Lionel Messi to undergo PSG medical on Sunday or Monday


Lionel Messi will reportedly undergo his medical examination with PSG either on Sunday night or Monday morning.

Messi’s time, at least for the moment, at FC Barcelona is over. A new chapter begins in his footballing career and it appears that it will be in Paris. Messi has been linked with a move to PSG ever since the news broke out that he would not be continuing at Barcelona.

According to a report by L’Equipe, Lionel Messi will undergo his medical with Paris Saint-Germain on Sunday night or Monday morning. A rumored two year contract with a net salary of €35 million is what is being thrown around.


  1. It’s really sad to see such an Iconic player for Barca was not even able to say a proper good bye to the fans at least, For all the things which Messi had done for the club, He really deserved it more than any other player who had played for Barca or any other club. Covid times took away that moment from Messi. Sad to see him in tears. At least he had the biggest joyful moment for the NT, he can be at least content with that moment.

    Anyway from the NT point of view I think it’s better Messi go to PSG, it’s a lighter League, there are other great players too in PSG means Messi don’t need to play all the time, He don’t need to carry them,can get ample rest before the 2022 WC,can concentrate more on the Champions League too. More than anything else he has friends there, Pochettino is there too. In a time like where he is passing through a trauma mentally, joining with his buddies at PSG suits him better. He doesn’t have to prove anything in club level to anyone any more. May be win a Champions league one more time but it’s not necessary. But he just need to keep himself fit and fresh at the same time play with elite surrounding like the Champions League too. Prepare for the WC. Considering all this PSG looks a better alternative. A WC is the only missing piece in the puzzle.

  2. I’m confused, how is it that the EPL is still above water with money to spare while other leagues are either sinking or taking on water??
    I know Serie A with the exception of few clubs has been in trouble for years but Barcelona and as such are barely hanging on!

    Just like Messi’s father said to the new president, “you used my son to get elected”…….they are all crooks.

    • May be they are digging out hidden treasures they looted from around the world!! 😀

      Messi is 34 yrs old not and time passes so quickly that next two seasons will flash pass everyone. I am glad that he made a wise decision to move to PSG . He won’t have to break his back like he has been doing since last 2 seasons! He will be fresher than ever for the next world cup and he will have his argentine team mates and coach around ! Messi is a clear winner here!!

      • Oh I am all in on Messi moving to PSG with the obvious advantages of teammates, coaching and not having to the throw the ball and run to catch it as I’ve stated in another post………….perfect timing for his move to say the least.

        • My dislike for Neymar has diminished after COPA America, he’s still the enemy but its obvious to everybody that he sincerely loves, looks up and wants to play with Messi more than anything else.
          Ain’t funny how Messi is best friends with an Uruguayan and a Brazilian which goes back to the way he treated them when they came to his club……………Messi is even a better person than a player.

          • you said it man. He is a great human. I have mentioned many times he is the best ambassador for Argentine football and also for the nation.

            I think this is good. Spanish people are like snakes, used him to win elections, false promises and spewed him out.

            Look at all the 25 players sitting there. They could have said we all take 20% less. Pique, Busquets, Laporta all snakes.

            The king goes to Paris!!! go and enjoy!

          • Yes exactly u said it again ! So perfectly in your post as i allways was amazed by his way of play, vision, skill etc… u named it like everything that perfect football player will ultimatly need to be clearly on a another level than others and thanx god IT IS LEO MESSI FROM ROSARIO ARGENTINA ! But, back to to your amazing words about him is exactly how i felt since i saw his debut and oh man i truly waited for that moment as i knew allready that he will be a great player, but offcourse i did not knew that he was totally from another planet compare to other players of his time and most importantly like u said it in your wonderfull post HE IS EVEN GREATER PERSON OR HUMAN BEING WITH A SUCH BIG AND OPEN HEART AND THIS IS THE REAL THING ABOUT HIM BESIDE OFFCOURSE OBVIOUSLY SIMPLY BEEN THE BEST FOREVER WITH DIEGO, BUT HE IS TRULY EVEN MORE GREATER PERSON IN GENERAL WITH EVERYTHING IN LIFE THAN AS THE GREATEST PLAYER EVER WITH DIEGO ! Offcourse playing football and being the best of the best on the pitch is not really the thing to compare with his iINNER SELF but, in way also IT ACTUALLY REALLY IS !

  3. This is the current state of the serie A with their champion, Inter as the best example:

    They sold Hakimi for €80 millions
    They sold Lukaku for €115 millions

    They have bought pretty much no one now

    Now Lautaro is offered €70 millions.

    And they only wanna replace them with the 35 year old Edin Dzeko who should cost less than 5 million and Duvan Zapata.

  4. The latest news on the Lautaro to Hotspur is:

    Hotspur is interested and have submitted the offer of €70 million Euro but that was BEFORE they sold Lukaku to Chelsea a couple of days ago. Now it seems like Inter have no plan to sell Lautaro. I think they just say “we have no plan to sell Lautaro” just to increase his value.

    So it is not final yet, but it seems like a good possibility to see Lautaro joining Romero and Lo Celso in Hotspur. It seems like many of our players like to play with Cuti.

    I wouldn’t be surprised it Hotspur sells Kane for £150 million or so and buy Lautaro (and Vlahovic) as the replacements before the deadline in 3 weeks. I am very sure that Lautaro also wants out of Inter.

    Anyway it is exciting to be a new Spurs fan. I join their forum too, they LOVE our players.

    • Welcome to enjoy SPURS ! Who once had likes of great Ardiles and offcourse Ricky Villa too from that famous 1978 WC winning Albiceleste team ! As for Ossie no need really any words to describe how good he was at back then ! Well, also Ricky Villa was very respected player and Still is by the old fan’s of Spurs as his goal won them their last major trophy which was the FA CUP, offcourse ! Also there been allways love from most of spurs fan’s towards Argentine players even it is true that some of the coaches did not, maybe TaKe them in to account as others did so all in all even Lamela did not played that many games for Spurs he Still was allways one the favourite players of spurs fan’s as same goes for any Argentine player who have ever represented Spurs !

    • Aguero already confirmed he is staying at Barca this season atleast and him asking his lawyers to find a way out was just fake news. Rumor has it, Barca might offer Kun the Number 10 shirt!!

    • Yep! Serie is turning into a joke league. There are rumors linking Molina with Atleti, have you seen and read anything about that, El Principe? Since right-back is our weakest position I am curious about everything concerning Molina and Montiel and their successes as well.

      • It seems like the fact that it was Montiel starting in the final and performed well instead of Molina does hurt Molina stock. Now the European clubs think that Montiel is the superior RB between the 2.

        When Molina was performing well for a couple of matches for us, Inter interested in him to replace Hakimi, but I hear nothing now. It seems like Copa America games really matter for all the world futbol scouts.

  5. Lautaro to Spurs is a big possibility now. Negotiations are going well. I don’t know if he will have a success story at Spurs or not, but I think moving to Sevilla would have been great, coz they are in need of a good number 9 plus there is a coach who loves and respects Argies. But it seems they don’t have the funds to land a big name like Lautaro.

  6. I told u man. Be a Spurs fan. Serie A is broke. No reason to follow the league. They sell all their players now. Accept the reality. The world has changed…

    • Some teams in Serie A might be broke but Spurs are a joke!
      Juve might have financial issues but they have not needed to sell any of their big players. AC Milan seems to be quite stable and Atalanta is a well run club that has a knack for turning unknown/little known players like Cuti and Papu into world beaters.
      Serie A is not finished, atleast no more so than Bundesliga, La liga or League 1, it’s just that the premier league is where all the money is….for now.

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