Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni comments on match against Brazil being stopped


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni spoke after his team’s match against Brazil was suspended.

The match between Argentina and Brazil has been suspended with players and coaches unhappy about the decision. Five minutes into the World Cup qualifying match between Argentina and Brazil, there were Brazilian health agents who stormed the pitch and the match was stopped.

Lionel Scaloni spoke about the situation after the match. Here is what he had to say:

“I have to defend my players. If people come in and they wanted to take my players, there’s no chance.

“It makes me very sad. I’m not looking for a culprit. If something happened or did not happen, it was not the time to make that intervention.

“At no time were we notified that they could not play the match. We wanted to play the match, the Brazilian players too.”


  1. Well, this was the exact thing i heard as his last news about this situation happening from that bloody English commentator that just suddenly did not spoke about this matter more or infact after he started to talk about working as for OFFICIFAL FIFA COMMENTATOR AS BEFORE AND HOW BORING WAS ALLWAYS TO SEE THE ACTUAL WARM UPS FOR BIG GAME’S AS WAITING FOR THE ACTUAL GAME ITSELF and then he started to talk about Brazil team practising in Swizerland before the WC 2006 and they had to broadcast this live Circus as he called the Brazilian team as they were training for 3 weeks in there somewhere at Swizerland and everything was broadcasted moreless worldwide even on a very rainy day as commentators and TV folk’s saw that every Brazilian player choosed the gym instead of walking on pitch as was not case for those 3000 or did he even said 5000 people from all over watching this live circus at present for 3 weeks as those who did not work for the FIFA TV or any other TV Company who were broadcasting too had also no clue at all as they waited in the heavy rain for the brazialians to arrive to train on the pitch which offcourse did not happen as they all choosed gym instead while they TV folk’s were broadcasting an empty pitch a live for worldwide even they knew that Brazilian circus had chosen the gym instead gym, LOL !
    And as far as he went he clearly tooked the side of Argentina on this matter even he did as polite as he could, well suddenly he was not there anymore ?
    As i dont know what happened to him, because no any word from him no more not even last phrase…maybe the federal super hero’s removed him too, hopefully though he is Ok…even being an British person he spoke nicely about Argentina which might have ended by the federals sending him off too, god now’s where to ? LOL ! Or maybe he just decided to quit as he understood finally what it is all about as everything nowdays without no show just dont sell anymore even he did that say it clearly that there were plenty of brazilians watching their live training session by TV and that it did not effect on the amount of viewers, LOL ! Well, Brazil team is truly and had been allready just another reality show that maybe in the future u have pay per view, LOL !

  2. This proof how scare they’re losing 3 straight games to Argentina and two straight game at their home.

    Truly century worst team. From losing 7-1 to Germany at home to losing at home to Argentina in CA final , and now this, they managed to keep sinking to new low.

  3. Argentina should either be awarded 3 points or the match should be replayed in Europe. When all the CONMEBOL countries had agreed to exempt players from quarantine, why did Brazilian authorities interrupt the match?

  4. No doubt this was orchestrated by Brazil for publicity. The players weren’t involved, but honestly they did not want to risk losing two in a row to Argentina which was likely. Screw Brazil. They are on a down turn anyway and they save face by the forfeit. They are an embarrassment to football.

  5. None of this matters. It doesn’t matter if the locker room was locked or if they didn’t fill out paper work. Last week Fifa said that this match will be played, and that the EPL players coming from UK will be allowed to play. They also said that if the host nation for any matches doesn’t comply then they will forfeit the match and award opposing team full match points.
    It also looks like Brazil federation will be fined. Argentina team did everything right. They got off the field without much argument or controversial acts.

  6. Argentina won’t lose points, The FA wouldn’t have brought players if there wasn’t an agreement between federations. If the players failed to fill out their declaration form then they will get fined but that has nothing to do with FIFA or CONMEBOL, The Brazilian govt stopping the game however does and that is why Argentina May get the points or the game will be rescheduled. Argentina doesn’t lose points if their players do something dumb…they do if their govt or federation does

  7. I have a feeling this will not go down well. If I have to argue in favor of Brazil, there are some strong points too. I am not sure what written proof we have in our support.

    May be we should have just left the 3 players out. Let’s see what happens

    • I don’t believe one second that the Argentina coaching staff was aware and ignore what the law says. It would’ve been irresponsible and reckless. I don’t think it’s Fifa releated issue. I think the conmebol and FIFA should make it clear that traveling players should be exempted from the covid restrictions. The authorities could’ve easily asked the referees to stop the game. They shouldn’t go to the field and interrupt the game. I am very curious to what is coming next but I don’t believe that the Argentina team was at fault….

  8. We have enough quality players to end up in this situation.. why were these players risked ? Knowing before hand Brazil health officials was causing a prob? Brazil was missing key players as well… so y we needed 11 strongest? We don’t trust our bench? If we lose these 3 points it’s a shame. We have depth.. good quality depth

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