Former Argentina, Manchester United goalkeeper Sergio Romero signs with Venezia


Sergio Romero has signed with Venezia.

Romero has signed with Serie A club Venezia as a free agent with the club announcing his signing. The 34 year old did not renew his contract with Manchester United after being with the club for six years. At the club, he wouls win the Europa League where he was United’s starting goalkeeper.

He is also the most capped goalkeeper in the history of the Argentina national team, playing 96 times. He played in two World Cup’s, reaching the final in 2014 while also playing in three Copa America’s, reaching the final in two of them.


  1. Overrated goalkeeper by the argentines. He was a good penalty stopper bt lacked in other areas. He was a bang average goalkeeper before 2014 wc i remember even in mundo blog there were many who wanted caballero ahead of him there is a reason he was a bench warmer at manu even after decent performance in wc 2014 no big clubs were interested in him at that time sabella made our defense very strong bt still other than penalties he made me nervous many times he couldn’t collect the ball properly always fisted away he was not good atall with ball in his feet his goalkick maximum time was innacurate and fell to opponent players. Even that goal of goetze which won germans the wc was very saveable. Even if Argentina won it he would not get the golden gloves anyway yes he saved us against Netherlands bt 1-2 great performance doesn’t mean he was a great keeper. He lacked many aspects what a real modern goalkeeper should possess. Im happy that finally after a long wait a good confident keeper in emi Martinez hàs arrived.

  2. Romero was a wall. “Keeper” under his reign was never an issue. Always felt confident seeing Romeo walk out. Thankfully we have an incredible replacement with Dibu

    • Romero was very good for us. But personally I think we have a better GK in EMI now. I know about all clean sheet runs in major tournaments, penalty saves and other saves but he never impressed with his high ball claims and ball holdings. He was very good in punching the ball away or deflecting the path. But at times he did the same for catchable ones. For me some of them caused panic situations. His reflexes were awesome but passes were not that good. I think EMI is a class above him in every possible attributes of a GK. This is from one of the Romero fan with all due respect to him.

      • Romero was a class GK, but didn’t have the mindset to challenge himself and take himself to another level.
        But now, we have a World Class GK in Emi who has the potential to be a legendary GK and a footballing icon

  3. Romero did not managed his career well, always content with a bench warmer role. How is it that a GK for Argentina National Team who is only 34 which is not that old for a goalie, is now going to play for a team that was in Serie B last season and might actually get relegated again.

  4. Spent 6 whole season on the bench at UTD!! He is the perfect example of an employee who prioritizes job security over promotion and salary bump!!

  5. Thanks for your service Romero.. if Argentina had won in 2014 u would have gotten the golden gloves.. so close but yet so far.. best of luck..

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