Lautaro Martinez comments on the Argentina national team, the 3-0 win


Lautaro Martinez spoke about the Argentina national team and the 3-0 win.

Martinez started the match or Argentina and scored the third goal of the match in the 3-0 win against Uruguay. Speaking to the media after the match, here is what he had to say:

“The Copa America gave us a lot of strength to continue growing and to continue on the path we started: That of patience, that of the play and that of being protagonists. I believe on every pitch we play in, we will try to do that.”

“Beyond that Uruguay are a high class team, I believe we pressured, we played and we had the match that we wanted and we got the three points.

“We have had many matches where we played very good football for several minutes. I believe that today was very complete for the way we pressured the opponent. Now we have to continue working with a peace of mind for what is coming.

“We try to enjoy the time we are together, to give everything, to be responsible and to work to be prepared for what the coach asks.”

Regarding the fans:

“I think we have managed to get the people to join us, for them to be happy and for them wanting to see the national team. We feel that way and we are proud of that.”

He was also substituted off in the second half and was emotional on the bench:

“I thought of my family who were at the stadium, that’s why I got emotional. That is sacrifice, to leave many things aside. My family has always accompanied me and I always forever be grateful for that.”


  1. Wow, I am in complete awe. This is the best Argentina performance in a long time and one of the best games I’ve seen this year easily. Could have had 2 more goals at least. Today we played like a machine. A total show. We are growing so much as a team and we are seeing it in real time. Remember those qualifiers before copa, how little connectivity and chemistry we had? Now look at us a few months later — more players playing together in clubs, more games as a group, a tight nit locker room. The difference is unreal, and I think that it will only get better. I am not necessarily worried about peaking early because after all we only have a year until the world cup and we aren’t first on the table anyway

    Today was also a special day in that we had many figures. Lo Celso, De Paul, Messi, Romero, Martinez all stood out and everyone had a good day.

  2. What a match.. ❤❤ Best performance of Lo Celso.. & Emi Wow like a wall that can’t be broke 🔥🔥🔥🔥Total Dominance.. Finally Argentina played like a Real Argentina.. 🔥🔥🔥Just Amazing. I can’t find the right word to describe the performance of our beloved team🇦🇷🇮🇳

  3. I have been watching Argentina since the 1990 world cup, probably every single game, including friendlies. This was I believe the best game I have seen from Argentina.
    People have nostalgia, or perhaps just heard of, the great games under Bielsa or Pekerman, but seriously nothing was dominant and fluid like this one.
    And the cherry on top, even if we play like crap, we have Dibu to bail us out.

      • This current team is much harder to beat. Pekerman 27 matches 14 wins 7.draws 6 losses nothing exceptional, some entertaining matches thats all..Scaloni 38 matches 23 wins 11 draws 4 losses and our team just started to click this year.

        • Yeah, but hard to say this performance was better than the 6-0 against Serbia in the WC. Especially since we completely snuffed them out defensively as well. Serbia was suppose to be a good team at that time.

  4. This is the Argentina we have been waiting for- scored two first half goals and didn’t sit back to defend the lead. This is like Germany playing against Brazil in 2014 World Cup semifinal- waves after waves of attack- merciless! Uruguay clearly didn’t have an answer – they were completely outplayed. Argentina players were everywhere- 2-3 around a Uruguayan player whenever they had the ball. High intensity, high pressing, high energy.

    Such a dramatic shift from Scaloni – who had been defending a 1-0 lead in the copa. He isn’t a static coach; he changes his game plan. Sometimes he plays with caution, sometimes he plays with audacity. Today we saw the later version of Scaloni. I’m happy that it worked- will boost Scaloni’s confidence for sure.

    This game plan of Scaloni was possible because of Emi and Cuti in the line up. Not to mention a resurgence of Otamendi. They give so much stability to the back line that you can pay with audacity.

    LoCelso probably had one of his best games with Argentina. He and DePaul are the engines of Argentina midfield. You guys may claim that I have “Negative Kevin Syndrome”, as I constantly find myself criticizing Parades (opposite to eulogizing Foyth by Kevin), but I do really think that Guido will make this midfield much more balanced and solid 🙂

    DeMaria didn’t have a bad game, as some are suggesting; the old story. He provided 3-4 goal scoring chances and was unlucky to be denied twice by Muslera. Who else has this statistics paying half time? Joaking Correa, or Julian Alvarez? But, I am not sure if DeMaria is a substitute for DePaul. Actually, who is DePaul’s sub?

    • I think Paredes and Guido are pretty much equal. Paredes has a slight edge as he is more technical and better suited to tiki taka and play in tight spaces. Paredes has changed his game since getting subbed, he is now MUCH more disciplined in positioning, rarely left the center backs exposed.

      I am happy we have Guido in case of injury, yellows or fatigue.

      The player we need a replacement for is De Paul. DiMaria could if he stays in midfield, but its a stretch. Palacios I like, but he is not as dynamic.

    • Maybe RDP do not have sub as such same caliber than him, but maybe closest to his posession are Palacios, Dominquez or Guido, perhaps ? Even i see him as sub more for Paredes, but Palacios can be used in many posession’s which offcourse a good thing as RDP can play in so many posessions as he is so versatile player i have seen for a long time as i have been really impressed with him allready back at Days of Valencia when they used him as up front more less he showed some glimpses, but moving to Serie A and playing regularly there for several year’s made him so more versatile and even at ”Copa De Var ” at 2020 he really impressed me and since then been my absolute favourite player and now also Lo Celso finaly played so many minutes in one game with very good game too and also all the subs played great too, perhaps Arg could have scored a few more, but who care’s as the result is and will allways be the thing that count in the end, but Yes this was my favourite game from Scaloni so far as he was brave enough to approached it like he he did so Saludos to him and the whole team of Arg ! Keep on going Arg !

      • My point was more less to pinpoint the fluence of Arg’s game than talk about individual players, but the players had a such good game so i kind of got lossed with all of their impression on the pitch, LOL !

        The actual game was just like u said and i was really happy to see such an attacking Arg as it is clear that Arg can’t play against every opponent maybe like this as i’m not dissing Uruguay at single bit, because for me they do have good team and good players too and i truly wish to see them in WC too, but now like everyone else they first need a point at least from Brazil and after that they Still have many important game’s against others who are fighting for the WC spot too, so luckily Ecuador lost as did Paraguay and Cafeteros got a draw with Varzil so it is Still pretty Open for those 2-3 last spot’s as Peru also lost their last game i i could see Chileno’s winning Venuexuela as i’m hoping other way round as not big fan of Chile…also Columbia vs Ecuador could end anyway round and there are really no easy game’s at SA WCQ’s never specially playing at so high altitude Paraguay might find it difficult against Bolivia etc.. so i’m really wishing for Uruguay to trash Varzil and then if Arg can beat Peru, well be only 3 points behind which might Still come as gift from FiFA, maybe ? I think Replay is the most obvious result how FiFA will handle it, but let see as Arg is deffenetly soon in posssesion that there hopefully will be time enough for Scaloni and Crew to try other players too as Licha etc…

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