Lionel Messi makes PSG debut, Angel Di Maria assists in win


Lionel Messi made his long anticipated debut for PSG as Angel Di Maria assisted in the win.

Messi, for the first time in his club career, wore a shirt other than that of FC Barcelona. The greatest player in the world started PSG’s match vs. Reims on the bench, as did Leandro Paredes.

Angel Di Maria started the match and assisted in the first goal. Di Maria, the hero for Argentina in the final of the Copa America, crossed the ball into the penalty area which found Mbappe as he scored to give PSG the 1-0 lead.

With Di Maria on the pitch, Messi was substituted on for Neymar while Leandro Paredes was brought on for Marco Verratti. All three Copa America winners with Argentina were on the pitch at the same time.


  1. With such a star studded team, it will be a struggle for Pochettino to keep everyone happy. It will also take quite some time to build a team from this collection of individuals. On paper they have the best squad, but the best players not always make the best team.

    Messi will show he is the best, but it will be harder than in Spain. There will be less respect and games will be more physical. He will be kicked more and given the loss of speed, he will probably suffer more. But nevertheless, his skills will be a valuable asset to PSG.

    PSG will win Ligue 1 and Coupe de France easily, but the Champions League will be a challenge. If the players upfront don’t defend…

    • This is not true, Neymar, Zlatan, Cavani, Di Maria, even Icardi and Kean scored much easier than elsewhere, Messi will too. Andeuropean flops like Moussa Dembele or Lacazette tc. too. Maybe french defenders are more physical, but spanish defenders are way smarter.

  2. It is confirmed all 30 players are coming to the qualifier. 25 will fly from Spain straight to Venezuela. 2 already in Venezuela Alvarez and Armani. The 3 PSG trio will fly soon to complete the squad.

  3. Venezuela match wont be easy, at home in this series: vs Paraguay 0:1, vs Chile 2:1!!!, vs Uruguay 0:0, in Copa vs Columbia 0:0, vs Ecuador 2:2, vs Peru 0:1.

  4. What about Brazilian Premier League players? Are they not going to play Qualifiers or they gonna come for Qualifiers?

    • I heard Liverpool not releasing their Brazilian players and Salah too to Egypt. So maybe that’s why Tite called up the new 9 ones the other day. Maybe Brazill will be without their 11 EPL based players.

      Uruguay will be without Suarez and Cavani for sure due to injury.

      It seems like only Argentina and Chile who will be at full at full strength. Anyway, Neymar was off form yesterday.

  5. It seems like the 4 EPL based now is joined by Nico Otamendi. They should travel together to Argentina. In the end all 30 will be available. I have not read any report saying that there is an unavailable player.

  6. Anyone notice what happens to Nico Tagliafico? After getting a red card earlier before the Dutch league started, he never seemed to get the starting spot back. He either got a DNP (did not play) or coming as a sub.

    Acuna was the MOM according to whoscored though. The same goes to Molina who was also MOM. Montiel got another DNP.

    It seems like all Argentines in Sevilla is being viewed as back ups or rotation players at best except Acuna. So far not good news for Montiel to Sevilla. Navas is close to untouchable.

  7. Well, just not to get this wrong about Rulli and his latest blunder, well all i was saying that just that basicly when i thought he had over come his previous blunder / blunders and as i said he really had good game and can clearly play with his feet much better than Armani not to even mention Marchesin who clearly can’t with his feet at all as we saw in the last WCQ game against Colombia when Dibu got injured…

    And as i’m not a real fan of Armani either as it is not because he plays for River as i have nothing against River or any other Argentine team, but i simply think that Armani is just behind his peak allready and not good enough for Argentina’s national team as same goes for Marchesin so in this case as it seems clear that Scaloni would not most propably call Walter Benitez then i think Rulli can be as our 3rd Goalie, but only if he does perform good with his team Villarreal and there is not more any blunders to come from him…also i’m totally Open minded for someone else as our 3rd Goalie.
    as Dibu is clearly and obviously been our number 1 even before he got called and Musso is good also as a second choice if Dibu can’t play as it looks like to be the case for that last game against Bolivia…

  8. Well, i will TaKe my words back from Rulli as once more there were clear communication error with Defender of Villarreal called as Mandi headed the ball in the own net as he did not maybe hear Rulli running after that ball as well out from his own goal at the allmost last second of the game which was really unnecessary thing do as there were no any danger or pressure at that final moment of the game so instead of running out wide from his own goal he could have also or should have stayed just in his goal and pick up that header which was meant by mandi his own defender to just headed easily for his own Goalie as Rulli, but once again the big blunder came even allmost for 95th minute Rulli had a good game until that blunder out of the air in the very last moment of the whole game which gave Athletico the draw that in my oppinion they also were worth for, though the both goals of Villarreal were clear misstakes and very poorly defended as otherwise Athletico totally dominated the whole game and looked really solid and compact as only they made 2 very big deffensive ERRORS which allmost cost them the whole game and only because of Rulli’s help they got the draw in the very end as it was very bizarre thing to do from Rulli and it allmost looked like he did on purpose…

    As there was heated moment for some reason between allmost straight after De Paul came in with him and Rulli and it allmost looked like Cholo had send De Paul to run directly to Rulli and those 2 had bit of pushing each others, well in the end it worked out as i’m Still really confused of that goal, because it looked like so bizarre thing from Rulli and like he kind of knew what he was up to… i don’t know what to say about that anymore… as Angel Correa once again was one the best players for Athletico and foyth played well the whole game as only had one sliding hand touch to the ball which could have been a penalty in another game as thoughnin this one the referee decided not to even checked that with VAR, i quess because even Athletico players were protesting against that decission the referee just gave an yellow to Suarez who scored the Athletico’s first equalizer from a great pass of Correa ! De Paul was also really strongly presenting himself on the pitch as it allmost looked like he bossed all the other Athletico players and really tried hard and did his best he could !

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