Argentina players on yellow cards, could miss matches against Uruguay, Brazil in qualifiers


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni currently has 10 players on yellow cards.

With two more World Cup qualifying matches in November, there are several Argentine players that are one yellow card away from suspension. Argentina play Uruguay away and Brazil at home in November’s World Cup qualifiers and with a match against Peru remaining, there are 10 players that can’t afford to receive a yellow card.

Of those 10 players, about half of them have been regular starters for Argentina. Rumored to start against Peru, Nicolás Otamendi, Gonzalo Montiel, Giovani Lo Celso, Rodrigo De Paul and Lautaro Martínez are on yellow cards. Here are the players that are one yellow card away from missing Argentina’s match against Uruguay in November:

Nicolás Otamendi
Gonzalo Montiel
Giovani Lo Celso
Rodrigo De Paul
Nicolás Tagliafico
Germán Pezzella
Lucas Martínez Quarta
Exequiel Palacios
Lautaro Martínez
Nicolás Domínguez

The first match in November is against Uruguay on November 11 away with the second on November 16 vs. Brazil at home.



  1. Argentina has not received one yellow card since the Copa final. All games against Venezuela, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay were played with no yellows received.

  2. Messi will win ballon dor after securing international trophy with most goals, most assists and MVP(which he is first to do so). Lewa will come second and Jorgino will come third. As for Benzema, he will not enter ballon dor podium due to his se xual case and Ronaldo same due to his ra pe claims. Ballon dor is voted by respected journalist who not only look at impact on football but on general public. Messi being shy, humble and gift of god with magical football performance deserve it. Players like Benzema, Ronaldo are bad role model for society due to their c riminal behavior which is not good in today’s society. In fact, players like Benzema and Ronaldo should be questioned by authority and should be discipled by not allowing to play beautiful football. We have enough c riminal in our society already and to add two absurd rich egoist players bad for society.

  3. Peru is good at the counter and very good when it comes to rallying together quick passes.
    If we play a discipled possession game like the other day we should be fine

  4. Papu for Lo Celso, Pezella for Otamendi, A Correa for Lautaro in that case. De Paul cannot be left out. He should rather pick up a yellow against Peru and play the Brazil game.

  5. I totally agree with Scaloni to more less to start the same players as against Uruguay, but Peru will play differently, maybe bit more like Paraguay did and there could be as normally heated situation’s around the pitch which might end up players picking up yellow’s, as Peru will also maybe be bit more physical than Uruguay even Uruguay used to once have that fearsome reputation amongst the european teams at least they did not play dirty against Arg at all, as they clearly also tried to play their game and not just foul Arg every 30 second as someone’a like Paraguay and also Colombia did in the Copa for example and which is the case against Arg with Chileno’s and Venuzuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and offcourse Varzil who is only one clearly also allow to do that as their allways playing with kind of their totally own rules of the game, or trying to get with CONMEBOL the referee’s against Arg, LOL ! What an desperate and sad story it has become indeed as lately they did not even dare to play ARG anymore, LOL !

    Anyhow this yellow card story specially with the like’s of De Paul and Lo Celso and Lautaro too would may be a good thing to adress a bit by Arg, but taking those 3 out of team Arg will maybe not be able to play that good or maybe they will as others will be geared up for starting spot or for an early sub maybe will suite Arg more better as that is why i’m hoping for early goals at the first half as with 2-0 lead would be a fantastic opportunity to sub some of those with yellow cards off and also at the same time give an opportunity to others to play and show that they all are capable of playing for Arg as i think they truly are indeed !

    • Hey dude if you have twitter APP, in search bar type argentina vs peru live stream. Most of times some one will be streaming. I always watch that way. Sometime broadcasters report but it will be picked up by some one later in one minute. Gotta be patient if you want to watch messi live for free.

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