Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni press conference, starting eleven, World Cup qualifiers


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni held a press conference on Saturday as he commented on the team, the starting eleven and the World Cup qualifiers.

Lionel Scaloni spoke prior to the team’s training session on Saturday afternoon. Scaloni commented on the injuries and the starting eleven. Here is what he had to say:

“Whoever plays, we are calm because we are satisfied with the performance of the team. Tomorrow we will see how the players are to confirm the team. The rest of the players, Lautaro Martinez and Marcos Acuña aside, are well but up until noon tomorrow, I won’t have the team decided because it depends on their recovery.”

Scaloni also spoke about Lautaro Martinez and Marcos Acuña:

“I can’t confirm 100% that Lautaro Martinez will be there. I can’t confirm his presence because first we have our training this afternoon and whoever plays, we are satisfied.

“Those who played in the last match, we will see how they are. Acuña was substituted off with a knock and we hope that today he can move normally. After that we will decide.”

About who will start between Nahuel Molina and Gonzalo Montiel:

“I’m happy with Nahuel (Molina) because he is growing and he is joining the team. With Gonzalo (Montiel), we are satisfied, he’s already in the team. Tomorrow we will decide who plays.”

In regards to the team:

“We always play the same way. We believe that the striker has to be mobile, to drop back when he doesn’t have the ball and everyone does it. The players are very mobile. That is what we are looking for in this team. Including Lucas, when he plays with us, he does it as a second striker and he does very well. The profiles aren’t different, everyone is involved and has that mobility.”

He also commented on the match against Brazil which was stopped:

“I expect a solution as soon as possible regarding the match against Brazil because we are going to play them next month. We were the victims in this case.”

The match against Uruguay on Sunday:

“Historically, Uruguay are a difficult rival for Argentina. They are two historic national teams and I admire the way they play in the qualifiers, the World Cups. I have friends there and I like the way they understand football, we are very similar in that aspect. They are one of the best national teams in the world.”

Possibly playing a European team:

“The match against Paraguay was very difficult, just as much as if we were playing against a European team. I’m sure that any European national team that plays there, it will be bad for them. But it would be nice to be able to play a team from there, although unfortunately, up until now it hasn’t happened.”


  1. Rest Messi against Uruguay. Let the team show their mettle without Messi. Playing Messi is becoming too dangerous for us and his career. A rest might see him come back better in November. Uruguay is not in the best of their form. Our team should show the guts to play against them without Messi remembering how well we did against Germany, Ecuador and Mexico without him, even though they were friendlies.

  2. We should rest Messi against Peru if we win this one. He’s clearly playing under knee injury. It hasnt properly heal because he keeps pushing himself to play for PSG matches. We should be more than strong enough to beat Peru at home without Messi.

    Everytime he touched the ball against Paraguay, he just run at jogging pace. There will be another 2 qualifier games in November, we better let him fully recover. Those 2 games would be away against Uruguay and at home against Brazil.

  3. CF needs to be mobile here Scaloni cuts chances of many players. A striker’s main role is finishing chances like a goalkeeper’s main role is shot stopping while distribution,ball playing is secondary role. Argentina is not a team like Spain who going to possess ball for 70% of time against top European teams.Lautaro Martinez is not good in air, small height, rarely shots from outside of box, not physical against 6 foot defenders only positioning and his mobility saving him but that will work only against small teams against Brazil he suffered in Copa final.

    • Wrong again. Lautaro is good in the air, and IS physical, his nickname is “El Toro” after all, or the bull. As often is the case, Kevin you don’t know what you are talking about and seem to be living in the alternate reality.

  4. On a sidenote, ESPN FC guys are literally bunch of filthy cocksucking motherfuckers. I can not hate them enough. Never heard them say a good thing about Messi or Argentina. Always, Messi is not the best player in history – everyone there seems to agree with that. The latest they came up with is that: Lewa and Jorginho are ahead of Messi in the ballon d’ or. I mean seriously? Even if we compare goal records Messi scored 38 and Lewa 42. Messi played in an inferior team. And I guess winning the copa after 28 years does not mean much. I serious do not know WTF wrong with these guys, please someone let me know. Also, Brazil is “More” likely to win WC than Argentina and they acted like Argentina does not have a serious chance of winning the WC despite everything. If I were in front of them I would slap them in the face.

    • People have very short memory . They only remember the last few matches and not the whole season. Recall , how FiFa did a revote to award Christiana the award after he scored in playoffs . All Messi needs to do is score few goals in next couple of matches and everyone will start joining Messi bandwagon but the only issue is he seems to be in a wrong fcuking club.

        • You should consider not watching ESPN or any news outlet from America regarding the game of football as they don’t understand the culture or the actual physical game. They have always hated on Argentina. That venezuelan shit face they found that sounds like an idiot in general, always speaks against Argentina and Messi. If u only understand English then I would recommend you subscribe to sky sports or beIN sports. Salude

    • At the end of the day we won Copa in Brazil beating Brazil in the final (the so called most successful WC team).

      Meanwhile, their country still looking for first thropy outside home victory 2 centuries ago.

      Messi beat Pele goal record with a hattrick , made Brazil quit the match at their home.

    • Seriously, do they get paid to talk against Messi and Argentina? Its not this one time they have been this way since like forever. You should listen to them talk……… like its stupid and hilarious in one podcast they were talking about who should get the ballon d’or 2021 and a fat fuck named Steve Nicole sounded like “mmmm….you cant take Messi out of the picture…..after all he has won a ballon d’or like WTF Messi should win the ballon d’or and the next guy is miles behind him… can you talk like that? And in the other podcast about Brazil or Argentina who should win the WC….. they were like…hmmm…they have decent defense and midfield and whenever messi “SOMEHOW” links with ADM and lautaro they “might” score a goal and thats how they won copa but it wont work in WC… I mean really?

      • Oh ,remember how all these pundit talked highly about England prior to Euro 2021 final? its certainly ended well for them haha

        One thing for sure, just like the Varzillians, they’re hurt inside by Argentina victory. They cant hide it.

        The only English journalist who constantly defending Messi is Gary Lineker.

        England is a country where if you produce decent players like Heskey and Saka, they’d call it golden generation. They got such a low standard. We’ve been in 6 tournament finals since 2000s and England only reached 1 in last 55 years.

  5. “We always play the same way. We believe that the striker has to be mobile, to drop back when he doesn’t have the ball and everyone does it.”
    As I’ve said before, this is a red flag for Icardi. This is the reason he is not being called up even if some of our strikers are injured or unfit. The other day, some people were suggesting that Icardi would have killed the game against Paraguay by grabbing the chances in place of Correa. However, to create those chances, the striker had to contribute to the buildup play in the first place. That’s not the case with Icardi. Also, we are basically defending with 8 men with Icardi, Despite being a killer inside the box, his style does not go with our current NT.

      • By that standard, Diego shouldnt be in the squad either because he’s a crazy mofo outside the pitch. He had illegitimate child , drugs addicts etc.

        Remember when Pasarella came up with a “short hair” rule? yea, we ended up losing Redondo and Caniggia in 1998, and Redondo was CL MVP that year lol. We should be able to seperate personal life / personal choice with pro sport.

    • Icardi is only useful for Scaloni’s team in case we need a goal badly after 80th minute or so. He would be useful in Martin Palermo’s role in 2010 for us. So at best he is the third striker as he does not fit Scaloni’s criteria of a forward who is willing to defend.

  6. No 1 is as bad as RK.
    Atleast Kevin shut down Lautaro and Dybala comparison. I remember him crying about it before the Copa. Its ok to have favourite players. But the team comes first.

  7. As i see kevin try hard to make the step up to the Mundo “Hall of shame”.
    But not yet he still keep the 3rd place secured far from the competition.
    for me the list remain still same.
    1.Romance king

    • Cox my dear friend… I miss romance king. At least he knew he was an idiot, we need trolls like him. 😂Other than most the comments here, I have to search for your comments to get some good insight.

    • I think that the position of Romance King is virtually unattainable, so maybe Kevin is going for #2 spot haha. To get anywhere near Romance king you have to be on this site as much as possible and be as obnoxious as possible for months and months at a time (basically what he was)

      • “At least he knew he was an idiot” – for that, I am more inclined to give RomanceKing a demotion and give a sympathy promotion to the 3rd place holder for his persistence in stepping up.

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