Sergio Agüero injured for 10 weeks, will miss 6 WCQ matches for Argentina


Sergio Agüero has been ruled out injured for 10 weeks as he will miss the start of the season for FC Barcelona and six World Cup qualifying matches for Argentina.

It’s not the best start for Agüero as he returned to Spain. With his good friend Lionel Messi having left the club, Kun has been dealt another hit. An injury to his calf muscle initially had him ruled out for 3-4 weeks.

Barcelona have announced that the injury is more severe than that. Agüero will miss 10 weeks in total, meaning three World Cup qualifying matches in September and another three in October.

Here are the matches that Agüero would miss for Argentina:

Brazil vs. Argentina, September
Venezuela vs. Argentina, September
Argentina vs. Bolivia, September
Paraguay vs. Argentina, October
Argentina vs. Peru, October
Argentina vs. Uruguay, October


  1. Nothing against Kun but this is a blessing for the national team. His ability isnt never in question but now he gets injured more often than Di Maria and Pablo Aimar put together. Feel bad for him but I’m glad at least he’s part of the Copa winning squad and assisted Messi goal, at least.

    Icardi and Dybala can finally has a spot.

  2. It looks like Argentina team is already shaping for World Cup, Messi Angel Di Maria Icardi Paredes in same club will help Argentina national team.
    Emi Martinez, Emi Buendai, Lo celso and C. Romero already in good clubs. De Paul,Rodriguez is in good league they will develop more. Real Betis has good chance for Europa league and Atletico seems better in CL.
    Sevilla also good for Argentines.
    Otamendi looked like beast in Copa,Pezella was great too. Mollina should move to Inter Milan or Udinese is also good club.
    Argentina should be in top 4 contender for WC.

    • I feel bad for Aguero. Even if he is fit, I heard that Koeman is not a fan of him. It was the request of the board to bring Aguero not Koeman himself. Koeman likes Depay. So even if he was fit, I don’t think Koeman would make him their starter.

      This season is crucial for him. If he fails to show that he is not done yet, then Scaloni might look for another option as Lautaro’s number 9 back up.

  3. From Argentina perspective, most of the players ( few exceptions) are in right clubs in this season. What they need to do is stay fit and in form. It will be advantageous for Argentina if they can form chemistry among them.
    Very excited to follow Aston villa and Tottenham in EPL, Sevilla and Athletico Madrid in Spain, PSG in France. Hope to see Dybala with his full potential.

  4. Time to thank and move on from Aguero and bring back Icardi in the team. If Messi Dimaria Paredes and Icardi can play together for PSG, I don’t think they will have any issues playing for the national team! We should focus more on how to win the world cup and less on a personal life of a player!!

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