Sergio Agüero to FC Barcelona fans: “You have me all year long, don’t worry”


After some rumors about Sergio Agüero possibly leaving FC Barcelona following the departure of his friend Lionel Messi, Agüero himself confirmed to some “Culés” fans that he will stay at the Catalan club.

It was prior to the dinner that Leo Messi organized with his closest people last Friday, “Kun” was in his car when a group of fans stopped the newly signed Barcelona player for a picture. Given the anxiety of the fans wanting to take a photo with Agüero, the new signing told them the following:

“You have me all year long, don’t worry.”

Although the former Manchester City man said it as a way of telling them that there will be time in the future to take a picture, the Argentine also gave a clear signal about his future at the club.

In addition to this, per a report by Argentine journalist Marcelo Sottile for Infobae, during these days Agüero confessed to those close around him the following:

“I can’t believe what happened. I have wanted to share a club with Leo (Messi) for years. But now it is time to continue.”

As his quote stated, Sergio Agüero was, and still is, frustrated and angry about his friend having to leave the club but he will not break his contract with FC Barcelona. In any case, he will not be taking part in any matches for FC Barcelona as he is out injured and will miss 8-10 weeks.


  1. Alario is a better choice than Icardi. Aguero still has something to give. Too bad your job doesn’t just get rid of you and replace you as an after thought.

  2. Sergio Aguero has to retire from Argentina NT now and not waste a spot for the future Argentina games. He has nothing more left to give.
    Icardi is the best 9 we have… Select him… What’s the fuss about now. After all he is going to play with Messi in PSG
    Argentina is bigger than friendships.
    When in form Icardi is the lethal no.9 we need for world cup qualification rounds and World cup itself.

    • And not waste a spot? As if Julian Alvarez got a lot of playing time despite being selected? Remember Maximilliano Meza, Pavon (2018) and Ricky Alvarez (2014) who got picked for the world cups barely played and once the world cup was over their Argentina careers pretty much ended?

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