Emiliano Martinez comments on Argentina and Brazil match


Emiliano Martinez spoke about the situation in Brazil with the Argentina national team as he was at the airport.

Martinez, who left the Argentina national team, was part of the controversy surrounding Argentina’s match against Brazil on Sunday. Emiliano Martinez, along with Cristian Romero and Gio Lo Celso all started for Argentina as Brazilian health agents marched onto the pitch. The match was stopped after five minutes.

After the match was stopped, reports came out that the three players, along with Emiliano Buendia, would be forced to leave the country. Martinez spoke about the situation as he was leaving Argentina. Here’s what he had to say:

“We don’t understand what happened the other day. It’s something that has never been seen in football. It’s a shame for South American football. A match that big, at an international level that is suspended for those things, it’ll never be understood.

“We prepared for three days in Brazil to prepare for the match to start and then they cancel it. It’s a bitter feeling. We had everything to win and for political reasons, it was suspended and we had to go back.

“We stayed 30 minutes in the locker room to see if we would go out. After that they told us that we had to leave. And after that came the despair of whether we would stay there with the boys from England for 14 days. It was all uncertain. Chiqui (Tapia) helped, he backed us. I think him and the boys.

“I did not understand Brazil’s regulations. The entire world saw what happened. It was a match to enjoy.

“The four of us from England decided to leave (to join Argentina) for the love of the shirt. As much as those from the Premier League did not want to come, we still decided to travel. After winning the Copa America, everyone wanted to be in the group. It’s something beautiful. We assume the consequences.

“On a personal level, I needed to play these two matches to give as much as I can. It’s a shame, hopefully we win on Thursday.”


  1. Romero, Lo Celso, and Armani released from the NT, on top of Buendia and Martinez earlier

    This means that against Bolivia we will likely play Palacios, Pezzella (I hope for Lisandro, Bolivians are not tall since apparently that is a big issue), Musso, and might have Alvarez on the bench and give him minutes.

    I also am angry about this situation because it is stunting our growth as a team; yet another game less for Romero, who at this point has only ever played five games for us not including yesterday. We don’t even know if this game will ever be played, which is a big blow because whether we win or lose brazil is a high quality of opposition that helps us prepare for the WC (as opposed to weaker teams like Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela, etc). I am not sure if we even have room in the schedule for friendlies with European teams, or if the Italy Argentina game will even happen.

    • Yes u are right about this tight or should i say very tight schedule scenario as it looks like it will be very hard for friendliess as the SA WCQ’s have Still so much to play for with so many games left as well…Yes i think it might be the right time for Lisandro now and also waiting for the result of this super scandalo is very fruatrating, indeed…

    • This super scandalo It is starting feel blody more worst than those 28 year’s without trophy, for god sake as Arg finally ended that drought i was Still celebrating it fully until this super scandalo as it has maked me really sick now as i’m starting to feel theese sympthoms as insomnia for example…i can’t put it on with any words…as it frustrates me and my kids too…damn fools what hell u were planning for…clueless yellow monkeys…Bolsonaro’s MORON’s…don’t even dare play against Arg anymore…5 times WC winners my ass…it might be very end of famous samba…as we have not seen that since Tele Santana, though…now u teally blew it and screw it for so many including the whole Brazilian nation as they must be some of them at least who are totally humialeted by this super scandalo ala Bolsonaro’s !

  2. Argentina is looking too strong.France is not looking good now. Right now best teams for WC 2022 are

    • France needs a coaching change. Zidane always picks the right time to be available. He will most likely coach after 2022.

      Don’t sleep on the Netherlands & Germany who will be ready once World Cup arrives.
      Potential dark horses: Poland, Denmark, Sweden, & Norway.

      • Well, Yes unfortunatly Flick and Van Gaal are currently on the rise with their teams and Yes there will be those dark horses even one might come outside of Europe too…but it won’t be Brazil, LOL !

    • I’m quite frankly to surprised to see Brazil mentioned as one the best teams for WC as they didn’t even dare to try at the stake of scare of loosing again against Argentina !
      And it is Still quite long way for the world cup to be played as such an occuring scandals like i never ever seen before since 1978, so i won’t be surprised really about anything anymore as everything had allready gone upsidedown long time a go, though now new scenarios and political warfare have truly entered the race so maybe better not to make any suggestions yet as anything possible could literally happen…

      Offcourse with all my respect i do understand that there have to some conclusions made allready about the WC, but as i said allready there will be others too entering for race so fingers crossed for Argentina as since 1978, but i won’t go for any predictions for the next WC winner as we are Still waiting for that full report of FiFA and how will this scandal to really turn up as there might be some more twists to it as it would not surprise me as i’m kind of used to this, though as i said this is really something completly new in terms of how they actually did it or try to master it as 5 time’s winners of WC will need allways and xtra pair of hands or even few of them to get those 5 WC’s that they have got it are all to me just constant cheating after another…and at the present, well here we are now, because some they do like cheat and messing with fire as u can’t play with Fire as it will hit u back as lightning bolt !

  3. AFA should let go Romero and lo celso otherwise they may not play for thier club till end of September which isn’t good at all.
    Argentina should be fine and beat Bolivia without them.

  4. ANVISA mentioned that u20 manager Fernando Batista was the one that signed the documents at the airport. He recently admitted he was on vacation and not even with the team. He was on vacation.

    • Romero and Lo Celso did not have permission to travel from their club and will be fined by Tottenham, just like Sanchez. Strange news as they have been away for a week.

  5. Does immigration brazil have their entry forms just in Portuguese or in Spanish and English as well? Regardless of any error while filling in the paperwork , this whole drama was the result of the political war between their incompetent president and their heath authorities. Since Tite is also not a fan of their president he decided not to call up his EPL based players. Our team just became a victim of Brazilian politics soap opera!

  6. The main culprit of this circus is one simple thing…. CBF knows they got little chance to win with many key players unavailable and that’s it. They already what’s going to happen , that the random looking dude who posed as health official was going to stop the match. They now tries to blame it on this and that just to save their own face. They expect everyone who lacks brain could be tricked into thinking it’s not about them being scared to lose at home again.

    • I dont like CBF like the next guy, but I do not think they would throw the game in this fashion. Nor do I think they’re scared of playing Argentina even without the EPL players.

      This fiasco was definitely ordered from the top – Bolsonaro

  7. Waiting what will FIFA do… People commenting that they 4 lied about being in UK. as per report all 10 members of Conmebol Agreed for No quarantine for bio bubble players. It was duty of Brazil federation to make all things clear before the match. I just wish Fifa punished those involved in the politics.

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