Agustin Marchesin to require surgery, out of Argentina team for September


Agustin Marchesin has injured his knee and will require surgery.

The FC Porto goalkeeper is expected to be out for about a month as he will undergo surgery to correct a problem in his meniscus, the club announced. The injury will mean that he will miss Argentina’s World Cup qualifying matches in September.

Agustin is the third choice goalkeeper for the Argentina national team and was expected to be selected for the next squad.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni will announce in a few hours his team for September’s matches.


  1. Why would it take so long to announce a squad – this is just a qualifier….there is none in River Plate except Julian Alvarez and Armani..all the ex-river players are playing it so hard to trace them…

  2. What a player Messi was and not at his 2010 World Cup & post 2010 WC peak. Look at the movement of this team in the 2008 Olympics. Riquelme in the midfield letting him run the show.

    h t t p s : //w w w. y

  3. Another dud performance from locelso in spurs. I have serious doubt regarding his quality. Messi and some good players save his asses in Argentina. He is nothing special we need to find a replacement asap.

    • I have serious doubt regarding your quality..
      Frist watch game,line up and then comment about him.As a real stupid you always shows negativity on lo celso..what’s your problem cat?
      Mind it .. Lo celso is the best Argentine creative midfielder in last 10 years

    • ????………Seriously!? I’m guessing you missed most, if not ALL of copa america! Because Celso was fantastic and more importantly consistently fantastic. The kid is pure class and if he stays fit he’ll be world class, but unfortunately I don’t see that happening in Spurs.

  4. We desperately need a solid 3rd CB and an additional def mid. Pezella is aging and is our weakest link in defense. I am rooting for pitbull Battaglia to make a return in the national team sometime this season.

    • Yes, why he is making it so late, anyhow he is going to call the same team except for 1 or 2 changes. Armani will be in the team no matter what.

  5. With Russo out of Boca it is rumored that Battaglia will play more youngsters (like Medina, Varela) as he was just the coach of their reserve team.

  6. I watched the full 90 minutes of Hotspur against Paco. Romero and Lo Celso both played 90 minutes and they both were below average. Hotspur lost 1-0 due to a counter attack from a high line defense. Defensively he was OK, not much to do as the opponents parked the bus after leading 1-0. He looked rusty which is normal because it is his first 90 minutes game since the Copa America final.

    Lo Celso played even worse. Playing a free role in midfield. He could not do much to break the defense.

    I won’t blame both of them as the Spurs played 5 youth players age 17-19 in the starting line up which shows that the Spurs really need more new players. All the youth were super shitty.

    I know all of our Copa America players enjoyed their well deserved extra holiday. There are still a little less than 2 weeks (around 2 matches with their clubs) left before our next match against Venezuela. Hope they can be back in form.

    • Some spurs fans believe that they didn’t try because they don’t care about the conference league and want to focus on the premier league. They got so ridiculed for being in the conference league that they probably just wanted out. When you see the lineup it looks like a preseason friendly. In conclusion I would take this performance with a grain of salt, lets see how they play in the prem

      • Cuti Romero is their second most expensive record signing in the Spurs history. They won’t judge him after just one game when he played along with with 5-6 schoolboys. I really hope he will still start this weekend.

        Anyway England youth looked extremely shitty. I saw how shitty our team was in the Olympic, England youth is much worse.

        Anyway Gil, the replacement of Lamela is quite average. All Argentina wingers/AM in Copa America are way better than him.

  7. Ok fine..just stay away from the NT. We’ve no need any 10th choice shit players in this team! Same thing goes for Armani. Better select Ledesms or Rulli..

  8. News:

    Cuti Romero and Lo Celso will start in Europe conference league in about 45 minutes from now.

    Here is Hotspur starters:

    (3-4-2-1) Gollini; Carter-Vickers, Romero, Davies; Doherty, Winks, John, Sessegnon; Lo Celso, Gil; Scarlett.

    The coach Nuno will rotate all the 11 players that won against the City.

    Then tomorrow PSG vs Brest according to TYC Messi is rumored to start along with Icardi and Mbappe upfront.

    Paredes, Di Maria, and Neymar still won’t likely play.

  9. Benitez will do a great season with Nice, I am 100% sure, his new coach is a great coach and the club has decent budget. He will be helped by that. I can’t wait to see Messi on the pitch, it will be much easier for him to play with PSG. At barca, he always need to move deeper and go to the left side because Braithwaite is average, Griezemann doesn’t have Barca DNA and only knows defending, Dembele only knows dribbling for nothing. Fati not ready yet. Here in psg, on the right he has Hakimi and Di Maria(if he plays), Verratti can handle the transition, Neymar and Mbappe on the left.

  10. For me Scaloni number 2 and 3 in pecking order: Armani and Marchesin don’t deserve to be the number 2 and 3. Armani has been poor lately. He is nowhere near Armani of 2018. Marchesin was good with Porto but we saw how he played with Argentina.

    Musso is good. He deserves to be called. For me other than Musso, these 3 goalies are better options than Armani and Marchesin:
    1. Walter Benitez (for some reason Scaloni never even considers him)
    2. Ledesma (the only one who played above average for Argentina in the Olympic
    3. Rulli (Villarreal starter finally ahead of Asenjo).

    I know Emi will always start no matter what, but imo, I don’t think Armani and Marchesin are Argentina second and third best goalies.

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