Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni comments on win, personal issues


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni commented on the team’s 1-0 win vs. Peru while also discussing personal issues.

Lionel Scaloni coached his team to a 1-0 win vs. Peru in their third of three World Cup qualifying matches in October. Scaloni spoke to the press after the match. Here is what he had to say:

“Today, you could feel the fatigue a little. Playing three matches in South America takes its toll on you. We took it forward and we got the three moments, which is what we wanted.

“It was a very important match and there was tension. I don’t think Argentina are satisfied with the result. Peru played well, they’re a very difficult opponent. Beyond the penalty, I think the game was controlled.”

Scaloni also mentioned personal issues:

“The first thing I want to do is go home, I haven’t seen my family in a long time. I’m not going through a good family situation to be thinking about the World Cup. I want to go, these past few months have been very difficult, I don’t want to know anything else.

“These three matches ended today and we will see what we will do. They were very difficult moments for me and for my family. I’m not able to think about the World Cup. It doesn’t interest me at all.”


  1. Hey guys I want to know your thoughts. If the world cup is tomorrow who do you think will make the 23 man squad. Put a * next to players who you think are 100% guaranteed. Please, let’s keep this realistic. Remember who you think will make the squad not who you want to make the squad.

    Argentina’s 2022 WC Squad Prediction.
    1. Franco Armani
    2. L. Martinez Quarta?(Foyth?)
    3. Nicolas Tagliafico
    4. Gonzalo Montiel
    5. Leandro Paredes
    6. German Pezzella (L. Mar)?
    7. Rodrigo De Paul*
    8. Marcos Acuña*
    9. Sergio Aguero? (Dybala?)
    10. Lionel Messi*
    11. Angel Di Maria
    12. Agustin Marchesin
    13. Cristian Romero*
    14. Exequiel Palacios
    15. Nicolas Gonzalez
    16. Joachin Correa
    17. Papu Gomez (Alario?)
    18. Guido Rodriguez
    19. Nicolas Otamendi*
    20. Giovani Lo Celso*
    21. Nahuel Molina
    22. Martinez*
    22. Emiliano Martinez*

  2. was surprised to see Alario didnt get a single minute, he is the most unlucky player cant get starting 11 in leverkusan and argentina even after having huge talent. He is very far in the Q for scaloni may be he wont be in worldcup squad so does young talent Alverez

    • Has nothing to do with luck, his problem is that he lacks ambition. Any other player with his abilities would’ve opted to leave Neverkusen and go somewhere where he can get minutes but he’s happy to warm the bench even though he was top 5 in bundesliga last season in the goals per minutes ratio.

  3. Emiliano Martínez has garnered the highest WhoScored rating of any goalkeeper in Europe’s top 5 leagues in 2021 (6.98)

    🏆 The
    goalkeeper has been nominated for the 2021 Yachine Trophy

    Emi posted this.

  4. In the 2018 World Cup , every attack against us felt like the opposition would score. But now it feels completely opposite, we just wait for our defenders to take the ball back and we are back attacking . How many of you watched Brazil vs Uruguay , don’t the Uruguayan team reminds our 2018 WC team team?

    • That’s how it felt before 2014 WC and leading to it until it started and all of a sudden ARGENTINA’S defense became an IRON WALL with the opposition breaking themselves against it but now we have more of a glimpse of that with a year to go.

  5. I know it was a close match in terms of score line. I know Peru tested our back line a few times. I know that the ref should have controlled the excessive fouls from Peru. But…
    We controlled the ball most of the game.
    We had beautiful passing schemes and displays. I mean there were around 12 trick passes from our boys in one game. I havnt seen our team have this much fun against Uruguay and Peru since 2006.
    Molina is a fighter and a marksmen. What a perfect assist.
    Lauturo is an assassin. He came back and stole the ball multiple times even after he scored. I know he already has a nickname, but I am renaming him ElToro ElAssasino.
    Messi had a good game. His amount of dribbles and passes is enough for any top player to feel good about themselves.
    DePaaul has inherited the mid field. He is our heart now. ElCorezon.
    Di Maria might have had some mis ques, but when he has the ball at his feet, I can sense the defense in a nervous state. He just needs to make sure he doesn’t give up the ball easily.
    Acuna is our start at lb. I watched the game in three languages last night and all three commentators were saying great things about Marcos.

    This is our starting lineup boys. We are one year from the world cup, so this is what we will look like when we arrive in Qatar minus one or two players,, unless something extraordinary happens of course.
    I hope all is well with scaloni and his wife. She is mad at him because he left her 20 pairs of Adidas track suits all dirty and stinking before he left for this round of games. All jokes aside, I hope he and his mother and family are well

  6. Whether one can bash Scaloni about his tactics or player selection but one thing I noticed that he is mostly a honest person.

  7. This is where a younger coach excels, energy, drive, desire and of course talent and he has all of them. We are witnessing the decay of Uruguayan NT and it all goes back to a GREAT manager who overstayed his time who was said to leave his post after the last WC!
    I personally have great respect for their football team and history where overachieving always comes to mind.

  8. they may not have played the best game but I admire their attitude and efforts, this pressing was strong even messi helped to press. in a bad day they can win, that’s really encouraging. they didn’t let the opponents breath.

    de Paul was incredible, a great match and probably a world class player.

    all the best to Scaloni and his family, nothing more important

  9. Feeling sorry to hear about Scaloni. Whatever be the problem, I wish him all the best. Let him first take care of the situation at home. Everything else can wait.

  10. If scaloni says there is enough going on in personal life to not think about the must be respected IMO..and we forget that at the end of the day National Team coach is a job..and we all have lives beyond jobs no matter how important millions of other people think that job is…
    Good luck to Scaloni and his family…

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