La Liga must release players for World Cup qualifiers in September


La Liga must release their players for the South American World Cup qualifiers in September.

While the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and the Portuguese league decided to not release their players, one of them will be forced to. A decision has been made by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) which has ruled in favor of FIFA, meaning that the players must be released.

As we reported on Saturday, Emiliano Martinez has confirmed that he will be travelling to Argentina. In addition to him, we now know that the Argentine players in La Liga will also be joining the team. There are nine Argentine players in La Liga, seven of which won the Copa America. The following players are in La Liga:

Geronimo Rulli
Gonzalo Montiel
German Pezzella
Juan Foyth
Marcos Acuna
Rodrigo De Paul
Guido Rodriguez
Alejandro Papu Gomez
Angel Correa

This means that 17 of the 30 plaers called up by Lionel Scaloni are available:

The following players are available:

Franco Armani
Lisandro Martinez
Geronimo Rulli
Gonzalo Montiel
German Pezzella
Juan Foyth
Marcos Acuna
Rodrigo De Paul
Guido Rodriguez
Alejandro Papu Gomez
Angel Correa
Nicolas Tagliafico
Exequiel Palacios
Leandro Paredes
Angel Di Maria
Julian Alvarez
Lionel Messi


  1. Dear All, Y we are thinking about stubborn coach or club owner too much. This is not only Argentine players who will play the qualifiers Brazil, Uruguay, Chili, Colombia and other nations players will also come to play. So, don’t worry about our plyers. If our players possess quality then they will definitely play. May be one or two exception will happen.

  2. Di Maria is starting and the BOSS will come off the bench…………lets GOOOOOOOOO

    The Argentine players playing around the world are doing what they’re supposed to be doing, putting their country FIRST as they should and its not like they’re doing anything wrong!!
    World cup qualifiers are as important as they should and everybody knows that, so what’s the big fuss about???

  3. cuti Romero just posted on his Instagram story a picture of him, buendia, Martinez, and lo Celso all on the same plane! I don’t give a shit if they start or not for Tottenham or if Buendía plays average they’re all coming guaranteed!! If they can do it in England so should everyone else in italy and spain

    • I like what Cuti is doing by posting that. He is showing to Nuno that he is a man of character. Even Varane who just joined MU much later than Cuti Romero had his 90 minutes league debut today.

      What the Spurs did to Cuti is an insulting act. Match day 3, not even one full league match debut? Really? So far just 1 minute of injury time for Cuti in EPL. Keep playin Sanchez and Dier dumbass. Just wait until they make mistake after mistake.

      It is OK in Hotspur they despise him, in Argentine he along with others are viewed as super heroes.

      • To be honest I am not worried about him, Dier and Sanchez are so shit that even if they hate him they will be forced to play him when the time comes.

      • > t is OK in Hotspur they despise him,

        goodness. chill out. its just the 1st few games. you have no clue whats going. they spent a lot money on Cuti, they dont hate him or any argentines. Everything is going to work out, jst need to show some patience.

      • Wasn’t it you who wanted Argentines to go to that dead end club? Heck, you were hoping Lautaro would join in as well, what did you expect?
        Look at the club’s recent history with Argentines:

        1. Lamela, the toast of the town, Serie A’s best young player then goes to Spurs and gets benched in the first year for no damn reason. Things only improved for him when Poch came, but Coco started having his never ending injuries with Spurs.

        2. Celso, the toast of Spain, one of la liga’s best players with Betis, then he goes to Spurs, gets benched by Mourinho for half a season, then he worked his ass off to prove himself and became a starter, only to miss the following season with injuries.

        3. Foyth, constantly injured and derided by fans for his inconsistency, then he goes to Villareal, wins the europa, goes to the CL and plays consistently with little injury.


        Spurs is s**t as a club, the club version of England NT, famous for being a perennial underachiever despite it’s considerable resources.

        EPL isn’t a place for most Argentines (with few exceptions).

  4. It’s so disappointing if u are an Argentina fan and u support the Spurs. I mean I have been following the Spurs like crazy. I am happy that they got a super talented 18 year old Pepe Sarr for next year and they almost got a super talented Barca kid the 18 year old Ilaix Moriba too. I like their project a lot. They are building for the future. They are ambitious and they make Cuti their foundation.

    But then they hear that Cuti and Lo Celso will travel tonight to Argentina tonight then the punishment begins. It is like a statement of “if u don’t obey us, we will fuck u up”.

    Yes the Spurs tops the league at the moment but they have been super lucky because:
    1. Last week against Wolves, Dier fatal mistake that resulted in Traore’s one on one against Llories failed to be converted.
    2. Today’s game against a weak Watford, Son got a lucky goal.

    Cuti and Lo Celso will be pretty much inactive until the month of December for the Spurs I think because of the combination of the WC South American qualifier schedule in September, October, and November where Argentina will have to play as many as 7 games in those 3 months and the country bullshit rule (10 days quarantine in a 2 stars hotel) for anyone comes from a red list country.

    Now the only think I hope is either England change their law regarding corona OR the Colombian Davinson Sanchez follows the rebellion path of Cuti too. So they both will be missed until December.

    • Yes, the problem begins first with Covid that spreads to Spurs as they must also Obey to the this British Covid law as u explained again very well indeed and Yes offcourse this law really sucks and it creates lot of problems to many people so just wish and pray firstly that the British will have look at this law, which unfortunatly will most propably not happen even i do hope it will !
      And Yes offcourse spurs have to figure all this out too and understand that every playet will allways want to REPRESENT the their country and their national team, which i think they do, but because of this bloody British Covid Law things are difficult for them too as they truly are even worse for Lo Celso and Cuti and for every SA player who will travel to the SA WQ’s as they been clearly treated as allmost like refugees with this current blody British Covid law as for the same time every stadium in England is fully packed with fan’s of every English club !

      So what i’m saying that even before Covid as England was part of Still EU it was allways a hustle go and travel to England from another EU country or even just to go through either Gatwick or Heathrow Airport’s as transit even u had an EU passport as for those who did not have EU passport it was truly very bad as their immigtation is famous for their treatment for foreigners ! And this was allready like this 25 year’s ago or at the beginning of when they formed EU for the europeans basicly having to been able to travel with no borders, but as for England this was never the case as in there they allways hustled those also who had EU passports as the idea was that u did not need necessarally to bring your passport a long for your travel’s inside of EU if u had another valid EU ID so travelling through to EU with car there were no border checks at all so sometimes u did not maybe even know as driving by night or if u missed those signs beside the road that in whivh country u actually were as also when u went abroad the airplane departing from another EU country to an other EU country there were no imigrations or customs at all if u did not want to declare goods or items for the customs ! But, not in England ! No way !

      And for non EU citizenship countries England been allways a very difficult place, though there are truly many people who made it to there from all over the world as even now Still people are desperate to get their and will do or pay anything for anyone to help them out the way or another to get there as in France at city of Calais, well things has standed very bad for allmost 2 decades !

      Since 1999 or earlier, an increasingly large number of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers started to arrive in the vicinity of Calais, living in the Calais jungle, the nickname given to a series of makeshift camps. The people lived there while attempting to enter the United Kingdom by stowing away on lorries, ferries, cars, or trains travelling through the Port of Calais or the Eurotunnel Calais Terminal,or while waiting for their French asylum claims to be processed.The people were a mix of asylum seekers and economic migrants from Darfur, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Eritrea and other underdeveloped or conflict-stricken countries in Africa and Asia.

      And many of those from Calais Jungle made it to England, illegaly offcourse as one can’t blame them as they are victims of war and conflicts ! And now with Covid i don’t know what the situation is actually right now as latest i know is this :

      On 26 October 2016, French authorities announced that the camp had been cleared. By January 2017, 500–1,000 migrants, mostly unaccompanied minors, had returned and were living rough in Calais and there has been a presence ever since…

  5. Well, i only hope that Lo Celso and Cuti will travel together to SA WCQ’s with Dibu from the English premier as all the players from La Liga and Italy and Portugal too !
    This is all i care off and all the clubs, coaches, ownners of the club and leagues and their federation’s or who ever is involved that will not allow Albiceleste players travel to their national team can just basicly fuck themself’s ! As it clearly right for every SA nation to get their players for the coming SA WCQ’s, period !

  6. Calm down about Tottenham not starting lol celso or Romero, or not playing them at all today.
    It’s tactics. The season just began, and today they played Watford. If you look at the schedule for the next month of games for Tottenham u will understand why. Watford maybe the easiest match, in a few weeks the matches get competitive, plus this may be a good thing for nt of they release players

    • Yes, i think u are right ! That we must have patience for them to be the starter’s for the first eleven under Nuno for the premier league game’s and also i think u are right about their schedule issue too as with all the respect to Watford it clearly seems to be the easiest opponent in their coming calender and just wish that they will arrive for the WCQ’s and that this will not effect their future as players for spurs and not have any bad or bitter taste with their coach Nuno and with their entire team as chemistry will be as important for any team in the world !

      • I think the chance of Cuti and Lo Celso playing a starter is not good at all now.

        Let me explain.

        In September: The last match of Argentina is September 10th. Let’s say they fly back to England right after that and will arrive a day after.

        Then the 10 days quarantine begins which will be until September 21st. Then because they will be without training by the September 21st when the quarantine is over, it will be just like a player who just comes back from a holiday where he will need to regain his fitness which will take at least a week or so.

        So they should be back to match fitness by the END of September

        Then guess what? A week after, which is the October 6th, there will be another South American qualifier game again. So they will fly again to Argentina.

        That’s why the Spurs are upset. It will be like that again in the month of October and November. So the Spurs will fully have them only after the mid November after the last qualifier match of the 2021.

        • Yes, i understand u and your point as u clearly explained it very well, but, Yes it is a very tricky scenario indeed and as much i would love them to play for spurs too i will priortise first and as allways our beloved Albiceleste as i think u will also.
          So both the players are under tremendous pressure, but i think they as Argentine’s players of the their national team will allways choose their country first as their club will allways choose the club first as this same scenario i think will be for most of the players expect Messi who has that clause offcourse in his contract.
          So as u explained well it is and it will be a tuff n’ ruff times for both players and i quess with theese rules and regulations as Covid has created amongst the global football is offcourse very bad and unfortunate thing, but also there are obviously more greater and bigger issues and very bad problems indeed with that bloody Covid has created to all the world as there been other things and very bad problems indeed also allways in the past history of humankind that obviously played their role with everything that has happened and will happen…
          So i quess as with Covid that we all are facing in the way or another it will be the same with theese 2 players now who want travel for SA WQ’s as it might be also for many others too so i think we all just have to wait and see as with Covid too, which is a very frustrating thing for everyone and it must be a very frustrating thing also for all theese SA American players who will want REPRESENT their country in the coming SA WCQ’s ..
          As things stand now and as u explained them very well i do apreciate every update on this matter as same goes for any other matter too, so i quess i just have to wish for the best of it as firstly for our beloved Albiceleste and secondly for theese 2 players with their current club that things will ultimatly work out for them even as u explained well we might see them play for current club at latest as in maybe in December, but i hope we see them both for every game they are able to play for our beloved Albiceleste and that at some point they will get minutes with their club which is offcourse very important for Albiceleste that they will remain in form specially in case of Lo Celso as he clearly needs more minutes with his club to be able to be in form as pretty much stands for every player of Albiceleste and this offcourse is the worst thing with this Covid and rules and regulations.
          As for Cuti even he also will need some minutes with his current club to maintain the form for Albiceleste, though as it unfortunatly will maybe not be the case as u explained very well indeed Still i’m not so worried about him keeping his form as my only worry for him and Dibu is that they stay fit as possible and do not get injured as the same goes for any Albiceleste player.
          Thanx once again for the update’s and hopefully we’ll have good SA WCQ’s that will gain as many points as possible !

    • And if they do arrive both for the coming WCQ’s which i truly hope is the case as for Dibu too then if this will end with a havoc with their stuborn club and coach, well then in the worst case scenario their stuborn coach and club will basicly ignore them as i think their club will not be able to do as they have spend a quite a bit of money for both players and one think i know for sure is that every penny is the most important thing for their club owner and if they ultimatly will end up for the winter transfer market which i hope will not be the case then even they do both players will most certainly have plenty of suitors who will be more than happy to have them amongst their ranks, but for to buy them out of spurs might be difficult thing as i’m sure that their owner will want to benefit and get as much profit as possible out of them as he is only very business minded Person, but at the same time he also have to balanced things with their fans as they are quite fanatic about their team and their players as i would maybe rank them with the London or at area of Great London based teams who are playing in premier league at the moment maybe the second just after Westham’s fans ! As it is not the case for the” Gunners/ Arsenal” and also even though i been to Stamford bridge at Chelsea against Roma with Champions league Game and even the Chelsea fans truly made some noise indeed well before when spurs played at their old stadium as White Hart Lane the atmosphere and the noise from the fans were clearly much louder and better as it is with their new stadium as the same goes for Westham too as The Boylen Ground or more known as Upton Park had clearly the best with atmosphere and everything else too as now playing in the stadium of London Olympics as their homeground is not even close to that and will never be ! I quess even i never been unfortunatly on the Monumental or at Bombonera as some of my friends been it will be comparable thing as they will be changed to something else, which i truly hope that will never ever happen as it would a total disaster even i do not know about their safety aspects or their current conditions, which i think will play a second Whistle to everything else that they REPRESENT ! As i’m sure the are many great other Venues too in Argentina, which i would love to visit one day with my kids !

  7. A lot of people here are very negative they do not have patience. C.Romero and Lo celso will get their time in Spurs playing eleven. Premiere League has just started.They both are very talented can not keep them in bench forever.

  8. I don’t think LoCelso and Romero deserves to start today. They came late after Copa and they are still not in shape/full fitness. They played Europa conference league 2 days ago and played good. Give them time. Surely they will be starting soon. Wait atleast one month..then we will see.

    Tottenham is first now. Plus they didn’t concede still. For the coach it’s not easy to change CN now.

      • All the players that were involved in the Argentine NT are playing for the respective clubs, only Romero and GLC are missing their game time, they are professionals and it ain’t like they came late, so they lost the touch.

        I guess Nuno is arrogant to give them the game time.

        • Well Nuno can kiss-M&$$ . They paid hefty sum to bring these two to the club and he can’t bench them forever. Also last week’s match and these players not being available for another 2 more games after their return , might have made Nuno to not play them for now.

  9. Lo cleso should leave spurs as soon as possible.. Romero should be..
    Low mentally coach always think low..
    Lautaro was correct to stay inter..
    What the could you ignore your best players..

  10. Why did Spurs bought Romero, if they didn’t intend him to start?

    I highly doubt, That bald Nuno (who is a portuguese) will give Lo Celso and Romero their deserved time.

    It’s good, Lautaro didn’t moved there.

  11. Fuck the Spurs!

    Lo Celso and Cuti were among the best ones in the previous match but both got no minutes today. It is totally unacceptable and childish behavior. They can tell me whatever but the real reason they were benched is because the Spurs are upset that Cuti and GLC choose Argentina over the Spurs.

    Now go to Argentina Cuti and GLC! U guys don’t deserve such insulting treatment. Spurs played like crap despite winning 1-0 and still reluctant to use GLC and Cuti. When they get back to the Spurs, things will be harder for them as they will miss the Spurs next 3 matches at least and then another qualifier coming in early October.

    I think Nuno is preparing a life without those 2. I am curious what happens to Davinson Sanchez. Hope he will go to Colombia too tonight.

  12. Anyone noticed that Romero and Lo Celso are on the bench vs Watford today? Is the club/coach trying to send a message or is this a tactical decision?

    • Both of them had played in the 3rd tier UEFA league game last week . Additionally, Locelso is not a regular starter and in Romero’s case they might be looking to gradually integrate him into starting line up. Lets hope that’s the case. Nevertheless, the winner is our national team as both players will be rested.

    • I noticed that too. It’s weird Ali plays but not Lo Celso. I still don’t know why Delle Ali still gets minutes – this guy has been living off the reputation of his 12 goal debut season. SMH, another overrated English player IMO. Dier is not even worth mentioning. Even Mourinho was disgusted with this player who had only 3 good seasons with Tottenham if even that.

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