Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni comments on October World Cup qualifiers


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni commented on the October World Cup qualifiers.

Lionel Scaloni spoke about the team, Paulo Dybala and Sergio Aguero, the October matches and the Copa America. Speaking in an interview with the AFA Youtube channel, here is what he had to say:

“I’m eager that the matches arrive because they are important games and we believe we are well. We have a base, 80 or 90% of those called-up are the same. That gives you peace of mine even if you have little time to work. We are not invincible, far from it. We know where we stand. We have to do what we do well and there are always things to improve.

“Between the first and second match there are two days or so to prepare. The big problem is that you already arrive there with a work load and you can’t ignore the third. Having three matches is new but we have a large squad. It’s something unusual, especially in South America where trips are long. Luckily, this time we do not have them but when you have to play far, it’s a problem.”

Scaloni also spoke about Paulo Dybala and Sergio Aguero:

“It worries us because time passes and we can’t give them matches. Above all, it’s difficult when the group is already consolidated. I would have liked to have been able to count on Paulo, on Sergio, players that we like. For one reason or another, we can’t count on them. It’s a setback but there are guys who can do the same or even better.”

In regards to the youth team:

“The youth haven’t had the continuity that we would have wanted but we’re all with the same idea, with the same anxiousness that it continues like this.

“We would have liked for the youth to train with us but the pandemic disrupted that. We want the kids to see their idols and for them to gain a sense of belonging and love for the shirt.

Regarding the team and winning the Copa America:

“The idea when the pandemic passes is to continue with a line a work. To feel the shirt and to have a sense of belonging.

“I like to see that people enjoy it and remember it but the triumphs last very little. In my case, it was only one day because after that I started to think of what was coming. We will realize what we have achieved later on.

“The fan has been waiting for it because this shirt has deserved to win other things in recent years. I’m happy because it happened to us, not for us but for the people. I’m grateful for the affection but you have to continue. It was unjust that they didn’t want another title. They deserved it, as much in the World Cup final as the other two Copa America’s that they lost. It touched us too.”


  1. I think scaloni is doing a good job.
    Gone are the days of having 19 Argentine strikers to choose from. Between 2006-2018 all we had were strikers. Now we have more balance but less up front men to choose from. With that being said…..

    I agree that aguero should be on the list, as a super sub. He may not have fitness, but he can change a game in a few minutes.
    I also like Alario, and i think he deserves a bench call up.
    But at the end, Lauturo is our number one up front. He is hungry, he has pace, skill, and he seems to always be smiling and trying to have fun. These are good attributes for any position on any team.

  2. It would be wise to forget about Aguero. Great player, but he can’t stay fit for a long period anymore. A WC spot would be a waste as he won’t last 7 games in a few weeks.

  3. Scaloni’s worries are understandable. Every coach wants to create a good bench and also wants to create a young lineup for future. With Dybala and Aguero persistently missing the games and the next set of players not being part of training, he should feel worried. Why Buendia is not in team? Is he injured too? We have to give more play time to Lisandro Martinez instead of Otamendi. Martinez sealing a long term deal with Ajax was an exciting new. Keeping future games against European teams, we should use more of Martinez. Similarly Angel Correa should be given more time to build a connect with Messi. Anyway Di Maria is getting that opportunity in PSG. But if we stick to same teaming that would mean Scaloni is building one single comfort zone. And that might not be very good. So we should have an optimal number of comfort zones – not too any and not too less.

  4. I think it’s right time to talk about Alario.
    Why scaloni likes Alario? What he brings to the table
    Alario is plan B because is different profile striker than Lautaro, some point some games we will need to use him, Lucas is tall morden centre forward, good at tigh spaces close control on the ball ( first touch) good movement off the ball creat space others , good hold up Target man, score all kind different goals In my opinion is better suited for the nt than icardi.

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