Sergio Aguero injured for Barcelona, could miss World Cup qualifiers for Argentina


Sergio Aguero is injured and could miss the World Cup qualifiers for Argentina.

Aguero has been ruled out of Barcelona’s Gamper match on Sunday with a right calf injury. Per a report by Javi Miguel Club from AS in Spain, he could miss 3-4 weeks.

Argentina play three World Cup qualifying matches in September, with the first one on September 2 vs. Venezuela. Three days later in they Brazil before playing Bolivia on September 9.



  1. Typical Kun Aquero, No surprise!
    Missed a lot of chance due to injury prone/

    If Messi click with Icardi, then it is not impossible Icardi will take the place of Kun at N/T which hopefully will be better

  2. Wow. I feel so bad for Kun. First Messi now this, I thought he might get a nice run of games at the beginning of the season. Hope nobody else impresses in his position so he can get right back into the team when he is well

  3. Honestly, this is not a surprise. I feel like I hear this with Aguero 3x a season. Lanzini will finally start and be world-class, then miss the rest of the season. For Pastore, it’s a calf, thigh, or knee.

    I just hope I don’t read the same headline with Lamela now that he is with Sevilla or Mammanna.

    Pray for our players.

      • I often likened Kun to an 80’s super car………fast, expensive, amazing to look at and drive but will break down into a 40 mile trip!!

        We’ve been waiting for him to come around forever, just like we did for Di maria and others……Di Maria finally came through and aside from Kun’s few goals here and there, Nothing to take home to mom.
        He is either hurt, about to get hurt or recovering from an injury …..C’MON MAN

  4. I honestly don’t know if I wanna laugh or what…………………..this man is an enigma, they play Juve today and was hoping to see him, GUESS NOT

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