Argentina Ligue 1, week 1 review: Mauro Icardi the only goal scorer


With seven Argentine players and two Argentine coaches manage in Ligue 1, Mauro Icardi was the only goal scorer while both Mauricio Pochettino and Jorge Sampaoli got off to winning starts.

The club with the most Argentine representatives is Paris Saint-Germain, presently with three Argentine players and a coach. But with everything going on involving Lionel Messi, their number of players might be increasing very soon.

PSG have Angel Di Maria and Leandro Paredes, both Copa America winners with Argentina and both missed PSG’s 2-1 win vs. Troyes. Mauro Icardi started the match and scored their second goal of the game.

RC Lens were without Facundo Medina as the Argentina was not part of the squad for their 1-1 draw vs. Rennes. He was with the Argentina Olympic team which would explain why he was not part of the Lens squad.

Jorge Sampaoli’s Marseille came from behind after trailing 2-0 to get the full three points. Leonardo Balerdi started and played the entire 90 minutes for Marseille while Dario Benedetto was substituted in with 27 minutes left in the match.

Walter Benitez kept a clean sheet for OGC Nice as they drew 0-0 vs. Reims.

Here are the names of the Argentine players and coaches in the league:

RC Lens: Facundo Medina
Marseille: Leonardo Balerdi, Dario Benedetto
OGC Nice: Walter Benitez
PSG: Angel Di Maria, Leandro Paredes, Mauro Icardi


  1. The new PSG team quite possibly have the best starting line up in the history of club football. I mean…

    Di Maria———-Messi————Neymar

    It’s over ladies and gentleman…
    Let’s go home…

    • Donnarumma: Top 2 best goalie in the world
      Hakimi: One of the best RB
      Marquinhos: Copa America team
      Ramos: One of the best CB in the world
      Diallo/Bernat: World class
      Veratti: Euro champion
      Paredes: Copa America campeon
      Di Maria: PSG second best player last season
      Messi: GOAT
      Neymar: Still one of the world best
      Mbappe: Too good to be true for a 22 years old

      Next coming:
      Paul Pogba: arguably the world best CM
      Theo Hernandez: one of the best LB in the world

  2. Yes Messi has signed for PSG and is heading now to Paris for the medical (on the way now).
    He takes number 30 Jersey.
    Heard he refused the number 10 Jersey that Neymar offered him.
    Also earlier reported that Neymar will still be the no. 1 penalty taker for PSG.
    I want Messi to win CL and World Cup next year .

  3. Never could take it that Laporta fired Messi from Barcelona. I wanted to Laporta to come back and make Barcelona a great team once again but never in my wildest dream dreamt that he will be the one who will fire Messi.
    Just as Jorge Messi said Laporta used Messi’s name to win the election and then came in and fired him.
    I can understand that it is difficult for Barcelona to sign Messi amidst their financial struggles but never thought they will throw Messi out but keep all the ‘average’ / injured players instead.
    Still hard to believe that Umititi, Lenglet, Coutinho, Griezeman, Dembele, Roberto etc get to stay but Messi is kicked out.
    Messi should move on from Barcelona because I can see all current Barcelona players and coach have moved on and are happy without him.
    Not sure why Messi has still not signed for PSG yet given that he has already received an offer from them.
    Messi needs to win CL
    Moreover going to PSG ‘could’ help Messi and Argentina win the World Cup in Qatar next year (given that PSG is owned by Qataris)

  4. Messi is leaving . He wants at least to win 1 more CL.

    Barca sold his best friend, surrounded him with subpar players, ruining his chance to win in past few years. 8-2 & 4-0 losses at CL? They dont deserve him at this point.

  5. There are many fake show Barca done everything to keep Messi but he didn’t sign..bla bla

    Fabrizio Romano
    ‘Patience’. PSG totally confident and optimistic to sign Leo Messi soon. He’ll fly to Paris once the agreement will be completed in every detail. It’s an important contract officially received 48h ago – ‘normal’ timing. Flag of ArgentinaFlag of France #Messi

    There’s currently no new bid from Barcelona.

    • Happier for everything that’s happening now..!
      To win a world cup we need more players together in same club. Everything going in the right way.

  6. Out of nowhere many sites are reporting that Montiel is very close to joining Sevilla.

    I love this move for the NT but hate it as a River fan. I was hoping he would stay until the Libertadores is over. It makes me smile but it makes my heart break. Apparently he has a release clause of 10 million and they are activating it

    • i don t believe if Montiel leave we will have any bigger problem than what we already have.
      our problem is offensive. we play very poor and we need better roster. Gallardo s game style is not fit with the players we have in our midfield. this is the sourse of our problems i believe.
      look what players we had 2-3 years before and what we have now.

      • That is true. No more Quintero, Fernandez, Palacios, Pity. My main concern is that there will feel like there is a hole at right back during the next few months and while I believe that el Muñe can get the best out of Vigo in the next couple of years that will mot happen overnight, and right now he is not close to Montiel.

        Also, it feels like we only spend 30% of what we sell for players, maybe I have the wrong impression but it feels like the rest of the money is going into a vacuum. If we want to get a team like that of 3 years ago being more ambitious in the market would help. But you are in Argentina and probably know more about these politics than I

  7. From Argentina perspective, most of the players ( few exceptions) are in right clubs in this season. What they need to do is stay fit and in form. It will be advantageous for Argentina if they can form chemistry among them.
    Very excited to follow Aston villa and Tottenham in EPL, Sevilla and Athletico Madrid in Spain, PSG in France. Hope to see Dybala with his full potential.

  8. Laporta is a real traitor of Barcelona. He used Messi to win his election and at the end, he fired Messi out of Camp Nou. He choose to side with Florentino Perez over Messi to from a imaginary super league. While Barcelona fans are crying over the Messi’s exit, this guy was partying with the clubs biggest enemy. I don’t trust this clown to make Barcelona great again.

  9. We all hate the Brazilian team. Hate is probably a strong word. I don’t mean anything bad to happen with them, I just don’t want them to win compared to us.

    I really like testaments like this. It makes me proud

    What a great respect and love shown by Dani Alves!! What a great ambassador Messi has been, when you greatest enemy shows this respect. Then off course we have our own seniors who are more busy criticizing Messi.

    • Some people think Brazillians never really respect Argentine players, that’s wrong. Careca and Maradona phoned each other before after WC 1990 round 16.

      Roberto Carlos and Ronaldinho openly said Maradona are their idols. Dani Alves even said one day he’d tell his son that his father played with greatest player of all time.

      Neymar and Suarez went to Messi’s house like every week during their time in Barcelona. Some players are simply close friends outside footballing context.

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