Argentina vs. Bolivia on September 9 to be played with fans in attendance


Argentina vs. Bolivia on September 9 at the Monumental stadium will have fans in attendance.

The minister of health and the minister of tourism and sports of Argentina have confirmed that September’s World Cup qualifying match between Argentina and Bolivia will have fans in attendance. The Monumental stadium will have 30% of its capacity, meaning the Copa America champions will be playing in front of their fans.

This would be Argentina’s third of three World Cup qualifying matches in September, with the first being against Venezuela and the other, a repeat of the Copa America final against Brazil. The match vs. Brazil in Sao Paulo will also be played with fans.


  1. News:

    So Mbappe refused to renew his contract and really does wanna sign with Madrid. I think he is leaving before the transfer window. The good news is Messi number will be higher without Mbappe and Icardi will get more minutes for sure.

    CR7 also seems to want to go. City is rumored to be his destination but City do not want to spend any money to sign him and they prioritize Kane. So both Kane and CR7 want City? That’s interesting. I read that CR7 hoping City choosing him instead of Kane.

    I feel bad seeing Kun Aguero in Barca. His body language says everything. He looks very unhappy. Plus the coach Koeman is not a fan of Kun. Plus he is not even registered yet at La liga. Kun has to be professional and matured now, or else his career is over.

    Also J Correa is almost certain joining Inter from Lazio. Inter have Added Dzeko too and is still trying to sign Belotti. Lautaro leaving?

  2. Its always the Premier league which causes trouble with international break. Even before pre covid times. They always make a fuss about releasing their players. Especially clubs like liverpool who started this, and have a history of making noises about Salah and Mane’s african commitments every year. The EPL thinks because it has money it can bully poorer international associations. Typical english.

    In any case, if england and spain don’t allow their players to go I think Scaloni will make up for it primarily by going back to his reserves and looking for players he is already familiar with and called before and after that he will probably take some of batista’s input from the olympic squad. I think the replacements will largely be from those two categories. Any completely fresh face would be largely unlikely I think. Having said, these are my thoughts on replacement names, plus some extreme out of box options in local league that I keep an eye on for fun.

    Emi + Rulli (GK): Would he still go for 4 keepers now? In any case while Benitez is discussed, folks should not be surprised if Andrada returns to #3 behind Armani and Musso due to the familiarity and history factor. My bet would be on Esteban. Benitez’s chance to seize it would thus be only as a #4 in my view. For out of box options Lautaro Morales from Lanus was the Olympics back up but he does not really play so I would take Juan Romero from Rosario.

    Acuna (LB): Medina from the Olympics squad would be the front runner in my view due to ability to cover for both CB and well as LB behind the starter Tagliafico. While Angilieri is discussed I think it is Milton Casco who stands a greater chance due to familiarity again as #2 option ahead of him, plus his ability to play both LB and RB (where we will miss montiel). Also angilieri is battling hamstring issues i think. As an out of box pick I like Enzo Diaz in Talleres.

    Montiel + Foyth (RB) : Clearly this is the trickiest spot to fill behind Molina as we have always lacked depth here. Since Foyth role for this squad is only RB I think we take one back up only. Marcelo Herrera from the Olympics squad is an up and down sort of player even though he had an ok to average performance in the summer games while Bustos does not seem like the right back profile Scaloni likes (defense first, attack later). Hence why I feel Casco might get it here as #1 sub option, and he will deputize Martinez Quarta in an emergency as #2 sub option. For those wondering Saravia had a muscular injury again last week after coming back ok from his knee injury, so his possibility is low I think. Out of the box options I like are Juan Caceres at Racing (limped off last weekend but i think is fine) and Brian Aguirre at Lanus.

    Romero + Pezzella (CB) : Here I think Scaloni will promote from his bench – martinez quarta with otamendi. I think he will bring in another veteran option as first depth. Palomino I think as he was in the squad two months ago. Behind that I think it would be Balerdi highest in the pecking order due to Scaloni really rating him highly (since Sampaoli assistance days). Perez from the Olympics squad would possibly be next. Kanneman has been suffering on and off with hip and groin injuries this year so I see his possibility as low. Senesi is the another option though he does not seem to be on the coaches radar yet. I would put him at 4 behind Palomino, Balerdi and Perez. Of course we will also have Medina as noted above. Out of the box options are limited in my view – Alan Franco seems to be making ok progress at atlanta, maybe Frias at Defensa who has had strong SudaAmerica and league campaigns, Mansilla at Newells, or Baretto at Independiente, or even one of the two kids at San Lorenzo, Very, very low probability items altogether though.

    Lo Celso + Buendia + De Paul : Palacios moves up from the bench for Gio’s spot. I put Emi here as I think both Lo Celso + Buendia roles would be rolled into one with Zaracho as the cleanest alternate here to take the bench and my preference, with roberto pereyra as an old favorite his strongest competition. If its two for two, then Nacho enters the conversation for Buendia. Dominguez moves up for DePaul and I think the Olympic squad gets a look here with Belmonte taking the option for Nico’s bench role.

    Guido (DM): Familiarity again dictates Ascacibar as the choice here but I think the coach has moved away from that kind of physical profile in the center. Olympic squad man Fausto Vera has not been able to fit himself back at Juniors. For that reason I think an out of the box option has the highest chance here. Anibal Moreno at Racing or Juan Sforza at Newells is where I would place my bets for #1 and #2, with Ascacibar as #3.

    Papu + Angelito(Fwd): I see Papu as a back up wide-ish creator in our squad. Its not a same for same but I think here is the cleanest opportunity for thiago almada from the Olympic squad to make a name in Gomez’s place. Even without Angelito this team would carry lautaro, angel senior, messi, dybala, el tucu correa, gonzalez and alvarez. I don’t think he would really force another name in here. But if he does the outside option for my bet here is facundo farias.

    In terms of the alternate venue question, I don’t think Europe is a possibility as the smaller nations would protest as mentioned and also because with 15 or so games in total it is almost like a mini tournament so not many nations can host while doing their own qualifiers. However the USA is always an option. They were close to taking the Copa there, it will have fans (revenue for association) and there are enough facilities and stadiums for both conmebol and concacaf. Plus I am biased as I might be able to catch a game or two then 🙂

    • If today or tomorrow, Scaloni won’t add the foreign based players, that means all the 13 will be replaced by all the locals. I am just being realistic since it is roughly 8 days before the first match.

          • Messi isn’t that kind of a person, he 99.99% won’t say anything but ideally he should use his status to put this issue into the spotlight, its absolutely garbage, you can’t stop players like this from playing for their national teams for CLUB FOOTBALL

  3. Argentina will lose 13 players: 4 from EPL and 9 from La Liga in their 30 players squad.

    Brazil will lose 11 players in their 23 players squad. They only have 2 players from La liga.

    Our head to head will still still look good.
    Possible line up:

    Argentina: Armani/Musso; Montiel, Otamendi, Licha, Tagliafico; Paredes, Palacios, Di maria; Nico Gonzales, Messi, Lautaro

    Brazil: Weverton; Dani Alves, Verrissimo, Marquinhos, Alex Sandro; Guimaraes, Ribeiro, Paqueta; Neymar, Cunha, Barbosa.

    • Montiel is in Sevilla it’ll be Molina instead which again isn’t worrying, plus maybe Messi can play deeper in midfield with Dybala taking the right wing

  4. we already have postpone several times the qualifyers. there is not exist dates available left.
    no postpone. we should play with whatever we have anyway.
    Europeans playing without any problem so they create this problem for South america only.
    So Conmebol in my eyes should play the games anyhow because this is direct war against her.
    if they cancel or postpone the games it will show how weak and slaves Conmebol is.
    time to show some dignity. for Conmebot if they have and for all South americans.
    f..k English, Spanish leagues and fifa too.

  5. Why doesn’t the shitty Conmebol organise the matches in some European venues? They will need a maximum of 2-3 venues. 5 matches between 10 teams can be easily organised in 2-3 venues over 2 days. Its very likely that other leagues will follow the same route of not releasing the players. I can understand the excitement of some people here because of the possibility of seeing local or new players. But idk how much it will contribute to our goal of building a cohesive team towards Qatar 22. Surely, we need some new players to be added and get adjusted to the core team. But, will it make a huge difference if the majority of the team is made up of new or local players? I mean, who will they get used to except for some tactical instructions of Scaloni? It’s a waste of a competitive fixture. Also, we still need to work on our core team, especially on the counter attacks and efficiency in front goal. In absence of the friendlies, these are the matches to build the chemistry of the core team as well as experiment with new players. I’m not sure about the qualifiers being played like this.

    • Very good point, I heard some rumour they may use Hungary 🇭🇺 as mini tournament but country like ecuador, Bolivia and peru will opposite that because high altitude advantage

      • @Godin11 @SulaV
        Yeah, i get the issue here. But seriously, I don’t think the Conmebol cares about other SA teams. Heck, they don’t care about any team other than VARzil. I can’t remember the last time they made any decision thinking about the common good of all SA teams. The last Copa America could have been organised in any country other than Brazil. Then we saw what happened (though i can’t complain now since we slapped our archenemy in their backyard 😋). The point being, Conmebol can enforce this if they want to, especially when the stakes of the big teams like Argentina and Brazil are concerned.

  6. If all European based players are not allowed to come, what would a “local” team look like?

    Armani; Gerometta/Herrera, Izquierdoz, Kannemann, Angileri/Ortega; Caseres/Vera, Zaracho, Almada; Urzi, De La Vega, Alvarez?

    • Messi WILL go no matter what, it’s non negotiable….and I mean literally NON negotiable because Lio stipulated in his contract that the NT takes priority, which also means that he’ll take Maria and Paredes with him, so you can atleast count on those 3.

      Argentina including the 3 mentioned about minus all other european teams would look something like this (I think):





      Bench: J.Alvarez (RFW/RW), Facundo Farías (LFW/CF), Matias Suarez (CF), Velasco (AM) A.Morino (DM), C.Medina (CM) and I have NO idea about potential defenders sadly because I haven’t been following the primera much.

  7. So Messi, Di Maria, Paredes, Palacios, Armani, Julian Alvarez, Otamendi, Tagliafico, Dybala, Lautaro, J Correa, LM Quarta, Musso, Molina, N Dominguez, Nico Gonzales.

    The best and realistic starters:

    Armani/Musso; Molina, Otamendi, Quarta, Tagliafico; Paredes, Palacios, Di Maria; Nico Gonzales, Messi, Lautaro

    Bench: Musso/Armani, NEW defender, NEW LB, NEW RB, Dominguez, J Correa, J, Alvarez, Dybala.

    Still a very strong team. We just need new local league defenders as there is no back up at all.

    I just hope the Italian serie A and the French league would allow their players.

    • There are still some quality players in French league especially other than the Argentina league. Medina (Lens) should be considered, Benitez (Nice) too as we will have only 2 goalies. Also Balerdi too. Nehuen Perez should be in Udinese in a couple days. He does not belong to Atletico anymore so maybe he also can join. Alsp Palomino who was originally in pre Copa America squad.

      Good things some of those defenders are not in EPL or Spain. Now the question is the RB and LB. It seems like we will take some from the local league. I hope I will see Bernabei (Lanus).

      • Honestly El principe, if and I do mean IF Italy, France, Germany, Holland and Portugal don’t follow suit, Argentina can construct a very decent (albeit very understrength) squad:

        – France: Messi, Maria and Paredes will go no matter what because Messi will put his foot down. Benitez, Balerdi and Medina can also go.

        – Italy: Nico G, Dybala, Molina, J.Correa, N.Dominguez, Musso. You also have the options of N.Perez, Pereyra, Pussetto, Quarta.

        – Germany: Palacios and Ascacibar

        – Holland: Tagliafico, Licha and Senesi

        – Portugal: Otamendi

        Hence if you take all those players into account, the squad could look like this:





        ——————————–Musso (Armani more likely :()————

        Subs: Benitez, Balerdi, Senesi, Quarta; N.Dominguez, Ascacibar, Almada; J.Alvarez, C.Pavon, J.Correa. Maybe also Nacho Fernandez, Zaracho and Barco (if MLS is releasing players).

        Honestly, even without Dibu, Acuna, Montiel, C.Romero, Celso, De Paul and Guido, Argentina can still look good….again this is assuming that the rest of the leagues don’t follow suit.

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