Angel Di Maria comments on winning the Copa America with Argentina, his goal, the team


Angel Di Maria commented on winning the Copa America with Argentina, his goal against Brazil and the team.

Di Maria will forever go down in the history books as the player who scored a goal in the final to give Argentina their first trophy in 28 years. A goal in the final and against Brazil. Speaking in an interview with TyC Sports, here is what he had to say:

“The Copa America means everything. It’s what I had been looking for since I was a kid and everything that is happening to me now.

“When I see the Copa America, a million things go through my head. First, the ugly moments that have happened to me and after that everything beautiful. Having won a trophy after 28 years, the happiness of the people and the joy from my family. We are all part of this beautiful thing that will be remembered forever.”

If it is the most important goal he has ever scored:

“Hopefully there’s another goal even more important in the short term.”

About the goal:

“Even before the goalkeeper came out, I knew what I was going to do. Chipping it is better for me than hitting it hard. I knew there was no offside, nothing. It was a goal.”

Regarding the team and having the fans back:

“It’s a spectacular atmosphere. We haven’t changed a lot of players and that makes the team stronger every time and we know each other more every time. The happiness that you breathe is something very beautiful.

“It’s not the same thing having fans in Europe than in Argentina. It’s something else. After having won the Copa America, the people come with an immense emotion and it makes us live something so beautiful.”

In regards to the match against Peru:

“It’s going to be a messed up match against Peru. They need points and we have to keep going with the same objecetive of getting the three points to get to Qatar as early as possible. Qualifying is the most important thing to continue to work with a peace of mind.”


  1. Hope you all are doing well!
    Sorry I don’t want to divert the topic here, but wondering if anyone knows the process to get World Cup tickets for Argentina matches ?
    As number of senior members present here I thought to ask this.
    Sorry again asking this on match day.

    • Tickets are not available yet based on FIFAs site but according to the AP, tickets will go on sale in Jan.

      “Information regarding ticketing for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ will be available in due course.”

    • they are not out yet. typically fifa releases them in blocks over many calendar windows on their site. keep an eye on their website/social media for updates.

  2. Argentina 4-0 Peru. Hopefully Messi score hattrick. He needs for Ballon dor campaign. Penaldo scoring against Qatar or other plumbers is getting too much hype, lewa same with Bayernliga.

      • Well, Uruguay is stronger than Peru, and we beat them 3-0. However, Uruguay surprisingly didnt foul us all over the place like Paraguay did, but I could smell Peru doing the same thing as Paraguay. Foul every 30 seconds.

    • Goal tally is overrated these days. It doesnt have much weight as back in 80s, 90s and 2000s. Back then R9 & Batistuta goal numbers were remarkable.

      Football is more defensive back then with hard tackles being allowed all the time. So many great players retired at the age where Messi still playing at top level.

      Whats intersting though, the number of goals the great players are getting in major tournament remains similar or lower.

      Didnt Neymar scored 2 hattrick against China (3 goals & 4 goals) ? Thats the type of matches where players could statspedding, and there’s plenty of those matches these days.

      I mean , Neymar has topped the likes of Ronaldinho, R9 , Romario in national team, but what has he win till now with senior side? Confederation cup lol.

      • I 100% agree but some reason C Ronaldo is getting all the hype scoring against qatars and other. He was kicked out of WC by uruguay side. It seems lot of PR are making football like basketball. That is why i appreciate magical players like Messi.

  3. what do you guys think of Ignacio Fernandez? Could he be an useful addition to the NT in the short run. A true box to box player, very underrated.
    Also gear up for some Bruno Zapelli. won’t be long before we see a lot more of him.

    • Nacho is a good player but it’s hard to imagine him being called up with Palacios and Nico Dominguez far ahead of anyone else in the pecking order, behind of course Lo Celso and De Paul. If Nico Dominguez who is having a good season for Bologna is not even on the bench sometimes it would be hard to imagine Nacho called up.

      But for a box-to-box option I would personally prefer someone like Capaldo or Zaracho who are also both way younger than Nacho Fernandez.

    • I really like Nacho, honestly I think he could have gone to some team in the spanish or Italian league rather than Brazil. For Brazilian football his level is quite high. But like enganche said I don’t see adequate room in the team

  4. His hard work got the reward, Gracias ADM !

    as long as ADM doesn’t play selfishly and want to passed 3 players with his magic dribble, he is fine and bring creativity to the team; breaking the wall and especially the counter attack. World Class player

  5. One game and we need the 3 points, plain and simple.
    I hope Brazil loses, no surprise there.
    FIFA, its not rocket science, they messed up the game on purpose and we should get the points and let that be a lesson for them to learn that they can’t keep getting away with bullshit as if its the norm.

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