Lionel Messi comments on Argentina win, Emiliano Martinez


Lionel Messi commented on Argentina’s 3-0 win vs. Uruguay while also talking about Emiliano Martinez.

Messi reached 80 goals with Argentina as he scored the first goal of the match and was the first to also speak to the media. Speaking after the 3-0 win, here is what he had to say:

“We played a great match, I think we are growing in terms of our play. We got used to having the ball. Today was a tough match and we had to win it. Everything turned out perfect.

“Uruguay waits for you and creates danger. Once we got the first goal, we started to find space and the goals appeared. It was important to win because we knew the results of the other teams. We have one game left and if we get 7 points, we are very good.”

In regards to Emiliano Martinez:

“Dibu (Emiliano) Martinez is fundamental. When they come to him, he always responds. He established himself in goal and we have one of the best goalkeepers in the world.”

He also spoke about the fans:

“The people are impressive. It’s more beautiful every time to live and enjoy this.”


  1. Nothing to be said that hasn’t been said already, passing was crisp, on target and very quick and everybody was on the same page, that was a total team performance from offense to defense.
    ARGENTINA sitting pretty with 22 points but it should be 25 if there is justice in this world with a 3 points gap with the banana yellow.
    Messi was hungry and wanted to score more and that is always great to see.
    Great game and for the person who posted the link to the game, THANK YOU, my connection was acting up and that link worked great with few hiccups here and there but was good.

  2. All the positives:
    1. For Argentina, Messi plays like the peak Barca Messi and for PSG he plays like the highly criticized Messi for Argentina. It is the complete opposite now.
    2. Emi and Cuti always perform above average no matter what
    3. De Paul is getting even better as a player. Compare him to the 2019 De Paul, not even close
    4. Lo Celso is on fire. Are u watching Nuno?
    5. No Matter who starts, as long as they are part of Scaloni’s rotation players, they do well.
    6. Molina is not Hakimi or Alves but I like the way he overlapped anytime Messi started the counter attack.
    7. We have no weakness at all.

        • He is a bright prospect i think with time he will be a monster of a player im referring to nico Gonzalez and alvarez looks lively not extra ordinary yet bt he can contribute looking forward to seeing dybala play. We seriously need to find a backup for both locelso and depaul if they injured or miss matches for card accumulation im interested how we react as a team

  3. Totally out of the topic but i was looking for this specific video. The Mundo fanboy of Foyth @Kevin never understands that there is still something important lacking with Foyth. He had a tremendous game as usual against ManU, except for this moment. And it could have cost them a goal. He was totally unaware of the fact that Cavani was pressing from the other side. There is no point of judging him based on just match ratings. Everytime I start to believe in him, he does these sort of hiccups.

  4. Dominant victory. Should have been 6-0 if wasnt those misschances. Messi actually missed alot and he seems to prefer passing the ball casually rather than shoot it himself. He needs to be more ruthless like in 2009-2013. Di Maria should have had 2 assists on Messi.

    Emi was immense and saves us multiple times in first 30 minutes. After the first goal, it became one way traffic.

    Nico seems always given a task to hassle rather than to score, this actually works because he always dragged 1 or 2 opponent defenders to the right wing, so Messi & Lo Celso are getting more space.

    I’d like to see Alvarez & A Correa starting in next game. Its time to experiment a little bit, since we’re 6 points ahead of 3rd place with 1 game in spare.

    • Yes experiment might be an good idea at least confindence must be high also amongst the whole group so with few changes maybe, we might see something or someone like’s Licha, Medina, A.Correa to get hopefully and very important and hopefully a great game against Peru under their belt which will only benefit Arg in the future even Alario and Alvarez should play more specially Alario otherwise how Arg will find and sort out this no.9 thing properly the way that it will suit Arg the best in the future as Aguero is most propably Still injured, LOL ! Hope to see him back to his best though, but not so sure of that anymore unfortunatly and i see J.Correa more better option for the left wing as Arg should try N,Gonzales on the right, perhaps ?

      I would love to see something lime this against peru…


      Molina, CUTI, Licha/Medina, or at LB the vice versus as Medina as CB and Licha at LB though i prefer Licha more for Cb and Medina maybe for LB as Acuna might not play..?

      Paredes, Palacios, Guido any of them could play as no.5

      N.Gonzales, RDP, LO CELSO, J.Correa

      MESSI/ A.Correa/Alario/Alvarez

      Subs: Montiel/Foyth for Molina. Otamendi/LMQ/ Pezzellafor Cb Tagliafigo for LB
      A.Correa/Di Maria for RW Dominguz for RDP and Papu for LO CELSO
      Alvares for J.Correa

      Even i can’t remember how many subs we are loud to have, LOL !

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