Grand Theft Auto presentation for Germán Pezzella as he rejoins Real Betis


Germán Pezzella has rejoined former club Real Betis as the club announced it in a unique way.

Pezzella, who initially joined Fiorentina on loan from Betis back in 2017, is back in Seville. Having eventually become captain of Fiorentina, Pezzella’s form found him in the Argentina squad for the 2021 Copa America where he would take part in the final when Argentina lifted the trophy.

Real Betis announced it in a two minute long video, featuring a cameo appearance by Guido Rodriguez. The video imitates the popular franchise video game Grand Theft Auto.


    • I chose to watch the last few minutes and came on an Brest were attacking so much I thought they’d draw. Then on that counter attack I knew el fideo would score. When the ball was bouncing I knew it was going to go over. Another typical Di Maria goal. I love it.

  1. Sarri on Luka Romero: “I have never seen a 16 year old with this quality and determination. This is a boy who trains in a ferocious way, an attentive boy. He is an exception for his age. From a physical point of view he is still missing something, as he should be, during the season he is one of those players who can give us a hand.”

  2. Rahman_el Torero

    i have to explain my point about my sentence you mention.
    i speak for the present only but with no intention to give excuse to Americans for what they did in past to Afghanistan. Watching people in airport try to escape the way they do and with knowing that they give up their country inside less a week without any fight is giving me very very bad picture. why? i see from 100 people the 10 to be women and 90 young men !!! the women and children are in danger my friend. they should go and escape. NO the young men that the country is based on for rebuild.
    The men are try to escape. they give up the country and leave the women and children behind. it is shame in my eyes. big shame to all those men.
    with this picture what they expect? Argentine army come and save them? why ? Argentine army have no business there. Argentine army will not come and fight the war that they should do for save their country. Argentine army can come only to help IF it is asked from Afghan people. No other way.

    Personally if Argentina was in same place i would send the women and children of my family cross the borders in Bolivia, Uruguay or Brasil etc and i would stay back to fight together with Argentine army the enemies of my country. Win or lose doesn t matter. it matter to me to try save whatever it can be saved.if we save Argentina then perfect. if not ok. at least we try our best.
    this is just my personal opinion. nothing more.

    • Friend, I get your point. But, it’s different to say things from outside of the fire then doing things from within. We do not know their individual stories, why they were so frightened/desperate to escape, even if it means clinging onto the aircraft.

      There was a time when people in Argentina World Cup forum, especially of Argentina, were bashing Grandona day in and day out because of the corruption in AFA. I used to get tired of their comments and ask myself why don’t they do some thing to stop the Mafia then writing in the forum, at last a street demonstration/protest? Maybe Argentinians did but i didn’t know.

      • of course it is different and of course i don t know their individual stories.
        no argue about that. anyway. long sad story. i don t want to continue. God help the innocent people.

        As about Grondona yes he was mafia truly and sure he was very far from be an angel but honestly all those that was saying all those things about him make NOW the question. Do you miss Grondona? Do you want he will be president in present? BE SURE all of them will say yes. they want somebody like Grondona.
        Tapia is better? Tapia is not mafia they believe?
        Don t answer me on last. no need.
        Grondona was mafia and Tapia is same. Their difference is that Grondona had HUGE knowledge about football and everybody inside and outside Argentina had respect for him. Tapia on the other side is just a puppet. a clown that just doing what his bosses want from him.
        this is just my opinion.

  3. Yesterday I watched the Spurs vs Pacos and later in the second half I saw Cuti Romero was in pain holding his knee. I was like “oh no…” but he managed to complete all the 90 minutes. Today the coach Santo gives an update on his small knock:

    The news was better on Cristian, as Nuno continued: “That was due to fatigue. It was his first game for a while, he played 90 minutes, intense, especially in the second half when we were unbalanced and that required a lot of situations from our defenders. He’s well today, recovering, and taking the normal procedures. He’s okay.”

    Thanks God he is OK.

    Later PSG vs. Brest. Yes it is confirmed Messi will delay his debut until one more week. Di Maria is back tonight though. Paredes and Neymar also still not ready yet. So it looks like we will see Di Maria-Mbappe-Icardi tonight.

  4. In Mahabharata (one of the Indian epics), a King was asked ” what makes you surprised for eternally?” and the King replies ” People seeing other people dying everyday but the watching people believe they never die and live for ever..” The world has gone absolutely insane beyond the point of no return. How painfully the young footballer who fell from the plane and killed was let down by everyone and everything. Why don’t massively paid luxurious footballers stop playing insisting we won’t play until people stop from suffering in Afghanistan. The biggest joke of humanity is UNO closely followed by WHO. Napoleon is so true ” the reason for world’s suffering is not bad guys but good guys who watch everything in silence and indifference..” rip young footballer..

    • First that was an unfortunate incident but mixing politics with soccer is waste of time and energy. When military intervention of the supreme power has failed what can footballers do! Lets stick to football and keep politics out and wish speedy return of normalcy!!

      • “Mixing politics with soccer is waste of time and energy”. Are you sure Sports and Politics or Arts especially Movie industry and Politics never mixed in history ? Political corruptors always damn sure that majority of the people remains silent. People never react. If Footballers make genuine efforts at least there will be some positives because it’s widely followed. But no footballer is ready to make efforts beyond Twitter and Instagram. That’s why after kneeling they start playing the game instead of quitting the game. Am trying to say that footballers can just make a try irrespective of the results because they got some power collectively.

    • why you believe that cares a lot of people far from Afghanistan about Afghanistan? world is like this unfortunately. if the fire is far then you are comfortable. if getting close then you react.
      Anyhow politics is other thing and football should not be mixed.
      as i understand from your post one football player die by fall from a plane. that is sad truly but what we can do.
      as about Afghanistan while i should not speak about politics i feel provoked to say to you that people there should fight for save their country their lives and their future.
      They should not expect others to fight their war for them.
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      i speak hard maybe and i sound cruel maybe but this is the reality of life in our world.
      i didn t make it that way and sure i don t like it. This is our world unfortunately. God create the world and humans destroying it.

        • @cox4
          “They should not expect others to fight their war for them.”

          I don’t know how much you know about the history my friend but it is the OTHERS who forced their lives into chaos and created monsters within themselves.

          We do not want to mix politics in discourse but politics never leave us alone. It was not the common people who had anything to do about the wars that the history witnessed, although the common people were the ones who suffered the most. It doesn’t matter what we, the common people want or don’t want, we are and will always be the victim of politics.

          I think politics is not the topic we should put under the rug and pretend it doesn’t exist. Rather it should be a topic to be debated, of course in a respectable way. But the problem is that when we engage in a debate on politics, religion etc. we take things personally and start fighting. This outcome of that debate is undesirable but not the topic itself.

    • > Why don’t massively paid luxurious footballers stop playing insisting we won’t play until people stop from suffering in Afghanistan.

      Probably similar to the reason to why you, me and everyone here walk past homeless woman, children, and men suffering in the streets of our our own backyard. You want to question people’s empathy, then question the root cause, not just the symptom.

      When i say root cause, i mean the world’s current ECONOMIC SYSTEM has no place for giving 2 shits about anything but profits. Profits are the ONLY thing that matters in today’s world. Take for example the dogshit US healthcare system. Each year 500k-1m families go bankrupt because of healthcare cost. Families undergoing cancer treatment go bankrupt…how the fuck can some dogshit hospital and insurance company charge people enough that they bankrupt and many Americans just sit there and shrug their shoulders? How do we have profit driven decisions for military spending like guns, bombs, etc when all it does it is lead to death and suffering? Thats the world’s economic system. When i say symptom, i mean, don’t blame the rich footballer, they’re apart of this nasty machine of profits that happen to pay them very well.

      Lastly, the world has a ton of problems and its difficult to care when it seems like an impossible mission. Every country has their own issues and families need to take care of their own sucks, but that is the current situation.

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