Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni press conference, comments on team, Lionel Messi, Leandro Paredes


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni held a press conference on Wednesday where he spoke about the team, Lionel Messi, Leandro Paredes, the match against Brazil in November.

Lionel Scaloni spoke to the press ahead of Thursday’s match against Peru in the World Cup qualifiers. This would be the third of three World Cup qualifying matches for Argentina in October, having drew the first away against Paraguay and won the second 3-0 vs. Uruguay.

Scaloni commented on the team and the match against Peru on Thursday. Here is what he had to say:

“I won’t confirm the team but I will stay along the same lines as the last matches. Maybe some retouches. It will be a very clear match. If we do a few changes it will be because the match needs it, not because of form.

“Peru play well with the ball, they have good players. They come here having worked together for a while, they have a very good midfield. They are not a team that is used to sitting back.”

About Lionel Messi:

“I think he is fine with the team, he feels comfortable with his team mates and that makes him even better. Without the team, his performance would not be as reflected.”

The Argentina coach also spoke about Leandro Paredes and his form:

“It doesn’t surprise me. He is progressing day by day and he gives us a lot of things. He is adding a lot to the aspect of when he doesn’t have the ball and for us, he is an important player. He’s in good form and we are happy with him.”

In addition, Scaloni spoke about the match against Brazil in November:

“Against Brazil, we will play in San Juan. Beyond that River’s pitch pleases us because of the grass and everything it offers, I think it’s only fair that the national team can play in other cities. There are other matches to go to and other places, hopefully in the same way.”

Regarding the team:

“The feeling is that the people feel an identity with these players. That is the most important thing.

“I don’t like to be euphoric or that negative. It’s clear that as long as the team works and gives us positive signals, we don’t have to tweak so much. We would only make modifications in question with where the opponent could hurt us. I ask the players not to relax.

“I can’t assure you that there are seven which are starters. We are playing here tomorrow and we have to go back with the same form because there are team mates behind them that are very anxious to play and are the first that when things are going well and their team mates win, are the first first to understand the situation.

“I ask them not to relax because their team mates train to play. That no one thinks they are a starter. I don’t dare say that they are starters but if there is a base in which we are confident with it’s because they have given us results. But if we see that there are no good signals, we have no problem in that someone else can come in because they’re at the same level.

“Beyond winning or losing, what I have been saying and what I will continue to say is that these players are not going to let us down. There will be matches where we will play better or worse, difficult matches, games that we have to play a different way because the opponent is better but the team dynamics are marked. The people feel identified with us and that’s what’s the most important thing. The result and everything that comes after is a result of all of this.

“The idea is always the same: To try and improve depending on the opponent. It’s not that we will adapt to the opponent but we believe that there are nuances that each team has and we have the availability of different players and we are taking advantage of them.

“But we always think about improving our team. Not thinking too much about the damage that the opponents can do to us. We try to improve in every aspect, we value that match after match. Sometimes it would be the same and something we will make a few changes.”

In regards to Sergio Aguero:

“His case, like the other guys that couldn’t be here, the most important is that they compete at their club and that makes things difficult for us. We have a squad of enormous talent, with great strikers and the most difficult decision is the final decision. It interests us that they play at their club, that they do well and we will take our time to take a decision.

About Lucas Alario:

“He is a player that we like and we value, every time he has been available, he has been with us. There are a lot of players called to the squad, you have to make decisions and a few have to be left out. I selected him for the last match, against Paraguay he was on the bench. They are decisions we have to take and he is a guy who has trained very well.”

He also spoke about the match against Uruguay and the 3-0 win:

“I won’t dare to say if the match against Uruguay was the best or not. But having played at home with our people, makes everything more beautiful. We have played very good matches and say that we were better but playing at home makes it more beautiful.”


  1. Dybala and Aguera are two players who could have done much more for Argentina. On some occasions Aguera actually did. But Dybala did so only rarely. So Scaloni is right in his team selection. However, the lack of communication between Tagliafico and Otamendi showed that there is some gap in strategy with how much time he wants to give to formation of great combinations. Juan Foyth should be called back in November. His contributions towards Villareal’s loss-less run and lowest GA (at par with Sevilla) cannot be neglected.

    • Tagliafico is very reckless, so is Ota however Ota is more matured and he plays CB. Taglafico however is reckless, do not look up while crossing or passing and shot from weird range despite players in better position. There is a reason Tagliafico never made it to top.

  2. I love when we have debates over players and hear other’s insights. For me, Paredes is good enough. Not as good defensively as Mascherano, but both give you heart-attack sliding challenges. Mascherano was a leader, but as a player, I did not think love him as much as others did as I feel his style of play held the team back (Cambiasso is my CDM). Paredes has more skill then Mascherano in the midfield (passing ability, dribbling technique, pose on the ball, and a sense of command). Since Paredes has been on the team, we don’t have 4-0 defeats, 3-0 defeats, etc.

    Yes, he has mental lapses at times, but I like the player overall. When he first came out everyone raved about how well he commanded the midfield vs Brazil and how he was great in Copa 2019. We don’t have a better 5 at the moment.

    But yes he is no Prime Matic, Modric, Casimero, Thiago, but let one of his crazy long ranges shots actually hit the net in WC2022 and everyone will lose their sh*ts!

    • I respect your opinion but you can’t be more wrong about Maschareno. In his prime, he was an absolute monster.

      Paredes is not a classic DM although he is played in that position. I thought Paredes was supposed to be like Pirlo a true regista.

      Please do not compare Maschareno with Paredes.

      • I agree. mascherano was a beast. Best #5 we ever had, only one at his level was Redondo.

        Mascherano was more important getting us to the WCfuckingFinal than any other player, including Messi.

        Mascherano, infinite respect. As Diego said, him and ten more.

  3. Riquelme was liked?
    He is my favorite player of all time but there was no polarizing player like him.

    Paredes not skilled?
    The first time I saw Paredes was when he played for the under 17 South American championship with Argentina with Lucas Ocampos. Paredes was a 10. Riquelme even called him his successor. Augustin Orion broke his foot in training when both played at Boca. At Empoli Marco Giampaolo made him play the 5 position and Paredes since then has comitted to play that role. His natural position was a 10 and that’s why he had to learn a lot defensively to be able to play that role.
    he is now committed on playing the 5 role and does not show all his skills and abilities of a 10, which he is capable of.
    Before commenting check your facts.

    • Ardiles was doing the hard and dirty work and Kempes was take the glory and the credit.
      this is the story of football always in every country all around the world.
      in the place of this 2 players i wrote put 2 of your own of same type from anywhere in world.
      doesn t matter. the conclusion will be same.

  4. The team is now playing beautiful football. They are more relaxed.

    As far as Paredes criticism goes, I guess people hate those type of players. They want athletic and speed types in modern football. I thought we as Argentinian football fans would appreciate him, but I guess some just want to copy whatever European team Which rely less on skill but more on athletic and speed.
    People hated Riquelme who embodied a position which was Argentinathe enganche.
    They want Argentina to be like those European teams, so they cry and cry and are never happy until Argentina copy pastes those teams. They should follow those teams who play that terrible style of football and not Argentina who play football like it should be, skill, beautiful, and with heart.

    • i read your post and honestly i am so proud and happy for fans like you.
      the reason is that you know the Argentine dna and you support us with wanting we keep our ID. you don t want us be something else for win.
      Be sure from today i will add your name in my list with posters that i give attention and their opinion have value for me. You earn that.

      maybe some people don t understand what i am talking about but sure you understand well and this is enough for me.
      i want i win or i lose as Argentine. not as something else. i don t want i change to something else. i don t want to change my dna. i am Argentine and i want to keep my ID.
      in end if i have to choose i prefer to lose as Argentine than win as European.
      i win 2 world cups like that and if God wants i want to win the 3rd same way. Argentine way. my way. not European or other way.

      if people say i am crazy and stupid then it is ok.
      i don t care.whatever they want. no problem.
      Soy Argentino es un sentimiento no puedo parar

      • Cox4
        People don’t know about River’s La Maquina, which was copied and inspired the likes of “Total football”.
        Argentina should have more titles, Italy stole players and won world cups with them. Sadly Di Stefano didn’t play for Arggentina although won a Copa America.Italy stole Sivori. And some coaches cost titles.
        I simply think Argentina is the greatest football team. the best brand of football. Argentina played tiki tiki before tiki taka became famous.

        • the thing is my friend that you have big knowledge about Argentine football and it s history which is not easy to find in younger ages people.
          young age fans are not familiar with those things.
          they don t understand that too.
          they see France for example and they want we copy them for win.
          or others want we copy Germans and make our national team play like them because they believe we will win that way.
          what to explain to them my friend? nothing. it is lose of time only.
          that is why i don t speak. Just when i see people like you then i feel the need to speak to them and congratulate them.

  5. I don’t think criticism in any form is bad as lon as it is fact based.
    Otamendi:clumsi at times,specially in the box during set pieces cuti and dibu have improved him alot.
    Paredes,:defensively liable although he has improved lately with his defensive duties.
    Tagliafico:same as paredes can lose you a match with his clumsiness.
    Di maria:you never know which ADM gonna show up.
    Otherwise the team is pretty set.

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