Sergio Agüero scores first goal for FC Barcelona in 2-2 draw vs. Cornella


Sergio Agüero scored his first goal for FC Barcelona.

Agüero made his long awaited debut for FC Barcelona on Wednesday in a friendly training match against Cornella. While the match ended in a 2-2 draw, it was Agüero’s first time wearing a Barcelona shirt in a match.

Barcelona’s new number 19 dribbled around the goalkeeper and scored in the draw. He joined the club on a free after spending 10 years at Manchester City where he became the club’s all time leading goal scorer.

The Argentine was initially set to be part of the national team for the September and October World Cup qualifying matches but an injury kept him out of the squad. He has yet to play a league match for the club.


  1. Im happy for him , but we dont need him anymore in NT. It would only take Cuti accidentally bumping on his legs in training, he’d miss the remaining of this season.

  2. If he can be fit for the next 1 year or so and if he manage to have a pretty good season with Barca, he would be the best option for the back up number 9. He offers something that none of our current back up number 9 have. Someone who is a goal threat, link well with Messi, and is very experienced. Think about the first match against Paraguay. Aguero would have been a perfect replacement for the injured Lautaro.

    J Correa is not a prolific scorer but is a hard worker. Icardi? We will see this year if he can link with Messi, if he is not sold by January transfer windows. Alario? Not as good as Aguero for sure. Dybala? not number 9. Alvarez? Too inexperienced.

    If Aguero is healthy and can score around 17-18 for Barca this season (half of his season average goal with the City), I would take him as the back up number 9.

  3. Here we go again…let’s hope this time Kun will last all the way to WC FINAL AS COMPLETLY FIT AND IN FORM , otherwise hard to see him getting on board again, but offcourse it would be great if he really could keep himself fit and get back to an Super Kun !

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