Lionel Scaloni makes four changes in Argentina training prior to World Cup qualifier


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni made four changes in training prior to the team flying out to Paraguay for their World Cup qualifier.

Lionel Scaloni stated on Wednesday at a press conference that the eleven which would start Thursday’s World Cup qualifier against Paraguay would be the same which won the Copa America. However, according to media outlets in Argentina, during the last training session, Scaloni made four changes to the team.

In the back line, Scaloni put Nahuel Molina in place of Gonzalo Montiel. The other changes were Alejandro Papu Gomez for Gio Lo Celso, Angel Correa for Angel Di Maria and Joaquin Correa in place of Lautaro Martinez.


  1. for the love of god can someone explain to me why they dont start FOYTH over molina/montiel. hes far better than either 1. I DONT UNDERSTAND

  2. Angel Correa staring in place of Di Maria might be a better choice. However, Argentina would miss a true 9 in Lautaro, who has recently been in very good form. Both Papu Gomez and Le Celso are creative mid-fielders. However, Lo Celso is needed more against Uruguay than against Paraguay. So Scaloni is taking his chances. Only time would prove if his planning is right.

  3. Whizzard

    What intellectual, college professor level insight are you bringing to the table exactly? I can’t even imagine how you’d react to the likes of Kevin or Romance king

  4. Luis Enrique gives young talents a chance in the nt. Imagine Alvarez and Almada would get a chance to shine like that.

    • Unfortunately for Argentina national team to integrate young talents a disaster needs to happen. 2002 disaster led to the overhaul of the team and players like young Macherano were picked by Pekermen. Same thing happened after 2018 catastrophe. Scaloni completely reformed the team. However, unlike his predecessors, Scaloni has been picking one or two young talents everytime but due to the significance of the matches hasn’t had the time to test them. Hopefully after we qualify we will give our reserves adequate time on the pitch as I can’t trust players like Pezzella or Armani to be a direct backup to our starting xi.

    • One day they will for sure it is just a matter of time and as we all know time is so limited that there is not enough place or games for Arg to field all those great youngsters as though for Lisandro he should be allready in the starting eleven so as Scaloni said now with 3 games in such a short period of time…well will see if Lisandro will finally get that starting spot that he truly deserves at least for one theese 3 now Scaloni should use every option available to maximize Arg’s chances to Grab those needed points !…and i do feel that this 1st game against Paraguay might be the trickiest one for Arg as Uruguay and Peru are deffenetly also not walk overs…But with right aproach to the all of theese games Arg can win them all as 7 points would be good enough, i think… offcourse depending on the other results, but Arg must allways just concentrate on their own game and results ! I truly trust this Arg team to deliver and hopefully it will…!

  5. Very clear. Those 4 changes are key reserves for Scaloni. Molina, Papu, A. Correa, J. Correa are his 12th-16th men. They will likely come in the second half.

    I like that Scaloni seems to have found his core. I would add Guido, Pezzella, and Tagliafico there as his key reserves.

  6. Espnfc panel completely writing off our team against winning the world cup. They fancy Brazil over us and predict Vinicius Junior will be a lot better than aging Messi in the WC. It already feels like 2014 all over again, everyone had written us off and we made it to the final!!

    • Yea, ESPN predicts England would win WC since 80s. We kicked Brazil ass in Brazil, England lost to Italy despite playing most of the tournament at home.

      • I’m glad they are backing Brazil not Argentina
        Let them overhype likes France, England and Brazil. I believe Argentina will have very good chance to win wc 22 in qatar 🇶🇦

        • Brazil is always considered as top 2 favorite by journalists, and since 2002 victory, they never reach any WC final. The one time they got into semifinal, they got slaughtered. In 2018 , Brazil lost to Belgium and only drew Switzerland, the two teams we beat in 2014 KO stage.

    • i have no problem with ESPN writing Argentina off.. We will not be under any pressure… Brazil will not win anything in the near future. Once Neymar is the centrepiece, Brazil will not see the semi final. England cant win anything, they let Italy beat them in Wembly. We can write off France as teams aint winning back to back… Argentina is getting better and better. By the time Qatar reaches, Argentina will be ready.. Let ESPN have their day in the sun.

    • True but they’re actually ranked #1 in terms of longest winning streak, so credit to them for playing so well under Mancini. Also it’s better to see them at the top rather than Varzil.

      Italy 36 (2018-present)
      Brazil 35 (1993-1996)
      Spain 35 (2007-2009)
      Argentina 31 (1991-1993)
      Italy 30 (1935-1939)

      The Batigol era once won 30+ games which includes 2 Copa & Confederation cup titles. Hopefully we can eclipse that.

        • To be fair, winning streak is just for fun, what’s important is winning a thropy. Spain lost in 2010 opening game but they ended up winning. Yea, hopefully we could extend our streak as much as possible, it would be a sign of long term consistency of the current team.

  7. It is time for Scaloni to choose the best player and best tactics for team, World Cup is not going to be easy this time there are ten teams which have calibre to win WC.Only consistent growth of team can win WC.

    • Well, frankly and 1stly Mancini made an misstake to start Bastoni ahead of Chiellini and 2 ndly Bonucci was sent off so gongratlutes to Enrique and Spain, but that game could have been very different game if Chiellini would have started and specially Bonucci not send of at allready in the first half…even though after the euro semi penalties which Italy won the whole Italian team including players and coaching staff all admitted that Spain deserved to be in the Final instead of Italy which was very polite and nice thing to say even they won by penalties as those penalties can allways end up anyway around so basicly the Italian team admitted puplicly before the Euro Final that Spain was the better team…for me they are quite even and the margin’a between them are so small that in the end it comes down to players individual quality as we saw that great pass from oyarzabal to ferran, but where the hell was bastoni and what on earth was he doing ?…i’m not saying that Chiellini could have stopped that one either, but at least he would not have either let that ball pass him or he would have been much closer to ferran as Bastoni completly lost ferran and the ball too ! for the second goal there were clearly several misstakes for that to happen, but i have admit that finaly ferran did finish those 2 goals of him perfectly which might not be allways the case as the first one with that kind of touch to the fast ball passed by oyarzabal hemight have been a bit lucky, maybe…or maybe not, but for the second one he was once again left completly alone as he head in as allmost like perfection…as for Donna Rumma it was not that pleasant return to Milano as expected…Still he could not do anything to stop those goals of ferran as they were unstopable…well will see who Spain will face in this final of European Nations League, LOL ! And how will they handle that pressure either from the French or the Belgian’s…as i do not really care who ever wins this new competion in europe as far it is not Portugal and Christiana, well then in my oppinion everyone else is welcome to win it…as for Portugal the better they stop playing with Cristiana, well the better results they may get in future…, but if they continue with Cristiana then they will not win anything, LOL ! As same goes for Brazil with Neymar, LOL ! Even they will combine a team together they will Still not win a real title as Euro’s are not same competition they used to be and this Nations league, well it is no way near WC OR COPA as also EURO’s have lost that spark !

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