Argentina team flies out of Brazil, all four Premier League players on the flight


The Argentina national team have flown out of Brazil with all four of the Premier League players on the flight.

With Argentina’s match against Brazil called-off, the team took a flight to Argentina where they will play Bolivia in a World Cup qualifier. On that flight were Emiliano Martinez, Cristian Romero, Gio Lo Celso and Emiliano Buendia.

Lionel Scaloni’s team remained in the stadium for over an hour following the end of the match.


  1. Romero, Lo Celso, and Armani released from the NT, on top of Buendia and Martinez earlier

    This means that against Bolivia we will likely play Palacios, Pezzella (I hope for Lisandro, Bolivians are not tall since apparently that is a big issue), Musso, and might have Alvarez on the bench and give him minutes.

    I also am angry about this situation because it is stunting our growth as a team; yet another game less for Romero, who at this point has only ever played five games for us not including yesterday. We don’t even know if this game will ever be played, which is a big blow because whether we win or lose brazil is a high quality of opposition that helps us prepare for the WC (as opposed to weaker teams like Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela, etc). I am not sure if we even have room in the schedule for friendlies with European teams, or if the Italy Argentina game will even happen.

  2. Better to play Qualifiers in Europe or stop making circus after a super classico played 6 minutes..
    I believe total Brazil is involved in this

  3. Shame on Fifa
    no big statement, no strong penalty towards Varzil

    After that if our players will face problems at club and we loss 3 points then this must be protested by ourArgentina national team ..with our Legend Messi leading..
    within 24 hours Fifa should have given conclusion and Verdict..

  4. Fifa Statement

    “FIFA regrets the scenes preceding the suspension of the match between Brazil and Argentina for the CONMEBOL qualifiers of World Cup 2022 which prevented millions of fans from enjoying a match between two of the most important football nations in the world,” their statement reads.

    “The first match official reports have been sent to FIFA. This information will be analysed by the competent disciplinary bodies and a decision will be taken in due course.”

  5. AsPer
    What’s next?

    No date has been set for the match to be replayed as of yet, and it has been suggested that Brazil could be handed a victory by default due to the alleged breach of quarantine procedures from Argentina’s players.

    For the time being, both nations will now look forward to their next respective World Cup qualifiers on Friday, with Brazil due to play Peru and Argentina scheduled to face Bolivia

      • Brazil is not getting the 3 points. This is only my opinion. But, it’s based on this:
        1. Doing this mid match is the ultimate clown show. Probably the worst way to handle this situation. CONMEBOL and FIFA do not want this type of spectacle. South America already has bad reputation for management.
        2. CBF, AFA and CONMEBOL had an agreement for the players to play. Apparently health dept weren’t aware of this deal, even though it was publicized in all media the day before the match.
        3. FIFA has to protect it’s players here. Brazil officials entered the pitch to detain the players and send them to jail. (You have to be detained before being deported.) Can you imagine FIFA will justify these actions by actually awarding Brazil 3 points?
        4. The immigration forms are a creature of Brazil law, not FIFA. Any penalty would be levied by Brazil government not FIFA.
        5. Brazil had ZERO problems changing the Copa America last minute where all players came from all over the world and the Brazil COVID numbers were the worst in entire continent.

        If Brazil is awarded 3 points in this scenario, I will have lost all faith in FIFA. And surely all the NT’s of CONMEBOL will refuse to play in Brazil. Like Peru has already is looking to do.

  6. Atención: en estudio en Perú pedir hoy mismo que Brasil haga cambio de localia a @Conmebol para el partido del jueves “por no sentir que nuestros jugadores esten seguros en Brasil”.


    It means Peru wants relocation because they feel their players are not safe at Brazil.

  7. It has been reported that Peru is going to ask for a relocation of the Peru Brazil match. It is because Anvisa members have violated bio bubble by entering the field.

  8. With utmost respect to Brazil’s sovereignty and their health workers, it is not wrong to impose restrictions due to Covid concerns. But they should not be discriminatory and should not be executed in an arbitrary way. If your protocol says that foreigners coming out of UK should go on a quarantine for 14 days which is not applicable to the Brazilians, it is visibly discriminatory. Things would have had a different color if Brazilian players in the EPL chose to come back to south america and were allowed to play yesterday’s match. Moreover FIFA is tasked to complete qualifiers on time. They did not want narrow club interest to create obstacles. That is why they requested the clubs to release the players. All major players play in WCQs means more excitement and more spectacle which is what Fifa would want. These four players have taken troubles to come to Brazil due to their international commitment which Fifa has to appreciate. Did Fifa made a formal appeal to the clubs to release players just to be quarantined in Brazil? Fifa should not allow clubs and individual nations to create hindrances to their schedule. So I not only expect Fifa to declare all three points to Argentina, I also expect them to penalize Brazil for what has happened yesterday thus making a strong statement. If Argentina is declared 3-0 winners, will the goals go in Messi’s tally? I guess so.

      • I am confused regarding that. I read something like that yesterday. According to what I read, the goals will be credited in the name of the player who has most number of goals in Conmebol. I am confused since in this campaign, I.e. WCQ22, L Martinez is our top scorer.

  9. Emi Martinez, Buendia, Cuti Romero, and Lo Celso will return to England (to Croatia first I think) and will miss the match vs. Bolivia. Armani is injured so Musso has a chance to start.

  10. If you want real reason for the disaster, here it is :

    Bolsonaro’s son mentions Argetina team should be severely punished and he also mentions that Pele is bigger than Maradona and Brazil is 5 times world champion.

    Official : We really hurt them bad by winning the Copa. I think Bolsonaro and co. were confident that Brazil will win the final easily. They got cocky. So they forgot to do corruption in the final.

    • Pele isnt bigger than R9 , let alone Messi , let alone Diego. How can you win 3 WC , yet only had 14 caps at WC? lol

      You’re suppose to play at least 18-21 matches to win WC if you really played the all tournemanets fully.

      • The superiority complex possessed by the Brazilians are really embarrassing to the game. They have no single respect for their arch rivals, only they do is keep bragging their history and They behave like Argentina is some tier 3 nation.

        Really want Messi to break Pele’s record in the next game against Bolivia and humble them.

        • They already got humbled at Copa final. Pele record isnt important since he count all goals he scores in exhibition such as playing against prisoners.

          They hosted the WC twice and how did it end up for them? losing to Uruguay, Germany and Netherlands and now they added new record, losing Copa title at home for first time against Argentina !

    • Yes, this was awesome news ! Thanx a lot for all your update’s on this matter ! Just knew it straight from the beginning that those that robbed us the Copa before were the one’s obviously behind all this as exact same thing happened in that Copa year before which was played in Brazil too as Messi got punished and all that VAR blocking even that VAR referee from Uruguay did all he could do it was just completly blocked and the referee totally under control by Bolsonaro’s extermination group !

  11. “The director of @anvisa_oficial
    just said that they were not made aware of the agreement in place between CBF/CONMEBOL/FIFA to allow Argentine players into the country.”

      • According to regular Fifa law, Argentina will get 3 points and a 3-0 win. Match was stopped by external forces which should be managed by host. But considering pandemic and internal politics, there can be other verdicts.

        Anyway, Fifa is in tight situation. This does look good for the game.

    • Very good update’s ! Keep on doing that great job u are doing for many supporters of Argentina !
      I really do apreciate all this info that u are providing to everyone as it is very important for the sake of truth and also for the sake of Argentina too !
      Didn’t sleep after that circus show training session ended as i was waiting for that British commentator who used work for FIFA’s broadcast’s in mostly SA, i think if i understood him right ?
      Well, he did not get any info from the brazialians, but he did clearly checked on the social forum’s from both sides as from the Brazilian’s he could only find that game suspended, but he was waiting for confirmatipn of game been abandoned, not sure what he really was trying to say by using this word as abandoned ? Well he did clearly spoke the words of Scaloni’s and also Tapia’s as he found them from Argentina’s social Forum/media or whatever is the proper word for the AFA’s offical anouncements…
      Then he just suddenly went quiet and obviously left for unknown reason as he did not come back to speak about this matter or anything else at all as his last words were about that the Brazilian viewers obviously did not Mind to watch their team’s training session as the amount of viewers of that broadcast did not go down at all, as this make’s me wonder if they did all in the end knew about it, because as u said it clearly :

      The director of @anvisa_oficial
      just said that they were not made aware of the agreement in place between CBF/CONMEBOL/FIFA to allow Argentine players into the country.”

      Well, i don’t belive any word from this director’s mouth of as anvisa offical as i think theese are just words coming from Jair Bolsonaro as u also clearly provided this great another data from Jair Bolsonaro’s way of doing things as which suote’s him the best as total maniac who do not even care about his own nation a single bit !
      Well anyhow thanx for this one too as really fo apreciate all the data as available !

      Jair Bolsonaro wanted to avoid another humiliation. He is super egoistic and does not have good relation with CBF. His man in CBF got suspended as CBF chief due to sexual harassment just before Copa.

      Well, obviously i’m sure he will do anything he want’s to do and clearly no one in Brazil at the moment can’t do anything about it as he clearly holds on the every bit of power as Maximum !

      Feel so sorry for the nation of Brazil too as no one will never know how many victims died of Covid as the Numbers provided by Covid officials are providing info on this matter as Jair Bolsonaro want’s it to be anounced as he want’s to be clearly the one who decides about everything in Brazil as for me i consider this as pure dictatorship !

      They have really shot to their own leg and clearly as badly as they could ever do so their nation is in serious trouble with this guy holding on to every piece of power !

      Hopefully for their and everybody’s else sake for too they will get rid of him as quick as they can, period !

  12. It’s just politics nothing else… We need around 30 points to qualify easily. We are 15 points from 7 game. Won against Bolivia is necessary…

    • Last time I check, it’s still top 4 team qualifies automatically , not depend on how many points you earn . We’re second place with some distance with 4th and 5th place team. Win at Bolivia should put us on comfortable position.

  13. “FIFA can confirm that following a decision by the match officials, the FIFA World Cup 2022 qualifying match Brazil vs. Argentina has been suspended. Further details will follow in due course.”


    Fifa confirms match was suspended by match officials.

    It is not Argentina walkover. It is either a Brazil walkover due external force hampering the match or a rematch. The events outside of match are irrelevant.

  14. A statement from CBF:

    “Absolutely surprised with the moment in which Anvisa’s action took place, with the match having already started. Anvisa could have exercised its activity in a much more adequate manner in the various moments and days prior to the game.”

  15. The game was suspended by Referee and Argentine players left the field with the referee. Referee mentioned in his report external force prevent the match to go on. Referee report will support Argentina.

    It is duty of host federation to acquire all health exemptions. So CBF is responsible.

    Brazil’s 14 days quarantine rule is on effect for a long time. AFA has already requested for quarantine exemptions for premiere league players a month ago. Documents for Lo Celso has been leaked.

    AFA, CBF, Brazil Federal govt and CONMEBOL, all agreed that match will go on and premier league players can play.

    Argentina to get points deduction or players receiving ban is fake news. Brazil is more likely to get point deduction based on Referee report and FIFA rule. At worst, the match can be played again due to politics.

    The whole saga is due to politics. It has nothing to do with COVID-19. Covid is an excuse for tyrants. Why do I need quarantine and masks if I am vaccinated? Why do I need quarantine if I am in bio bubble and has been tested negative?

    Jair Bolsonaro wanted to avoid another humiliation. He is super egoistic and does not have good relation with CBF. His man in CBF got suspended as CBF chief due to sexual harassment just before Copa.

    Please support the players, don’t believe lies.

    • I’ve known that since long ass time ago. In forum I used to post there’s also 2 or 3 that kind of users who pretend to be a fan of certain team but they’re actually enemy supporters in disguise.

      You’ll also notice some users who’s only purpose here is to praise European football.

    • absoltely 100%.
      i have noticed it. His comments is always negative against Argentina.
      Mrinal123 is a Brazil supporter and dick sucker.
      please fuck him and kick him out of this forum.

  16. OKAY, lets just say for the sake of the argument that the 4 players lied about their whereabouts prior to flying over to Brazil…………what exactly did they write down on the immigration form???

    When asked, did you in the last 3 weeks travel from or to England?
    Players’ response: NO, we came from Russia!! give me a break

    This is as dumb as the morons who refuse to get vaccinated or wear a mask and claim there is no Corona

    • Exactly. What were the immigration officers doing at the port of entry? In the midst of a pandemic, wouldn’t they have verified the travel history of these players? Wouldn’t they check the uncountable RT-PCR tests/swab tests that these players are subjected to? Didn’t they see the FIFA and CONMEBOL agreements on the release of these players from the UK, or their exemptions? The health department had to invade the pitch after the match had already started citing health risks? Holy cow, what a s***show of protocols. To me, the intervention of ANVISA is a reflection of VARZIL pi**ing all over themselves.

  17. There is a (tiny) scenario where the Brazilian FA is banned by FIFA due to political involvement into internal affairs of the national football association. Pakistan was banned and Spain was close of missing WC 2018 due to this rule. I don’t believe Argentina is risking anything at this point.

  18. Technically – even if the points given to Brazil, we are still in second place..and we should be able to win against Bolivia and maintain the second place..

  19. I don’t believe such an irresponsible behaviour from Emi martinez, Lo celso, Buendia and Romero, they intentionally lied to play the match.
    Politics is Brazil in worst and chaotic if they had deny these players then why didn’t they make it clear before the match. FIFA should take these responsibilities in their hands.

    • They lied about what????? They PLAY IN ENGLAND, a blind space monkey living on the surface of Pluto KNEW THAT???

      Brazil did not stop the game
      Argentina didn’t stop the game
      CONMEBOL didn’t stop the game
      Jimmy Hoffa didn’t come out of hiding and stopped the game
      THE IDIOTS WHO CAME ONTO THE FIELD are the ones who stopped the game and they did that intentionally AFTER THE GAME HAD STARTED because they knew they had NO RIGHT to stop the game prior to its start so they just mobbed the pitch and they were not leaving, their main AIM was to PREVENT THAT GAME FROM BEING PLAYED and they did that and anybody who saw otherwise is a fucking idiot.

    • Mrinal
      You can call it a lie in a tiny little bit of technical sense. I agree with Dfox. They didn’t do anything that wasn’t already known by all the concerned parties. Conmebol, AFA, CBF all knew about the situation. Conmebol, “the concerned authority” approved and gave the green light before the game. Otherwise, the game hadn’t been started in the first place with those players. It’s not that the AFA staff asked the players for some info and they lied about it. Obviously, the players did what they were advised by the AFA. So, technically it was a lie. A lie everybody agreed to ignore. In that sense, the players, the AFA, the CBF and the Conmebol all are liars here. So, what’s your point man? And btw, I appreciate different opinions from people. But how is it you are that guy always nitpicking about the NT and giving unpopular opinions? Is it just for the sake of doing something that makes you stand out in the crowd? I’m getting the vibe of why some of us call you the Brazillian spy (just kidding).

      • hira,
        I mentoined that game was cancelled due to political reasons in brazil and nothing can be done about it, i just tried to say AFA or whoever advised those players to lie was not a wise decision, as dfox mentioned everybody knew those players play in england so whats point of lying there. Because of the tiny lie anvisa got a point to argue.
        “I’m getting the vibe of why some of us call you the Brazillian spy”
        Anybody with minimum intellect should have known that in this mordern world nobody has time and energy to follow every rival forum , if i would be a brazil fan i would not be here.
        And if people think by calling me brazilian, colombian…….. they can stop me saying whatever i think then good luck to them.

    • You mother fucker how dare you to tell anything bad about our player
      F*** you mother fucker
      Khankir baccha Tor ma k chudi
      If you were in front of me e I will kill you mother fucker
      Before f****** you with the horse
      Bloody fool

      • Tapos, do you think bragging your ass on keyboard makes you a real man? I sure you are just an useless minion in real life. We idf guys see many midgets like you here Gaza strip.

  20. This should be a clear-cut situation, the game started, they knew whose playing, COMNEBOL approved the game and then THEY stopped the game. They can’t control their own people, give us the 3 points and thank you very much. That’s it

  21. Richarlison tweeted: “Anvisa 1-0 Argentina”, the arrogant self-proclaimed badass still gutted from the experience of our Copa victory clearly. I don’t have anything against the Brazilian players in general, other than that we have a fierce rivalry between us in football terms. I still love Ronaldinho, Kaka and R9. But I wish, I could have smashed this fuc**r’s smirking face like a pumpkin since the idiot started trash talking. I’m pretty sure I’ll have some company from here also.

  22. This is feeling a planned action by All Brz authorities. Thy r actually trying to down the confidence gained by Arg. players by doing nonsense works that thy did several times earlier outside and inside of the pitch.

  23. A rematch will be most unfair to argentina. We were clearly a stronger squad for this match & 3 points shld have come our way. Brazil will end up havin thier top players in case of a rematch. We shldnt miss out for their inefficiency. Waiting to see a fair decision by conembol to award 3points to argentina.

    • But it will be sweeter to beat them when they will be in full strength. We should respect the opponent’s strength but can never fear them. Not after winning the Copa. I would rather take a draw against a full-strength Brazil team than a win against a weakened team. This type of win will be misleading for our players. Let them know their weaknesses and work on them.

  24. This is the time FIFA must take action against irresponsible Brazilian FA.. They ruined very imp. match in South A qualifiers.Thr madness need to be punishable..

  25. Todays drama simply means Brazilian government has lost complete control! When Brazilian FA, CONMEBOL and all other South American countries agreed that players don’t need to quarantine, why did they let health authorities and Police invade the pitch and interrupt the match??? Police really!!!!

    • Preasure from the Brazil FA. They used the health officials to avoids the blame. They’re afraid of losing at home twice to Argentina within a few weeks. Too much at stake for them.

      Nevermind that now, we should focus on getting 3 points against Bolivia.

  26. Varzil is conmebol and fifa lovechild. They will avoid punishment. Meanwhile , Messi gets punished just for commenting lol.

    They will reschedule the game to probably after the final match day of the qualifier when they have already qualify. In a sense, its not competitive game anymore. They’re now afraid of playing Argentina when there’s still something at stake.

    Also, the health official that stormed the pitch looks like random person from gay parade. Surprise he didnt wave rainbow flag.

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