Joaquin Correa possibly not fit, Argentina national team training


Joaquin Correa might not be fully fit as the Argentina national team trained following their 3-0 win vs. Uruguay.

Correa, who came on as a substitute against Uruguay left the pitch not fully fit. Lionel Scaloni stated following the match that he saw Correa possibly having some issues when the match was over. Correa would have been evaluated during Monday’s training.

Lionel Scaloni had his team back in training as they are already working towards the next match. The players who took part in the match against Uruguay did exercises in the gym while those who did not play, took part in training on the pitch.

Argentina play Peru on Thursday in their third of three World Cup qualifying matches for October.


  1. Man I feel like the toxic is about to be back here again. This place has long been intoxicated due to the hate to the “old guards” and now 2 of the 3 old guards are about to retire/already retired. Some folks still try to crucify the last one named Angel Di Maria. I remember some members here are leading the charge.

    The good thing is he scored one of the most important goals in Argentina futbol history, otherwise, he would be the main target here as usual. I feel like some here are waiting for Di Maria to have ONE bad game and then crucify him again.

    I have a proof: Nico Gonzales played OK. Please don’t tell me he played GREAT. No non biased experts gave him a rating of 6.5 or higher. His movements were OK but most of his passing were inaccurate. Yes Messi would not have scored Argentina first had Nico not been there. But overall he was OK.

    Di Maria played just OK too, he almost scored 2 goals and almost had 2 assists in just 30 minutes. If Muslera had been a bit more unlucky, Di Maria would have been rated much higher.

    Now let’s swap the place…. The one who played like Nico was Di Maria and the one who almost had 2 goals and 2 assists in 30 minutes off the bench was Nico Gonzales.

    You know what would people here say? This is what they would say:

    Di Maria: Such a headless chicken. As always only run and run but delivered all the bad passes. Typical Di Maria.

    Nico Gonzales: He must start to me. I mean in just 30 minutes he almost had 2 goals and 2 assists, not to mention he linked so well with Messi.

    You know how biased this place is now?

    • See we already have players like Messi, lo celso, de Paul who can do some magic, dribble and pass the ball. Di maria has been a great servant for argentina national team, nobody can deny that. However, we need some pace, energy and good movements without the ball. Nico Gonzalez can stretch opposition defence which means more space for Messi and co. Nobody can deny that Nico Gonzalez off the ball movements are teriffic. And we don’t have player like him in our squad. For me with Nico Gonzalez we look more of a complete team.

      • Nico Gonzalez only works against defensive and bus park teams as we need him to run back , press and defend the counter attack of the opposition. Against strong teams , Nico will be a liability as he has very very poor finishing skills and waste a lot of chances , that will cost against big teams and in addition to that , most of the opposition’s attack will from his side as both their wingback and winger will not have to sit back and defend him. Dimaria is far better when playing against strong and attacking team, first their wing back will have to constantly watch Dimaria and second the attacking team will provide ADM plenty of spaces. So yeah it depends on the opposition. Historically Dimaria has played better against attacking teams.

        • I agree with Sulav. Both are needed for the national team. Both deserve it. I just don’t like it when there are biased fans and haters of certain players when the players do not deserve the hate.

          For me I don’t care who the player is. If he plays good, i will say he play good no matter who he is. I don’t have anyone I hate when it comes to the national team players. I do think some of them are not good enough, though. But if those who I think “not good enough” manage to play good, I would admit he plays good. It is as simple as that.

  2. Hoping to see Alario get some minutes vs Peru. We need depth beyond Lautaro for CF/striker keeping in mind suspensions, injuries, match fatigue, dip in form etc .
    1) Its time to start seeing Alario & Icardi show what they have to offer. Though Icardi is not mobile as Lautaro , getting him off bench for last 15minutes/extra time when we badly need a goal is not a bad proposition.
    2) I dont see Alvarez as a primary striker ( more of a secondary striker like J Correa ) & Gaich/ Girotti/Farias are at best post Doha options .
    3) Even though 30yrs , hardworking Briain romero is a prolific goal scorer in South American tournaments & maybe shld get a chance as a handy sub
    4) Other Europe strikers like Benedetto, Boye, Gio Simeone wont make the cut.
    5) Read a article on Simeone’s 2nd son 18yr Giuliano starting to make an impact at Atleti B team & hopefully grows well by 2023-25.

    • Yaa spot on j. Correa is a big player for us but we need to check our center strike reserves i mean like u said a suspension before a important match for lautaro then we need a well maintained striker to replace and do the job with team chemistry, and i belive at the moment Alario is the pick dont know his defencive work rate if he is bad at it the time for Kun again i would love to see kun plays with all this new gen midefielders ❤️.
      like messi Kun too doesnt had a great mid field during his PRIME

  3. JCorrea has a history of frequent injuries , not sure he should be a direct backup for Lautaro. In other news , injury prone Aguero is finally back and has started training with Barcelona. Lets see how many matches he will last this time. If Barcelona could find a way to keep him fit, he could actually end their goal drought!!

    • The chance of Aguero returning is as scary as having Higuain in WC 2018. You know he has a glass legs these days and he’s so slow as we saw in recent Copa.

      He got injured for 2 months just from training , by late 2022 he’d probably injured himself while warming up from the bench like Saha lol

      We needs to gives a chance for A Correa & Alvarez and see how they perform. J Correa is super sub material, not starter.

      Icardi still has a small chance for a call up. Remember that he was called up against Venezuela and Bolivia but he suffered minor injury. So he’s still under Scaloni’s radar.

      • I remember watching Kun play for AM, the dribble, the speed, the will……..and then he moved to ManCity and I thought what it would be like if he proved to be one of their best players, instead he became a LEGEND.
        I added a super before his nickname and started calling him “super Kun” and I couldn’t wait to see him play with El Pipita and Messi upfront……..and aside from that crucial goal he scored for ARG in Barranquilla, Messi jumping on him and hugging him so tight and then there was Nothing. He often looked tired, always grimacing in pain, injured and easily pushed off his game. I often likened Kun to a supercar from the 80s on this forum, expensive, fast, sexy but will quickly break down on a 50mile cruise!
        Just imagine Kun playing for the Albiceleste last night!! he would have slowed everybody down and probably left early with an injury.
        If you ask me, GAME OVER for Maradona’s former son-in-law, there is no way he’ll be able to run and keep up with everybody on the team.
        DiMaria redeemed himself with that spectacular goal in the COPA FINAL, El Pipita was scoring left and right for ARG with the exception of the 3 horrible misses, what did KUN do?

        • Well, Kun scored 3 goals in 2011 group stage which saved our face from getting eliminated at group stage while hosting the tournament. Also scored best goal in that tournament with super volley in first game. He scored winning goal against Uruguay in Copa 2015, scored in semi aswell against Paraguay. Scored against France in 2018 after just few minutes coming in. Scored twice in Olympics semi against Brazil, won both penalties against Nigeria in 2005 final which converted by Messi, won youth cup in 2007 and was top scorer and best player.

          Aguero had 2 goals & 2 assists in Copa 2019, and won 2 penalties against Brazil which was ignored by the ref.

          But the biggest difference between Kun & Pipita is that Kun helped Argentina to win 3 youth tournaments, 2005, 2007, 2008 while Higuain still cant decide whether to play for Argentina or France.

  4. Scaloni – If you want to experiment – Try starting Julian have all the time now to experiment..I still believe, we need some defense experiments – Almiron from Paraguay was making Otamendi and Romero feel like kid…

  5. I wish he had started the last match instead of Nico. Nico is somewhat turning out like Maxi Rodriguez if you remember him lol… not doing good on pitch but somehow always starting. He is another player that will be far more valuable as a sub rather than a starter.

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