Angel Di Maria or Nicolas Gonzalez to start for Argentina


Angel Di Maria or Nicolas Gonzalez are set to start for Argentina against Uruguay in Sunday’s World Cup qualifier.

Argentina national team Lionel Scaloni has reportedly not yet decided between Angel Di Maria or Nicolas Gonzalez. According to TNT Sports, Nicolas Gonzalez has a chance to start for Argentina on Sunday.

Di Maria has been starting in place of Nicolas Gonzalez the past few matches for Argentina and while he was set to start once more, Scaloni could select Gonzalez. Here is the rumored eleven:

Emiliano Martínez; Montiel or Molina, Romero, Otamendi, Acuña or Tagliafico; De Paul, Paredes, Lo Celso or Gómez; Di María or Gonzalez, Lautaro Martínez and Messi


  1. AFA needs to arrange friendlies against France ,Spain and Belgium before the World Cup . I am sure there will be rematch against Brazil at the end of this qualifiers and we are already scheduled to play against Italy. Our team has dominated all the South American teams and after the qualifiers we need to get our players acquainted against the European powerhouse teams.

    • every coin have 2 sides. Personally i believe it is better to don t play with them till world cup. not because i afraid them of course but because our team looks like something “unknown” to them. we have one new team and in best case for us Europeans will underestimate us.
      We can catch them by surprise if they saw us with arrogance or they will keep some small fear inside them before world cup because our new national team will be kind of “unknown puzzle”.
      always the unknown brings small afraid.
      Argentina of 2018 that play last with Europeans is not the same Argentina of 2021.
      Personally i prefer we not play Europeans till next year for that reason.
      Just as i said every coin have 2 sides.

      • Playing against stronger teams makes your team better prepared. 2018 disaster was the result of being unprepared as too many players weren’t used to playing together. We have beaten Mexico and Nigeria too many times. If we want to become champions we need to play against powerful teams or else we will be taken by surprise in the WC.

        • you missing my point here. playing against them in friendles NOW don t help you prepare better. you only reveal yourself in this point.your good and your flaws to our big oponents. in 2018 our team was not a secret. everybody knew us and we knew them.
          you are right about then but i am speaking for NOW.
          now we have one new team that is builded recently and they haven t faced us since 2018 because covid 19. that make us kind of unknown for them. i prefer to keep it that way till world cup. after that i am with you. no argue.

      • The point you make is interesting Cox. If we are to avoid playing the “big boys” that you mention in friendlies this is how I think it should go:
        -We are already playing against a top European side anyway in Italy, but just one
        -We should try to play against Brazil for the postponed match. I would rather play them for practice even if we lose points than be gifted points (if we are not in a dangerous position)
        -Find a strong African side to play against (Ghana, Senegal, Algeria, Nigeria) to get some variation because the WC is not JUST large European teams
        -Play against a smaller yet in-form European team or one that probably won’t win it (Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland) so we are still unknown to the real threats but get decent practice against balanced European teams with some decent players.

        I am not against playing a Germany or Spain but maybe it would be better to play against the teams I mentioned. We will have only one top European side in Italy, a good test against Brazil, and the other games could also help. I don’t think we would be unprepared doing this, would be a lot better than preparing by playing against some bs like Nicaragua or Haiti

  2. Young newbies shoul be given more chance. Di Maria has not been in good form post Copa. Montiel should be there. Molina didn’t have a great game against Paraguay either. However, Scaloni comparing the Paraguay match to a match against an European team was simply hilarious. He was never in control. Those comments are not doing any good to him. He should focus on coming up with a non “Messi+Lautaro” plan before making such funny comments.

    • Agree, Di Maria played great in the cup but coming on as a sub with energy to unbalance the opponents. Then against Brazil in a match where we were more defensive and he had space. Now we are playing him in a different role and it’s not working. Furthermore, there is now way Di Maria is going to last a full WC tournament as a starter at this age. We need to build the team now with only 8 months left. Scaloni mas see this!

      Nico was doing great in the cup as well. He was unlucky to not score a couple. He needs to play a lot. He really adds a lot and needs to break out.

      And I’ve always been Di Maria’s staunchest supporter on this blog

    • Mbappe is worse then Neymar and Brazil. I dislike Brazil, but all my life I have disliked France, not only because their team isn’t french, but because their government and country have been tyrants for the last 1000 years. Yes I said 1000. Zidane won them their first cup and the French president of fifa wouldn’t even shake his hand. F em

        • I agree cox. The nation’s of England France Germany Belgium Italy and even Portugal are all tyrant terrorist states. Even Spain…. Most of south America wouldn’t be speaking Spanish if it wasn’t for the plunder and conquest of the Spaniards. France Italy and England destroyed Africa and Asia.

          • well my friend everybody have sins. i can t argue with that. i wish things was different in many occations but it wasn t. At least i am happy because those things have ended long ago.

    • I’m still puzzled by how the 4 teams picked for the semis in this so-called Nations League were picked? when did this tournament start? and yes, he is very irritating, nothing compared to HER majesty though.

      • my friend those 4 teams finished 1st in their group stage and they advance to final stege that finished this weekend. Group stage was played last year September, October and November.

        • LOL, with all honesty the last time I heard of the nations league was when sorry portugal and the idiot won this friendlies converted into a cup tournament

          • now it is your turn to make me learn something. i didn t know that Portugal have won this nations league thing.
            when that happened? or you mean Euro 2016?

          • cox4, they were the first country to win that bullshit cup, I think it was just under 2 years ago.
            That’s what Christina fans have been so proud of, her majesty winning the EUROs in 2016 when she was sitting on the bench, when portugal barely qualified for the final with zero wins in the group stage AND winning this nations league when some genius came out with the idea of making friendly games into a tournament.

    • 😂 Olive.
      I’ve been grilling for the last 3 hours. Food will be ready soon. My jersey is hanging and ready for me to shower. I’m going with the maradona comemerative jersey from when he passed.
      Everything is in alignment. It won’t be my fault this evening.
      Again I apologize to all the fans and supporters for the other days draw. Been training the last few days, and I am taking it match by match. Uruagay are of the best teams in the world and shouldn’t be taken lightly, but I have confidence that our boys are ready.

  3. it is very important to take 3 points tonight. if we do then things will be much easyer for the rest of qualifyers. i hope tonight with one way or another we win and take the 3 points.


  4. This is what I think is happening, could be wrong about this. Perhaps one of Scaloni’s signature moves is to never fully release the confirmed line-up until very late. He keeps his opponents guessing. I think he knows who would play, just keeps the cards close to his chest

  5. My source telling me it is Lo Celso or Papu or Nico Gonzales for one spot. Not Di Maria. The reason is Uruguay will play 5 in the back. Nico Gonzales and Di Maria starting makes sense as both will be on both wings.

    • I personally hope it’s 4-3-3 with Nico Gonzales on the left and Messi on the right (nominally).

      4-4-2 with Di Maria on the right is perhaps best suited for a counter attacking approach. Also in that formation Lo Celso occupies a weird position on the left wing which is not where he is at his best I think.

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