Argentina vs. Peru, VAR audios released for penalty decisions


Argentina against Peru in the World Cup qualifiers had a potential penalty for Argentina which was not given.

A penalty not given for Argentina and one given for Peru both went to VAR with the audios released. The first decision was in favor of Peru after their goalkeeper Pedro Gallese stepped on Lautaro’s foot.

The decision was that the goalkeeper played the ball first and after that Lautaro arrived with his foot where there was accidental contact provoked by both players but that the goalkeeper got the ball.

For the penalty decision in favor of Peru, the referee stated on the pitch that it was a penalty. The decision from VAR was that it was a disputed play where Martinez made contact. He went in with everything and touched the player.



  1. Aguero is going to face similar problems like Messi is facing at PSG. M.Depay intentionally didn’t pass to Kun , even though kun was in a goal scoring position with nobody around him and he even had his arm raised the whole time indicating Depay to pass!! Depay clearly don’t want Aguero to start over him. The reason Pep was so successful at Barca because he had one person to score goals and that was Messi, if Messi was in a better position nobody was allowed to shoot.

    • Aguero looked decent when he came on. That Depay run really pissed me off. If Aguero stays fit he will be ten times what Depay is, so without any bad luck it’s only a matter of when

      • Yeah, Aguero if he stays fit will bench every striker there. Also he seems to be in much better shape, lost quite a bit of weight. In Copa he looked kinda fat walking and running awkwardly.

  2. I would not rule out Icardi as long as the personal issues do not impact team…Suddenly you feel there is a shortage of strikers in National Team..

    1. Dybala – Not fully fit..
    2. Aguero – Lost cause..
    3. Alario – Never know with injury..
    4. J.Correa – Super Sub
    5. A.Correa – Super Sub
    6. L.Martinez – Only hope
    7. Julian Alvarez – not tried fully yet..

  3. They say karma is a bitch.
    Well Icardi’s bitch ass missed practice today with his club, “owing it to negativity from split with Wanda”.
    (What a bitch, I mean Icardi)
    Wanda Nara says that she “splitting with Mauro because he slept with a “slut”. 😂
    Yes, he has been sleeping with a slut which is also his agent for some years now Wanda.

    Karma is a bitch and a slut.

  4. Nico Dominguez with a lovely assist today a la De Paul. He does have a creative spark in him, not just tackling and interception. Good to know that we have depth in midfield.

    • Hell yeah he has the creative spark, Nico is IMO Argentina’s best U23 midfielder (ahead of Palacios and Alexis), the kid is made for the b-2-b game but that fool Mijalovic insists on using him as a 5 because he’s obsessed with the double pivot system.Although this is the first season where he’s varying the system and using Nico in CM and guess what….the team is doing much better. Sadly Scaloni doesn’t seem to trust him enough to give him any minutes and I really hope that changes because I can see Nico being a great backup to either Celso or De Paul.

  5. well my opinion about Icardi is well known to everybody so nothing new to say.
    the fact that Icardi don t have any ethics is not new too. So i didn t fall from the sky with the news. Just comes like something natural.
    Anyway this guy should stay far from the national team. i will keep saying this till end.

    As about his present wife anymore i feel pitty for her. maybe she have so much money but this is not enough to buy happieness. i wish one day she realize her mistakes change her brains and find peace in her life.
    35 years old woman with 2 broken marriges already and 5 children to take care by herself. (doesn t matter that she is rich. food problem is not exist but this is more than that…..)

    it look like punishment to me.

    • For the sake of the 5 kids I hope she gets it together. But it is likely that neither she nor Icardi will learn their lesson. This will be a cycle that keeps repeating itself. Better be safe than sorry and keep him out of the national team. Today for instance, he missed training for PSG. A direct example of how this stuff can affect his football. But PSG is a club, they can easily sell him if they need to, although the national team is a much more delicate thing. If he is allowed to become an Argentina player and brings his drama, talks controversy to the press, or disrupts the order of things it could be a plague in the locker room that spreads and takes a long time to fix. Scaloni knows it is too much of a risk, especially considering his style of play is not in line with what Scaloni wants from his strikers at all. There is absolutely no need to bear the risk for little to no footballing benefit.

      • very difficult and important game tonight for us against San Lorenzo.
        we don t have tonight Romero, Angileri and Diaz.
        we will start with Armani ,Vigo, Robert Rojas, David Martínez, Casco ,Simón, Enzo Pérez, Enzo Fernández ,Palavecino, Rollheiser and Álvarez.

        very very important 3 points tonight.

        • Yes. We have to take advantage that Talleres lost. So far along with the Boca game this is the most decisive game in my opinion. I heard San Lorenzo also has some injuries so that should help us.

    • Actually not that good in the first half, Newcastle goal was partly his fault, a bit slow in marking the goal scorer. Hope he will play better in the second half. And hope to see Lo Celso.

      • I am not surprised if there is a few small blips from him while adjusting to the league. I am not a big premier league fan but the truth is it is highly intense and even attackers from relegation zone teams can cause a player like Romero problems. After a few months I am sure such moments will be rare

  6. Guys Hotspur vs Newcastle in less than an hour. Cuti starts. Lo Celso on the bench. It seems like Nuno starts to realize how good Cuti is. Lo Celso is competing with Ndombele now for the number 10 role behind the striker in 4-2-3-1.

  7. So Icardi is back at it again, now with another woman but just to be fair, many other footballers have done far worse, he’s definitely not the first or last.
    I can say one thing though, THIS doesn’t help his cause with the NT.

  8. I cant understand why M. Rojo is taken the penalty for boca when there is youngsters they must have check theire potnesiol nervous, calibure all also a good booster for theire confidence. Comon domestic games are to buld next gen talents for National teams

  9. Watch Aston Villa vs Wolves. The loss purely because of the coach dumb mistake substituting the best players on the pitch Douglas Luiz and Buendia when they were up 2-0 with just 25 minutes to go.

    Buendia played De Paul role for Argentina this time, his natural position and he was pretty good. He almost had an assist in the first half but Ings failed to convert. He did not do much mistakes, his positioning was better. I would give him 7.5. That short guy Mcgin or something number 7 outplayed him though. Mcgin is how Buendia is supposed to be for Aston Villa.

    Emi Martinez stopped an one on one but all three goals, there was nothing he could do.

  10. What did I miss? What Mauro do this time? Whom did he do this time?
    If Scarlett Witch doesn’t forgive Icardi we’re talking about divorce, alimony, child support. Isn’t she still technically his manager?

    If this guy scores a hattrick after all this, you still have to consider him for his mental toughness. Nah I’m just talking sh*t. You boys on Mundo were right about him… Too much drama, even though most of it is due to his Jezebel.

    I told you guys Icardi is Vegeta. He has to do villain sh*t if he can’t show his skills! Bulma is mad! Should have stayed with Yamcha lol

    • All the footballers are cheater. They have all the most beautiful girls in the world who try to have their interest so it’s hard to stay clean.

      Icardi is just with Wanda so its more in the paper news but we are not dumb, they do all the same.

  11. Talked about young strikers Jose Lopez and Juan Cruz (Juilio’s son, has Italian passport and Mancini apparently monitoring him). Both came up against each other and both scored in the 1-1 tie. Lopez with his 9th and Cruz with his 6th goal.
    Battaglia’s appointment at Boca means he is readily giving chances to youth and Almendra continues to impress. Luis Vazquez also scored his 4th goal.

    • But why M. Rojo taking penalty when there is youngsters to check and gain experience i mean thaths the purpose of these games at the end of the day to teach and experience youngguns how to play and check how they play

    • Yesterday I tuned in to the last minutes of “el clasico del sur” and saw the Lopez goal. Very impressive. I have not seen much from him this season other than reading his goal tally. But an interesting thing is the commentator was saying that he personally thinks Lopez is the best player of the league so far, ahead of Julian Alvarez (the common pick, which makes his statement somewhat controversial). Again I have seen a lot of Alvarez but not a lot of Lopez to confirm yet if Lopez is anywhere near Alvarez at the age of 20 I think we have a great talent on our hands. The question is if he can keep this up over another season and not turn out like Girotti

  12. Maria Eugenia Suarez. She is married also with a couple of kids looks like. This guy just can’t keep his pants zipped. I wouldn’t call this guy up to the NT ever. Dude has zero integrity.

    • Hahaha I was thinking the same thing when I read it. “Isn’t that like, nearly the same situation a few years back but with you being the zorra? Aren’t you the zorra in this whole saga?” In some situations this whole W-Icardi thing has been very annoying regarding football and Argentina but in other cases it is entertaining to have some circus soap opera to enjoy haha!

  13. Well a minute ago I posted a comment but it has been waiting for confirmation because of the big W-N word. So I will post it again

    Big news – Per Ole “W-N” seems to have separated from Icardi and has unfollowed him on social media while deleting the photos they have together and posting a controversial message

    Do all of these details matter? No, but I mention them because I think it is funny the way this pair have “split up”. Very typical of her to go straight to her phone to unfollow him once they split. I am probably going to make some popcorn and prepare myself for what comes next on this site haha.

    Now back to the football side of this, it is very very early to know what this means for Icardi’s career. But it seems that for now his decisions have left him without international football and without a wife

      • > has a chance?

        Reminds of “Dumb and Dumber” –

        Lloyd Christmas : I want to ask you a question, straight out, flat out, and I want you to give me the honest answer. What do you think the chances are of a guy like you and a girl like me ending up together?

        Mary Swanson : Well Lloyd, that’s difficult to say. We really don’t…

        Lloyd Christmas : Hit me with it! Just give it to me straight! I came a long way just to see you Mary, just… The least you can do is level with me. What are my chances?

        Mary Swanson : Not good.

        [the background soundtrack music suddenly stops]

        Lloyd Christmas : [he gulps, his mouth twitching] You mean, not good like one out of a hundred?

        Mary Swanson : I’d say more like one out of a million.

        Lloyd Christmas : [long pause while he processes what he’s heard] So you’re telling me there’s a chance. YEAH!

        • That’s a perfect reference to this actually. Even if Romance King has a chance of 1 in a million he will still try. In fact, considering that he uses this website to get close to her I would put his chances at 1 in a billion. But he still tries. I would not be surprised at a sudden return from him, I’d advise everyone to brace

  14. Now that Man Utd has lost to Leicester there is no CR7 angry/sad pictures in Bleacher Report’s Facebook page. But whenever PSG draws or loses they post dozens of Leo’s images. It’s obvious now these guys are targeting Messi and Argentina. Hope Messi will regain his club form very soon and make those idiots shut their mouths forever. In the coming one month and a half, it’s expected that CR7 will score very few goals due to the tough opponents he is gonna face, so Messi should score more goals in that period to generate more news.

    • Otamendi still does not have my vote.. he needs to be replaced or atleast have some good competition..I hope we qualify with some matches to spare so we can test some replacements for him…

  15. Medias are again after Julian Alverez that many clubs intrested in him tottenham, villa, bvb, ajax
    I hope he wont go to the premiure legue were our players not treated well and will sit on bench i would love to see him go to Ajax, they will teach total football to young lads under a great manger they currently have plus tagi, martinez all in the team

  16. Icardi is no where near the player he was at Inter. May be due less playing time but his decision making and finishing was quite poor today.

    • He’s also no where near the national team. If we are choosing a striker from river plate over one from PSG… It may give u the hint that he is never going to be on the nt.
      He gave it all up for some used trashy ass girl.

      • I don’t think Scaloni is avoiding him due to his scandal. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have played those matches right after the world cup. Moreover if he hadn’t been injured last month he would have made it. Icardi is not in the team because he doesn’t fit Scaloni’s high pressing game strategy. There are 14 months to go and if he displays good chemistry with Messi and Dimaria then he will be picked. Unlike our previous egotistical managers our current coach seems to be with brain. He wouldn’t keep a player outside of the team for non footballing reasons . Dimaria was also not selected for quite a while until he started putting pressure with great performance at PSG.

        • Exactly, one of the main strength of Scaloni’s team is pressing from the strikers and midfielders, you put Icardi then it’ll be gone. Besides his impact on the game is almost 0. Currently he touched in average below 10 balls per match with his club, it’s too low in the modern football. I would have classified him as a sub but the truth is many other players are better than him even for a few minutes sub role.

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