Roberto Pereyra scores twice, Nahuel Molina once in Udinese 3-1 win vs. Ascoli


Roberto Pereyra scored twice with Nahuel Molina scoring once for Udinese in their 3- win vs. Ascoli.

All three goals were scored by Argentine players as Udinese advanced in the Coppa Italia. Pereyra made it 1-0 for Udinese as he got onto the rebound of a loose ball.

Nahuel Molina made it 2-0 as Pereyra played a pass into the Argentine Copa America winner and his powerful effort beat the goalkeeper to double Udinese’s lead. Pereyra would make it 3-0 following a lovely turn inside the penalty area and a strike from close range into the roof of the net.

Nicolas Gonzalez was also on target in the Coppa Italia for Fiorentina.


    • Nah! It doesn’t seem like he is heading out. Would have been perfect if Real could get him. Icardi Dimaia and Messi playing together would be perfect for Argentina.

  1. Well judging so far in European football Buendía and less so Martinez are off to rocky starts. Didn’t watch the game and no way am I getting up at that time on a Saturday (pacific time) but what I can say is this; many players in the past have started off badly in their clubs (their debut, first few games, even first couple of months) and then got used to the new setting and turned into consistently good players. I have seen this happen several times with River Plate for example. There is no reason to believe that Emi Martinez is Willy Caballero or that Buendía is modeling his career off of Lanzini or Pastore. Give it a few weeks. Plus, as much as Grealish is overrated and overpriced he is incredibly important to Aston Villa and has been there for so many years that it is normal to expect a downturn in their results even if they get many new signings, at least for a little while.

    Mac Allister scored the winner for Brighton

    Good news in Germany, Palacios starting the first game and played nearly every minute. For that to be the case on the first day of the season is a really good sign. Came a year late but whatever, at least its finally happened. Good rating on sofascore but if anyone watched the game I would really appreciate a little analysis on how he played.

    I will try to watch PSG later and I am dreading watching River Plate. Cox4, I am usually optimistic but this is the first time in a very long time that I have absolutely no hopes at all for a result. I had hopes against Huracan, Boca, Godoy Cruz, even Mineiro, but today I have none. I hope they prove me wrong but it is not looking good

    • my friend the team till elections and the new era that will begin from new year will be as it is now. Don t expect anything till then. the team is poor and will remain poor. everybody live in their world and the only that cares about this mess is us the fans. all the others have personal agenda firstly in present.
      D Onofrio and Gallardo is responsible for all this. the first have biggest part and the second less part. 80 % and 20 % this is my personal opinion.

      • With how things have been so far I am surprised we won. I thought it would be a draw. Of course it was not a win like the ones we had two years ago but it is better than nothing. Also could you explain for what reasons you think Gallardo has some blame for our problems now?

        • The win is a win and i am really really happy. As you said and i totally agree it is better than nothing. for me Gallardo have a part of blame because he insist we play with his style when our roster is clearly not fit to continue playing that way. we should play according what players we have not according to what we like to play. our midfield is 2 level down compare 2 years before. key players left and those came they can t play as we used to play.
          Gallardo don t want to adopt in this subject.
          But i don t blame him more than 20 % because we are River plate and we have one club philosophy. we can t change it because our stupid managment bring us players without the correct characteristics that our coach needed.

  2. Very bad performance for both Emi Martinez and Buendia. Although none of the 3 goals were his faults (u can put all other world best goalies in his position, they would have still conceded 3 goals).

    Emi Buendia looked lost. Everyone has a high expectation on him, but we really have to be patient. He is just quite a talented player, not really the next Messi or something.

    This Aston Villa need new defenders. All 4 defenders are shitty. It would be hard to imagine them reaching top 4 in EPL this season.

    • I think top 4 isn’t their target at all. Aston Villa is a mid-table team and if they could finish 7th then that will be a solid season for them.

    • Well then, I guess we go back to Armani right? He saved three great shots against Mineiro and conceded two less, he must be the best option by far now.

      In all seriousness I remember Martinez once conceded four against Southhampton, didn’t stop him from being in the premier league team of the season according to many pundits and Villa’s best player or Copa America’s best goalkeeper

      • It was NOT a poor performance for Emi. It is not like he made mistakes that costed him or something. No it is just he was unlucky to have 3 goals scored against him and all of them (or at least 2 of them) were impossible to save. He played poor because other than those 3 goals, he hardly made good saves simply because those 3 goals were the only dangers Watford had.

  3. Even him can score, I think this is definitely a year for Argentina! There are lot of old players who were completely lost during the past years like Pastore, Lamela, Lanzini and Fernandez I hope they will come back in form. We need more players ready for the world cup, no matter how old they are.

  4. watching Watford vs Villa 2-0 so far

    Man Aston Villa play super bad.
    Emi Martinez conceded 2 goals, although both of them not his fault. The defending is awful. First goal it was between his leg. Second goal it was a deflection.

    Buendia played Messi role: number 10 free role but he acts like a second striker. He rarely got a touch. He should have dropped deep try getting the ball. Very bad first half tor Buendia. The coach sees him as an offensive player, but if he is to be useful for our seleccion, he should play Lo Celso/De Paul role in midfield not Messi’s.

    • yeah 2 dumb goals, shit happens, really unfortunate for Emi Martinez. Buendia is sharp, from what I saw, he amde the difference with his touch and speed. I understand what you meant but in this team, he’s clearly the most creative player so the coach will use him more in this position. He will need to adjust his position when he comes back to the selection.

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