Gonzalo Higuain comments on Argentina winning the Copa America


Gonzalo Higuain commented on Argentina winning the Copa America.

Higuain was part of the Argentina squad which reached a World Cup final and a Copa America final. Having played in all three, Higuain isn’t well remembered when it comes to any of those finals.

However, he has since retired from the Argentina national team and is playing with Inter Miami in MLS, in the United States. Speaking in an interview with ESPN, Higuain commented on Argentina winning the Copa America. Here’s what he had to say:

“The emotion, the adrenaline and the joy is different when you’re in it than when you’re out but you feel happy that those who kept trying, finally achieved it.”

In addition, Higuain also spoke about Lionel Messi’s comments after winning it. Messi stated that this trophy was also for those who were here previously and were not able to win a trophy. Here is what Higuain had to say:

“That Leo said that those of us who were there before were also part of it is comforting because I also contributed my bit so that this can happen. It was a lot of years and the previous bunch of players set the bar high playing 3 finals. It did me well listening to Leo.”

About a possible return to the Argentina national team after he stepped down:

“I didn’t see it possible returning to the national team. I’m someone that when I take a decision, I take it, with the consequences that it may entail. Perhaps I missed out on being a champion with Argentina, which is the greatest wish which I always fought for but honestly, I am very well, happy, peace of mind, enjoying my family, my daughter.

“It was a lot of years with wear and tear. Beyond that the environment is different, my head completely disconnected from the national team when I took the decision. I keep seeing it (the Argentina national team) and it makes me happy that it is doing well.”


  1. Typical!
    What a blasé interview from Gonzalo. I honestly don’t give a shite for when he may had an impact for us in some game that I care to remember.
    The man has not taken responsibility for his pathetic showing in when it really mattered.
    His laziness is carried into this interview by the lack of explanation of ‘I’ve done my bit’…..excuse me? What exactly was your bit? Piss off mate

  2. Leo is nice i couldnt care less what this guy says or thinks. He was a Choke artist. Always out of shape, always offside, always missing easy goals, and had no touch when people would pass him the ball to play off of him. Only thing he contributed was holding messi back for 8 to 12 years.

  3. More I read about him, more I disrespect him. I just read his interview in Marca. Not getting into those details. He just didn’t have the mentality to deliver when it mattered. Not only for Argentina, but also for Real Madrid and Napoli. He was a fantastic striker, make no mistake, but just didn’t have the balls or sometimes it feels he really doesn’t care.

    Does he owe an apology to millions of fans and a nation, my opinion is YES, can be different for others. But real issue is he has no remorse. I read from Messi that he still thinks how he could have taken the shot differently, use which part of the foot to take the shot, against Neuer. He thinks still after 7 years and probably for rest of his life. He thinks, because he regrets, he has remorse, wishes he could do differently, wished the outcome was different.
    Does Pipita have any remorse, doesn’t look like. Go and read the interview, he freaking doesn’t even remember the incidents of his professional life properly. The reporter knows more of what happened. Makes me feel he just doesn’t care. Good for him. And his only contribution for us winning this Copa is not contributing.

    Once again, he was a top striker, he could score goals, but not when it mattered most. And he has no remorse for his failures whether it is Argentina, Napoli or Real Madrid. Period.

  4. I don’t care
    what people say.. if he had balls he would have apologised… Nico Gonzales apologised for missing easy chances… a reporter asked higuain what about the chances he missed. And he replied he scored 3 beautiful goals which was his daughters. He should have kept his ass home and try to score some more daughters.. instead of letting a nation down..

    • He is an unapologetic person. It doesn’t matter how many goals one score. If that person still misses one chance that costs the nation a major cup, he should regret it for the rest of his life. Only fans have the right to forgive him, not him. He expects us to be thankful for what he has done for the NT but can’t apologize for what he has cost the NT.

  5. Respect to El Pipita. He turned down France NT shirt for the Albiceleste shirt, especially at the time when his soon to be club Real Madrid were hoping otherwise. David Trezeguet & Mauro Camorenesi etc chose otherwise the won World Cups but his choice to play for Argentina was what touched my heart. He did well. But the way, in my world the 2015 Copa miss was bad Lavezzi shot that he tried to turn into a goal. People can have their opinions but I stand by mine too. If Levezzi’s intention was to square pass the ball to Pipita then he did a bad job. Are you really gonna pass him at that angle, seriously? So for me it will remain a bad shot that Higuain tried to salvage. Lavezzi intention was to shoot with his weaker left foot. Go watch the video again. Salute El Pipita

    • he’s a great instinct striker but when u give ball at his feet, he has no balls. I used to follow him and gald he tuned France down to chose arg. his misses hurt every individual which includes supportere, teammates and himself too. believe he wanted to.score too but it was not just our day. let’s remember him for the goals he scored Then the one he missed. though not ez esp when we have idiots friends who support brazil. anyways I have stopped blaming him for the miss. messi we got.copa pls give us the world cup Goat

  6. Higuain, have written his story at N/T; Unfortunately he missed the golden chance when it’s most needed moment, but it’s football the mixture between mental, strength, momentum and luck.

    Happy Family Time !

  7. If u had stayed on Mr higuain I would have never felt the joy to witness an Argentina trophy… stay home and enjoy your family.. I remember a time when u say u scored 3 beautiful goals which was your daughters.. u don’t deserve to wear the sky blue and white.. this guy never felt any remorse for missing those chances… never came out and apologise for those missed chances… this trophy is not for u to enjoy…

    • Don’t disrespect the man. For almost 20 years we never made it to a World Cup final and he helped set the bar.

      Yes, he missed opportunities. Messi also missed a chance in the WC14 final he would score 10/10 in Barcelona (even with his right foot!) and he missed a penalty in a Copa. Higuain played with his heart in WC14 final and should have won a penalty when Neur hit him outside the penalty box – we didn’t even get the throw-in!

      Tevez missed a penalty in a Copa.

      Palacios missed a chance. Aguero looked scared in the WC14 final as well.

      After 2014, Higuain barely got service, but yes he should have taken his chances. But he was the undisputed #9 for us. 400 goals in a career are insane, though we tend to remember to ones he didn’t score.

      Let us all forgive and move on. Doors open when you forgive and let go.

      • Once, maybe twice, But 3 times when all 3 times the goal was EMPTY and your one and only ONE job is to put the ball in the hole and you miss it 3 different times in 3 finals is unforgivable..
        Yes, Messi did Miss vs Germany and On PKs vs Shithile but don’t compare what he did for his team in ALL THREE competitions to get to the final to what Higuain did NOT and should have done.
        Imagine if he ONLY missed 1 or 2, ARG would have most likely been crowned CHAMPS and the past 7 years would have looked so much better than they did.
        Tevez Pk miss in 2011 Copa along with his lousy play and that of Kun, Di Maria and Higuain as well are not forgotten but nothing like the 3 MAJOR misses.

  8. If E.Palacios can stay fit, he is a prime candidate to replace inconsistent Paredes! Palacios performance has improved a lot at Leverkusen. His game reminds me of L.Modric!!

    • He wasted easy chances in three consecutive finals!! Only if Higuain had the same mental strength of Aguero, we would have won all three finals. Not many players can score the last min goal like Aguerooooo did against QPR!!

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