Argentina rumored XI vs. Peru, one doubt remaining


Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni has most of his starting eleven in mind with one doubt remaining.

Lionel Scaloni is expected to start a simiar eleven which started the 3-0 win vs. Uruguay on Sunday. Marcos Acuña, who was rested against Uruguay, is set to start in place of Nicolas Tagliafico. In addition, Angel Di Maria, who came on as a substitute in that match, would start in place of Nicolas Gonzalez.

According to TyC Sports, the only doubt remaining is between Nahuel Molina and Gonzalo Montiel. Molina started both match agaonst Paraguay and Uruguay as Montiel could be be in the eleven with Molina resting. Here is the rumored eleven:

Argentina rumored XI: Emiliano Martinez; Montiel or Molina, Romero, Otamendi, Acuña; De Paul, Paredes, Lo Celso; Di Maria, Lautaro Martinez, Messi.


  1. I like what Scaloni is doing. Improving team chemistry is priceless. I know some fans are eager to see new faces, but there should be A LOT OF FRIENDLIES before the World Cup. That’s where we could try new faces.

    I remember Sabella was doing the exact same formula. He kept using his best line ups in most of the qualifiers and used new players only in the friendlies before the World Cup.

      • Totally agreed as there will not be that many friendliess as there use to be before Covid era…that is why Arg must Qualify to WC as quick as they can so Arg can use the rest of SA WCQ’s as kind of friendliess even i quess u can never really think of an SA WCQ game as friendly because of the great rivalry ! Hopefully everything will go as planned for Arg and they will Qualify as quick as they can as there will never ever be any team like Arg in the hole world who will get me as emotional as Arg does every time they play never Mind the opponent

        Though i would be a nice thing for Pais Vasco to get their own team as separeted from Spanish team, but i won’t happened as rest of Spain is so depending of Pais Vasco’s wealth and money to comparing to rest of Spain as maybe Catalonia or Catalans could also have enough of their own money to be Indepent as once Pais Vasco wanted to be, but Madrid Rules and i think if one of those to regions of Spain will be granted their own team, well i think then maybe Andalucia and Cerca De Valencia will also want to have their own, LOL ! As once HISPANIA with so many different kingdoms fighting each other sometimes it feels like allmost that they Still have not get over it which i do understand the way or another, but as Pais Vasco or Euskadi have had kind of their own culture for centuries and also most differently apart from other regions of old HISPANIA even they all have their own culture’s and heritage from their old separated kingdoms Still i feel that Pais Vasco or Euskadi is more something a bit further away from the rest of other regions of Spain and looking at Spanish national team as also in the French national team have had BASQUE borned players as some parts of France are also part of Pais Vasco or Euskadi it will be intresting to see how the reat of Spain will do with out their current Basque players as there is quite few of them in the Spanish team at the moment, though there will allways been more or less BASQUE players in the Spanish team as also plenty of Catalan’s who are actually sometimes or did at least had before kind of Catalan team which offcourse were not allowed by Uefa to participate in the european qualifiers as it took also time for Gibraltar to get their own team allowed to play by the Spanish, though they are Still not that great, but surely way better than San Marino for example, LOL ! As theese country’s as Liechtenstein, Luxemburg and Andorra are slowly getting more harder opponents to beat for the rest of European teams, though offcourse Miss Penaldo will allways look eager to get his goals against theese very small populated and small sided country’s as her highness not ofcourse hesitating to celebrate his goals against the weaker opponents as he would actually achieved something really big, it is just fucking discusting and making me sick so that is why i wish for Pais Vasco or Euskadi have their own team to beat shit out Miss Penaldo !

    • Agree with u about the comparison with sabella.
      But one crucial difference is, Sabella had some wrong favorites. Federico Fernandez, Sosa etc al. He tried them more often than they deserved. Sosa was a decent fit into his system. But he killed the chances of some creative midfield talents in their expense, for example Pastore. He was in pretty decent form ahead of 2014 WC. We lacked such a player against Teams like Germany and Netherlands.

      Fortunately, this difference is a positive one. Scaloni doesn’t have personal favorites. He keeps Players with class permanently, and also giving chances to 1 or 2 players who shows excellent form and huge potential, without imbalancing the good chemistry between the players who know each other for a long.
      We don’t have the fire power we used to have between 2012 and 16. But still we perform well due to this working philosophy. Hope we improve in Attack much more soon

  2. Messi’s finishing has been quite average for his standards. He hasn’t been able to capitalize on the number of chances he has been getting, looks more like mental than physical. He needs to bang in couple goals tonight and then it should bring him back to his usual best!!

  3. Once we reach a comfortable point in qualifiers I expect a little bit of rotation of experience in the squad – primarily replacement for Otamendi needs to be identified – atm, central defense is the only area without good backup….every other spot I think has good alternatives.

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