


  1. Now another Copa America hero, Guido Rodriguez is wanted by Liverpool. Betis who is in debt only asks for €10 million. Kloop sees him as the one replacing Wijnaldum.

  2. Barcelona will receive approximately €280m euros, of which about €42m (£36m/$50m) will be used to increase the salary limit.

    That injection will allow the club to register the four signings of the summer and finally confirm their new deal with Messi.

    Soon Barcelona can buy players again.

    • youtu.be/wmu4BTjc8S0

      Julian Alvarez failed his PK
      Armani couldn’t even stop one PK, not even close

      We are blessed that it was not Armani who was facing Colombia in the PK shootout. Seriously Armani has passed his peak. He is declining now. Before the WC 2018, he was in top form, but now he is nowhere near. We need a better second goalie than him.

  3. Promising Almendra-Varela-Medina midfield trio is the past in Boca…average Juan Ramirez-european flop Esteban Rolon and old Diego Gonzalez instead? Out of form Pavon and joke Briasco…super mediocre, sack anti-football Russo, River will play with 3 defensive minded midfielders too Enzo Perez, Paradela and Zuculini. WTF?

  4. Even though I still soak up in our Copa victory every day since it happened, with eight qualifier games coming up Argentina needs to get back into rhythm and most importantly use it for a platform to build towards the World Cup. Of course we won Copa but the version we saw throughout the tournament was not our best possible version as of now, there is room for improvement in certain areas. There are two ways we can become complacent, 1) the mentality of our players themselves become complacent with the victory (so far I do not think that will happen given the character our team has showed) and 2) we become complacent in the setup and level of our team on the pitch. If we leave things exactly how they are we may even fall back for the WC. Of course we should focus primarily on qualifying and not do any radical Samp style experimentation, but here are some things I think we should do for the WC to keep our rate of improvement going:

    -Find a partner for Romero and move past Otamendi (this is also me hinting at bringing in Senesi and using Licha more)
    -Keep on testing our right backs and have the position more secured for the WC
    -Manage Messi’s fatigue
    -Our attack had its problems during Copa in regard to finishing and effectivity in the final third, some has to do with Scaloni’s coaching and I hope he tries to make it better, but some has to do with the players. This leads me to Dybala, I think that incorporating Dybala in some way for the WC may be one of the most important things we can do. Either we do what Chori said, try to put him in a striker partnership so he doesn’t clash with Messi, which can fix some of our finishing problems (although we have to see about his partner, not sure if Lautaro-Dybala can work, so it may rely on Aguero’s fitness and form by the WC) or we can use him as a sub for Messi to give Messi some rest if that is possible in some games. In short he is too good to be partying with Pogba and Ronaldihno. We just have to figure out how to use him properly. This is a different opinion but seeing the outcome of our Copa, I think it may have been good that Dybala did not come as it could’ve given him time to rest and focus on his own fitness at home after such a difficulty year for him, and on Juve for next season — seeing as we didn’t completely “need” him.
    -keep on working on the dm position by giving Guido more chances, seeing how Paredes keeps on responding, and maybe evaluating the performances of Ascacibar in Germany
    -incorporate Buendia into the squad. He isn’t yet necessarily the difference between winning the world cup or not, but it helps a lot to have quality players to fall back on. A characteristic shared by many teams who have won the world cup or tournaments before is that they have a lot of depth. Even France’s D team right now is better than many smaller countries in Europe. If there is time to incorporate a Buendia type player – do it.
    -sort out our left wing

    I think that this Copa America left us a good foundation and backbone to be able to do many of these things with relative ease, we have began to test the water with some of them. The Dybala one may be the most difficult to master but it may also be one of the most rewarding. I hope Scaloni and co. work on these because we are not a finished product yet and a final bit of polishing and perfecting can make us serious contenders. We have also sorting some massive things out this Copa with Martinez and Romero, if we keep on this path I am very excited to see what we can do.

    • um excuse me? Did you do a word count cause you’re in gross violation, mr.

      > Find a partner for Romero and move past Otamendi (this is also me hinting at bringing in Senesi and using Licha more)

      Aside from Romero, replacing Otamendi will be very difficult. None of the other options are as well rounded as him 1) Physicality 2) Aerial dominance 3) tackling and 4) Distribution. The guy really had it all, plus the occasional bonehead mistake in the latter years. Senesi or Lisandro seem like the leading options although Scaloni ignored him so i’m skeptical. I dont really care to see big Pezz.

      > -Keep on testing our right backs and have the position more secured for the WC

      Yeah. it’s simply way too early to call the starter for WC. this season is going to make or break the 3 options – Montiel (new league), Molina depends on team performance but have been weakened by RDPs departure. Foyth if continues making dummy mistakes will surely be ignored. Still one big fat ?.

      > -Manage Messi’s fatigue

      Yeah this will be key. Messi is going to have tough year chasing CL and League but thankfully Barca seems to have some good depth now, especially on the attacking front. Same with Di Maria, Scaloni did great managing his minutes although i think he could have played a bit more but in the end, noodle survived the copa without injury. Same applies to Kun. im hoping the surgery is successful and he tears up la liga and goes into WC on fire for one final send off.

      – Our attack had its problems during Copa

      Painful to watch throughout Copa. It was very difficult to see Scalonis idea after 15 minutes..the team simply looked lost. Thankfully Messi, Gomez, and Di Maria were on fire. Nico was avg to poor. Toro didn’t have a good copa, Alario injured. Kun rusty af. Dybala could have stepped in, i’m still bewildered by Scalonis decision to leave him. I certainly hope Scalonis tries Toro – Dybala soon.

      – keep on working on the dm position

      This is concerning. Paredes now has major competition with Wijnaldum, Verratti, and possibly Pogba. I really liked Guido but i hope Ascacibar finally shows up.

      > -incorporate Buendia

      Yep…all eyes are on him this seasons. hopefully he lights it up.

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