Tottenham reportedly offer €70 million for Lautaro Martinez, agent denies agreement


Tottenham have reportedly offered €70 million for Lautaro Martinez with his agent denying any agreement.

As we reported a few days ago, Tottenham and Atletico Madrid are interested in signing the Argentine Copa America winner. However, it appears as if Tottenham would be the team in a better position to sign him. Per Fabrizio Romano, Tottenham have already opened talks for him.

In addition to Tottenham, Atletico Madrid have also asked about Lautaro. But it appears as though Inter are not planning on selling him. Per Cesaro Luis Merlo, Inter’s agent had this to say about it all:

“Lautaro is happy at Inter and in Italy. His decision is to stay. The relationship with Inter is perfect. Lautaro is calm, it’s true that there have been offers but today he’s comfortable and we will sit down to talk about the future.”


  1. As per La Liga rules, even though Messi says he will play free..he can’t. Player should get at least 50% of the last contract when renewing. This is for all…they think Messi should have played free..!
    There were no options left other than leave.

  2. Can’t blame Laporta for Messi’s exit completely – Spanish La Liga are always complicated..Pledging Barca for Messi who is in last phase of career is a risk for Barcelona..Laporta needs to ship Barcelona in a path that would be best for the club..the club would take atleast 3 years to return to some sort of normalcy..thats ok..

    I would say greizmann and Dembele to show up- all these days they might claim they were in shadow of messi..Barca also needs a defensive midfield player – at some point Busquets has to have a backup..

    Koeman is a short term manager so no complains for now..

  3. As a True Barca Fan (Since 1999) it hurts to see my club in Such turmoil and letting go of my favorite player. But I ll support Messi wherever he lands. I ll keep supporting Barca, Its a hard DNA. I dont change clubs. At the same time my Argentina DNA (Since 1986) is deeper so I ll be supporting.

    1) PSG – Messi, Di Maria, Paredes, Icardi.
    2) Sevilla- Papu, Acuna, Ocampos, Lamela
    3) Tottenham- Romero, GLC, Lautaro??.
    4) Aston Villa- Dibu, Buendia, Alvarez??
    5) Fiorentina- Nico, Pezella, LMQ.

    These are Pretty much the Backbone of Argentina team but the WILD CARD is —



    I have a feeling Atletico has our future.
    There is nothing left to say about Depaul.
    Perez is a future prospect. Angel Correa impressed me already. But I am most excited to see Juiliano Simeone, especially on the right wing. He could give Nico and Ocampos a healthy competition. Lets see. He can also play CF. He is physical and 6’1”at the age of 18 and he has the best Dad Coach.

    WC looks like a real possibility now. 6 European Clubs has almost all our players.

    Vamos Albiceleste

    • Those are 14 players for sure for our Albiceleste roster coming just from 5 clubs which are: Messi, Di Maria, Paredes; Lo Celso, Romero; Acuna, Papu, Emi Martinez, Angel Correa, De Paul; Lucas Martinez Quarta, Pezzella, Nico Gonzales. And maybe Lautaro (if he signs for Inter). That’s good news!

      Not to mention Buendia and Ocampos have a chance to make it to the final 23.

      Oh one more: Ajax represents 2 players in Tagliafico and Licha Martinez.

      Really hope Lautaro will go to Hotspur. It seems like Inter saying “Lautaro not for sale” just to get more money. They are targeting a lot of forwards at the moment: Joaquin Correa (almost done), Edin Dzeko (done), Martial, Duvan Zapata etc.

  4. Lots of idiots in here are saying, “Messi left Barca because of money” Do you people think he should play for free? Are you fking kidding me? He wanted to leave last year to Mancity, but Barcelona blocked him. Barcelona are the one that should be blamed for letting him walk for free. If they fulfilled Messi’s wish, he wouldn’t be going to PSG. Now, he has not other options than to go there.

  5. Laporta will make Barcelona worst than Bartomeu. This clown will get hammered by Perez in his back sooner or later. I am glad Messi is out of the club with this clown running the show.

    • Laporta is a tough guy, he doesn’t prioritize any players over club. He had to sign CVC deal to sign messi, CVC deal was a trap Barcelona had to pay 10% of their la liga revenue for 50 fucking years . Laporta didn’t trade future of the club for short term solutions what Bartemou was doing . Laporta will make Barcelona great again sooner or later.
      Any Messi has opted for money over Barcelona and its understandable if he wants to make some money in his last couple of years. I don’t think that pictures with psg players was a coincidence and deal with Psg has been finalized so quickly everything had been pre planned.

      • Lol Mrinal. You were the one who said our Copa America win was a gift for Messi by Conembol.

        So I’m not sure you really support Argentina or just a Barca fan.

        If Messi wants to go , he would have gone anyway instead he was willing to take the cut. I will continue to support Barca being a Barca fan myself but will support Messi irrespective of whichever club he plays for. Instead of respecting your club legend, you are accusing him ????

      • Hello, waky, waky up now ! Seriously ! As Insider allready explained clear and simple this it is how it goes in and with La Liga Rules :

        Insider August 9, 2021 At 4:42 am
        As per La Liga rules, even though Messi says he will play free..he can’t. Player should get at least 50% of the last contract when renewing. This is for all…they think Messi should have played free..!
        There were no options left other than leave.

        So please stop mocking Messi and trying to make him like one who only care’s about money! In my thoughts normally the people who talk about others like u do about LEO are actually most commonly the one’s who are after money which is completly fine for me as it is quite an normal thing to do exept if one is not an very rich man !
        But, please dont speak out LEO with this kind matter !

  6. I knew Laporta would do Messi a dirty. This clown will be remembered as a guy that fired Messi. This clown Laporta is lucky to become a successful president in his previous tenure due to Ronaldhinho and Messi. I will never forgive this pig.

    • Yes indeed that will be his legacy ! What a fool and what a joke and like Messi’s father said he used Messi as to win the elections ! Though with bartomeu&co. i wonder if any other canditate for the past elections would have been able to save Messi and let him Finnish his career at Barca as was his true wish specially now when after a decade they finally brought KUN in as they had promised this to LEO in every contract renewal !
      Well, anyhow that we maybe never know, but also i don’t think we even need to know that after all that special treatment for every Argentine player who ever was with Barca or played there since back DIEGO himself and for the ones like Saviola, RIQUELME, SORIN ETC… THIS BLODY BARCA BEEN ALLWAYS MORE INTRESTED IN BRAZIALIANS THAN ARGENTINE PLAYERS AND THEY WERE REALLY LUCKY TO WRAP UP LEO AS VERY YOUNG KID ! But now luckily that is over only KUN STILL STUCK IN THERE BUT INJURED AS USUAL, LOL! Only thing besides offcourse Messi’s family issue which in fact are making me even more pissed than ever because Barca did not only screw DIEGO, SAVIOLA, RIQUELME, SORIN ETC…AND EVERY ARGENTINE PLAYER WHO WAS WITH BARCA, BUT NOW THEY EVEN SCREWED LEO’s FAMILY WHICH COMPLETLY A FUCKING SLAP IN LEO’s FAMILY’s FACE ! So piss of barca for good and ever !

  7. Nuno is a good coach – But Totenham can be demanding..Pochettino has set high standards and it resulted in his exit…I don;t see Mourinho surviving too long in Roma and same goes for Koeman unless there are lesser expensive coaches in the likes of Tata Martino or Marcelo Gallardo feels it is a dream job that can’t be turned down..

    • Koeman is a medicore manager he should have been sacked this season, he was outclassed by psg in 1st leg , i mean how can anyone be outclassed by Mauricio Pochettino.

      • What is wrong with u ? Seriously ? Seems lime u are mocking every Argentine Person or player/x-player, coach etc… well what next then, Ok just half your horses and let me quess it, right ? Your next mock will be AIM directly to our beloved Albiceleste ! Please, be carefull with your words as bad things coming out your mouth all the time !

      • 1. Totentham
        2. PSG
        3. Aston Villa

        for me. No Italian team. I was a huge fan of Maradona back in Napoli days. Their rivals were: AC Milan, Inter, Juventus. I could never like those 3 teams no matter what.

        Now my dream is Hotspur make it to the CL this year and they buy Emi Martinez next year replacing the aging Lloris.

  8. comments about Barcas doom and gloom are hyperbolic. They still have a very strong squad without Messi.

    Fati – Greiz – Aguero – Demb – Cout – Dembele are still scary attackers.

    • But……. the sharp end of the stick is no more and its just a stick.
      The PUSH TURBO BUTTON from Mad Max 2 is no longer there.
      The invisible shield that envelops the spaceship that repels laser beams from the Monster Aliens ship is broken.
      Batman lost his mask and all his gadgets and left to fend for himself vs many goons with just his bare fists…….you get the point lol

  9. I’m with elprincipe on this one. Although personally, I like Aston Villa but if most of the players end up in a single team , its good for us. Plus, even if they don’t perform as a unit, if they are doing well individually, its just time, they will end up in top teams in EPL.

  10. Pep Guardiola knows bringing messi into Man City would question his coaching skills..he has brought in so many players with high value and still couldn’t win a champions league..

    Bringing messi would question in coaching skill wherever he goes next? Without Messi – Guardiola cannot win…

    Buying Grealish is an absolute waste for Man.City – he just made the EPL Teams look weak…

    • Pep missed his golden chance to win last year’s UEFA trophy, it was put on a silver platter and handed to him and he still found a way to screw it up.
      Seems to me he wants to bring in as many as high profile British players as he could find…..Grealish and running after Kane and who knows whose next.

      • Yes i would not be surprised if he would aply for british citizenship or even change from Catalan to Manchester Man as he seems rocking and coking with the those 2 musical brothers what ever their names are something like, maybe Gallagher if i’m not misstaken, lol!

        He should instead head back for Retreat to Bielsa’s Ranch and listen to some Real stuff from Los Fabulosos Cadillacs !!! Vasos vacíos” In live with all the audience singing at the backround could actually wake up for real once more, but i think too much rockin’&cokin’ with gallageher bro’s !

  11. Paris Saint-Germain have reserved the Eiffel Tower as a venue to unveil Lionel Messi, according to FootballTransfers.

    www. footballtransfers .com /en/transfer-news/fr-ligue-1/2021/08/messi-news-psg-reserve-eiffel-tower-messi-deal-nears-closer

    • I cant imagine what PSG is feeling tonight, they landed the best player in the world FOR FREE and Barcelona gave away their biggest asset FOR FREE lol……this is what greed gets you.
      Messi wanted Barcelona to get all the money they could get last year when he wanted to leave but noooooo they said, “he’s under contract” LOL I hope you enjoyed that false 1 year contract.

        • absolutely..the mess has been brewing for years. remember when Barca tried to unsettle Verratti and PSG said “u wot, we’ll activate neymar clause”? Barca then spent $160m on broken horse cout. Then pjanic trade for younger player, 110 dembele, insane wage for greiz, still paying suarez salary, i think..etc the list goes on.

  12. Oh great, so first it was Celso, then Cuti and now maybe Lautaro! Argentina’s best defender and it’s starting midfielder and striker all might end up under the roof of the biggest/richest underachieving club in Europe, a club that has done nothing but take talented Argentine players and turns them into damaged goods……FANTASTIC!!!!!

    • Lets hope that’s not the case with these bunch.
      Nobody imagined Kun being the success he was with ManCity, we all knew he was good but legendary no one expected.

      • Kun was at peak age through put his city tenure. Granted he’s still great player even today but like Aimar post mid 2000s, he’s cursed by never ending injury.

        If Real Madrid gets Mbappe, it would be even harder for Barca to compete even in domestic competition.

    • Ok, i do get your anger against Spurs, but sorry to say it won’t help in anyway only it will get u even maybe more angrier to spurs which is ofcourse your privildge, but even Daniel Levy being a Daniel Levy himself very much indeed and the one who sack Pochettino literally out of the Door as typical Daniel Levy kind of thing to profit in way or another Still, let’s put him aside for bit and really stop for a moment to think !

      1st who decided for Romero to join Spurs ? Well, ok that was an easy question as everyone knows that as player of his caliber is free to choose forhimself, right ?
      2nd -”- -”- -”- Lo Celso to join spurs ? Well, quess what same answer, right even how can one answer to 2 different question’s with same answer ? Quite, incredible, right ?
      3rd well this not anymore an question because they are simply too easy to an answer, right ? It is rather peace of history from Tottenham Hotspur’s ! :
      Tottenham Hotspur and Argentina have history, a long and happy history, that our new signing begins to write a new chapter of.

      Spurs became the first club to play a foreign born player in the football league, Max Seeburg on 26th September 1908. He was a German who played the one Second Division game against Hull City and then moved on to Leyton Orient the following month. Thus the tradition of foreign born players begun.

      Erik Lamela is the latest in our association with Argentina, an association that began in 1909. Freshly signed from Roma this summer for £25.8 million, he is showing signs of finding his feet quickly and gives the impression that it won’t take him to long to adjust to the Premier League. A star is in the making who will be commanding a first team place sooner rather than later.

      Let’s not forget Lamela doesn’t speak any English so communication with the players is a problem, but he made an assist for the winner at Cardiff in only 15 minutes, created the first against Tromso with a delightful through ball for Defoe and got a full game under his belt against Aston Villa.
      He is certainly in contention for a place against Chelsea on the right where he looks most dangerous. He can dribble, he can shoot and he can pick out a pass as his assists in such limited game time already show.

      The 21 year-olds signing had me thinking about our Argentinian connection and the day we shook the world.

      In 1909 having finished second in the old Second Division (Championship today) and gained promotion we embarked on an end of season tour of Argentina and Uruguay, in the days where you went everywhere by boat so it was quite an undertaking. We played 7 matches in 19 days over there, winning 5, drawing 1 and losing 1. We drew 2-2 with Everton, beat the Uruguay League 8-0, beat Argentinos 1-0, beat Liga Argentina 4-1, lost to Everton 4-0, beat Rosario 9-0 and Alumini 5-0. We were to wait another 69 years for the next major connection between us.

      Argentina had just won the confetti World Cup in 1978 in front of their own fans, the images of a stadium full of confetti floating down will live on probably longer than any other image of that time. It serves as a reminder, a prompter for the recall of other memories, the blue and white stripped shirts, Mario Kempes finishing and the players with the trophy itself. Among these images a diminutive Argentinian Osvaldo Ardiles sticks in the mind.

      English football had only a couple of years earlier lifted the ban on foreign players playing over here and the few that had come from Europe were journeymen pro’s, nobody of any significance. Spurs changed all that.

      Osvaldo Ardiles and Ricardo Villa wanted to play in England and were offered to Sheffield United just a few days after the World Cup final. Sheffield United couldn’t afford them and phoned our then manager Keith Burkinshaw. He interrupted a board meeting to get permission to fly to Argentina to sign the pair.

      The negotiations took 20 minutes, the pair cost £750,000. The world was stunned. It was described as the most sensational deal in British football history.Q
      Front page headlines recorded the incredible event, a ground breaking event. It led the 6 o’clock news bulletin.

      The World Cup Final was on the 25th June 1978, the papers told the world of their signing on July 11th. The World Cup was fresh in everyones mind and as an 18 year old Spurs fan I can tell you if you related this to today’s market, for shock value it was like we had just signed Lionel Messi. This sort of thing just didn’t happen in football.

      We all know what followed despite people thinking Ardiles was too small for the English game. He proved them wrong. Ricky Villa scored on his debt and of course scored what was voted as the Wembley Goal of the Century in the 1981 Cup Final replay.

      It was a pleasure to go and see Hoddle and Ardiles in the same team each week. Cups won, Villa wonder goals, it was a good time to be a Spurs fan. Ardiles revealed:

      “The idea was to play a few seasons and then return, but we never imagined the impact we would have. It’s said that our success paved the way for more foreign players to come to England, and there is some truth in that. “I believe the influx would have happened anyway, but our accomplishments accelerated that process.”

      Spurs Hoddle & Maradona
      In May 1986 Ossie Ardiles had a testimonial at White Hart Lane and the worlds best player agreed to play for his fellow Argentinian. Glenn Hoddle gave a certain Diego Maradona his number 10 shirt to wear. In front of a full house the team that night against Inter Milan was:

      Clemence (Jennings), Roberts (D. Thomas), Hughton, Mabbutt, Miller, Galvin (Samways), Ardiles (Waddle), Falco, Clive Allen, Maradona, Hoddle

      The Falklands War raised it’s ugly head and tensions rose so we loaned Ardlies out to PSG for the 1982-83 season while things calmed down and Ricky Villa left for Fort Lauderdale.

      In 1987 Ossie briefly took on the role of caretaker manager and then in 1993 he had a spell as our manager that didn’t turn out the way he had hoped. He brought Jurgen Klinnsman to the club but we had off field problems at the time and we parted company in 1994. Today Ossie is still an ambassador for the club and both he and Ricardo Villa are in our Hall of Fame.

      At the end of 1998 our association with Argentina continued in the shape of Under 21 international Mauricio Taricco who we bought from Ipswich Town. He was a tough tackling left-back who stayed with us until 2004. Prone to the odd error he was full of determination and commitment.

      In February 2013 the Tottenham Hotspur Argentina Supporters Club was born and now we have a new Argentinian in our ranks and a very talented one at that.
      Erik Lamela has arrived as a 21 year-old to wow a new generation of Spurs supporters, the way Ardiles and Villa wowed my generation.
      Federico Fazio
      Juan Foyth
      Paulo Gazzaniga
      Erik Lamela
      Giovani Lo Celso
      Mauricio Taricco
      Cristian Romero
      Osvaldo Ardiles
      Ricky Villa

      Please do not get upset by my post as it is not my intention rather i would like ask what really make’s u hate Tottenham Hotspur’s ? Is it because the team is owned by a fake chosen people who stole this called chosen people story from the slaves of Egyptians at the times of found young Moses founded from the River and given secretly to a Ramses as his son and who raised moses as an Egyptian even though he was an black or darkskinned ethiopian as the saying goes in Jamaica in kind of joking way that they are the chosen few even they know themselfs their true heritage which was stolen from them by those who call themself’s chosen people ?

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      Yes, so why is that u seen to hate Tottenham so much for spoiling Argentine players ?

  13. Does anyone know what the situation with Farias is? Was Orlando city rejected? I watched the Velez game and the commentators kept saying that we should enjoy him while he lasts in Argentina, as if he were guaranteed to leave. He is a revelation and way too good to go to the MLS. Impressive player

      • It depends of course on wages because apparently Galatasaray have asked them to leave because they can not afford his pay. But if that was not a problem it would be really nice to have him a couple of years and it certainly would fix our finishing problem. I am mostly happy with Romero but the Boca game was some of the worst finishing I’ve ever seen. Maybe they could form a dupla. It would also be nice to see River have a well known player and superstar, look at how Sao Paulo have Dani Alves or how Boca recently had Tevez. And it would be a good end to his career to go back where he came from and maybe win a Libertadores. So overall if that move happened it would really excite me.

    • Dominguez has been reluctant to sell him so that is a good thing. The MLS window closed already but the offer is there and they could still agree for a january deal like almada. unfortunately he does not have european passport so chance of MLS is still very high. He is pretty good so that would be a shame.

  14. Goodness just saw the Messi press conference…how freaking sad. what a bummer.

    Its surreal that Barcas and Real Madrids captain are going play together this season, especially considering their nasty history. although i felt that was the pitch and Ramos did have a ton of respect for messi.

  15. So apparently, as per weird laliga rules new contract of a player can’t have less than 50% wage from last contract and only 70% total expenses of a club should be wages . With Messi’s 50% salary deduction Barca was still spending 90% in wages. It was impossible for Barca to keep Messi unless they offloaded Coutino who has been the biggest high profile flop of the decade but to Barca’s bad luck he is injured and nobody wants an injured player.

    I strongly believe this whole drama was a blessing in disguise for Messi and Argentina!! If Messi had to carry this dead Barcelona team for whole 1.5 season in this important world cup year, he would nodoubt arrive exhausted like Dimaria in 2014 .

  16. At first I thought the Lautaro to spurs rumors was absolute tabloid bs, apparently it is now a real possibility. I already have said why I don’t think it would be a good move, hopefully those things don’t happen. Hopefully the fans treat him well and any inconsistencies are covered by good Romero performances and Nuno finds a good system for him that works. No guarantees for either side though. Even though I like Inter Milan it will be funny to see them with a strike partnership of Dzeko and Zapata

    • For the sake of the NT, a spine of Toro – GLC – Romero playing day in and day out couldn’t be better. Toro is a tough dude, im sure hell shine like Kun did.

      • If things go well under the conditions I stated then yes, seeing all three together would be amazing and very helpful for the nt. We will have three main groups, Tottenham, Sevilla, and PSG. Having a group makes it easier for them to adjust and be comfortable in a different setting like England. Lots of spurs fans are saying that they still need to buy a second center back to partner with Romero because they are sick of dier. I wonder if Licha could be a lower cost possibility.

        • > We will have three main groups, Tottenham, Sevilla, and PSG

          Its crazy and perfect timing. I don’t recall a period where our NT players have been concentrated in few clubs. One of the common denominators of wc winners has been exactly that. Italy 2006 – Juve/Milan/Roma, Spain 2010 – Real Madrid/Barca/Valencia, Germany basically Bayern, France not as contracted but all played for top clubs (greiz/hernandez – ATL, mbappe/kimbembe PSG)

          Licha going would be amazing too. Now i don’t want to get too excited but the stars are starting to align. 12/18/22 VAMOS!

  17. I don’t really see how he has a choice, they’re bankrupt and wanna sell him……..I just hope his confidence is not shattered if things don’t go his way.

    Neither Barcelona or La Liga can block or stop shit…………he’s a free agent and can sign with New Galaxy Martians for all he wants and nobody cant tell him otherwise.
    Barcelona is going to get their just-due and I didn’t forget about how they tangled him at the beginning of last year’s season when he had every right to leave and now he is LEAVING FOR FREE YOU DUMB F***s and you’re looking for donations.
    I just feel bad for Griezmann since the Barcelona faithful’s are already up on his ass calling him the reason why they can’t keep Messi.

  18. Fabrizio Romano Retweeted

    Fabrizio Romano
    Leo Messi is set to join Paris Saint-Germain, confirmed. Jorge Messi received official contract today morning, after talks since Thursday. 🚨🇦🇷 #Messi

    Messi is ready to accept – he’ll sign with PSG once final details will be fixed. Now planning for travel, medical, unveiling

    It is done.

    Congratulations Messi

  19. Barca leaves Messi with no new findings. They are going to down bottom of league. it looks like an ordinary team. Any team can’t replace Messi, Barca or any club should think What after Messi and what before Messi. There is only One Messi in this world ,one can’t replace his talent.

  20. If Lauturo goes to spure then I’m buying a Tottenham jersey. It’s been a long time since I’ve worn a premier league jersey, last one I’ve owned is tevez

  21. I would love to see Lautaro move to Spurs!! He will not be deprived of quality opponents and tough matches in EPL. Also with Kane gone, he will be their main hit-man!! He should push for this transfer. Inter will all their stars sold, will crash out from group stages in Champions league!! Get the hell out from there man!!

    Regarding , Messi transfer saga!! It seems like he was stabbed in the back and betrayed by Barca and Laporta . I can already see Barca having extremely hard time making the Champions league next year! Other clubs have reinforced their squads with solid players and with Messi out Barca’s subpar aging squad will be mentally defeated even before they hit the pitch. It’s going to be a two horse race in La-liga again but Barcelona is not going to be either of them !! As a matter of fact, with Messi gone La-liga will lose billions of viewers and fan following from Asia, Africa and South-America and will eventually turn itself into another Bundes-dead-liga and mighty Barca will end up like Ac-dead-Milan!

    Beside Messi, French League is another clear winner in this transfer! They will add a billion or more new fan following which means mega corporations would want to endorse their products and services via French league , many big name players will also want to join the league as everyone wants to play where Messi , Neymar and other star players are playing. Look at Mbappe for instance, as soon as Messi was linked to PSG. He doesn’t want to move to new Budesliga aka La-liga!! Once a farmer league will soon be the hotcake league in the market now!! It appears that everything is falling into places for the Argentine national team to become the next world champions!!

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