Nicolas Gonzalez scores for Fiorentina in 2-1 win vs. Torino


Nicolas Gonzalez scored his first goal of the season for Fiorentina in their 2-1 win sv. Torino.

Gonzalez scored his first goal for his new club, the first one of the match. The Argentine Copa America winner received the ball on the edge of the penalty area and a left footed shot gave Fiorentina the 1-0 lead.

Lucas Martinez Quarta also started the match played the full 90 minutes while Gonzalez was substituted off with five minutes remaining.



    According to this article, the leader of the rebellion group of the South American players is someone named Lionel Messi.

  2. So period Emiliano Martinez—Tagliafico-Lisandro Martinez-Cuti Romero-Bustos/Saravia—Lo Celso-Palacios-Paredes-Di Maria—Lautaro-Messi? RIP Brazil!

  3. Lets be fair only those players could violate his club’s and their federation” request whose status is irreplaceable like Emiliano Martinez’s. He can do it, but not a Lo Celso or new guys like Cristian Romero, Buendia or others who would easily loose his place in the team (in pecking order) with 10 days ban plus maybe penalty and anger from the club and coach etc. Or their coach like them (Joaquin Correa…) they can do it too…or maybe the coach is real argentine… hello Simeone where are you?

  4. Lautaro and Correa also will join us. So 8 + 4 + 2 so far = 14 players.

    Today in 24 English
    Argentina does not change plans

    Saturday 28th August 2021 08:35 AM

    Little by little things are becoming clearer about the refusal of the most important clubs and leagues in the world to give up players for the South American Qualifiers. If at the beginning it was the Premier League, then LaLiga, Serie A and finally the Liga NOS were added. The former complained about the health situation and the obligation to quarantine once they have returned from their commitments, while LaLiga protested the number of days (one more than what UEFA and Concacaf allow) that the players would be with their national teams.
    The case of Argentina

    Argentine players did not receive refusal from their clubs to travel. The selected one from Scaloni have 21 players “victims“for this latest news, but nothing seems to indicate that they will not travel with the Selection.
    As AS has learned, two planes will leave Europe for Caracas (Venezuela), for the first qualifying match. The organized by GRANDPA will depart from Madrid on the Monday morning, after the Atlético de Madrid match. Most of the players will travel to the Spanish capital (Correa and Lautaro Martínez will be on the same Saturday night in Spain). The second plane is that of Messi, which will depart from Paris, although it is not known if any more players will go in itl (Paredes and Di María yes, of course).
    The players are clear that the priority is the National Team and will travel despite pressure from the leagues. Argentina plays officially for the first time after obtaining the Cup America on Brazil.

  5. All EPL based players have confirmed to come baby. Yeah. 8 + 4 now. But again Paredes and Cuti Romero will be suspended against Venezuela due to the yellow accumulation. So we still need some more defenders. Hope the La Liga and serie A will join.

  6. Messi playing tomorrow and the whole world has been waiting and I want him to LIGHT IT UP!!!

    “Victory has a 1000 fathers and defeat is an orphan”. ARGENTINA players are playing well for their respective clubs, smiles, hugs and fist pumps galore. That damn monkey finally got off their damn shoulders and I am STILL celebrating the COPA WIN and I want more of that drug.

    • Although im over the news, its still a bit weird to see him play in another kit. 20 years is a long time, I’m glad it happened though. Paredes + Di Maria + Messi + Icardi could easily be one of the NT starting front lines. Playing day in and out is such a tremendous advantage for next December! I just hope Paredes freaking finally steps up his attacking bloodthirst and channels his inner Masche with long balls and forward passes.

  7. nice goal. Hope to see many more which will boost his confidence .

    Anyone see Dimitri Payets haircut? He gets the award for the ugliest in the history of the sport. Reminds of that ridiculous haircut Waynes bro in “Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood (1996)”

  8. Yes, indeed he played a great game and the crowd seems to be loving him too !
    Quarta also had a good game ! Waiting and hoping though for more player statements as Dibu’s great one ! And hopefully there will be others too who will show up for the WCQ’s !

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