Lionel Messi comments on Brazilian referee after Argentina’s 1-0 win


Lionel Messi shared his thoughts regarding the Brazilian referee on Instagram, following Argentina’s 1-0 win.

Messi posted on his Instagram a picture of the Argentina national team in regards to the 1-0 win vs. Peru in the World Cup qualifiers. However, Messi also mentioned the Brazilian referee. Here was his post:

“Difficult match, difficult to play. A lot of wind, they were playing deep, leaving little space for us. The referee always does this when he referee’s us, as if he does it on purpose. But well, 3 important points and we’re close to our objective.”

The Argentine could be talking about a penalty for Argentina which was not given after Lautaro Martinez was stepped on in the first half. Or possibly the decision to give Peru a penalty, one which was not scored.


  1. Both disallowed goals should’ve stood
    For the first, the rules have changed where they measure the line from the players feet rather than the position of the upper torso. So, even though Romero has his shoulders in an advance position, it is not deemed offside in accordance to the law change. Example, see Mbappe’s goal for France against Spain. The goal stood..

    For the second, there was minimal push from Guido as the Peruvian defender had leant back on him. This type of play is overlooked by European based FIFA referees.

    They need to be consistent across the board, considering its a FIFA organised event.

      • Really. @vik and @enganche are you guys serious??

        Current offside rule states that no part of the body can be outside the defensive line. But Romero’s goal could have been given on benefit of doubt.

        How on earth you can compare Mbappe offside goal against Romero’s? Mbappe was miles offside 🙂 but it was a simple touch from Spanish defender Garcia that made him on ( whish is a ridiculous rule as defender was trying to intercept the pass)

        I thought Guido is somewhat responsible for his goal not given as the defender would not have blocked him so there was no need to shove the defender. We all know players make most of it these days.

  2. Y people hating messi comments? He is our captain let him speak out for heavens sake.. and when he says nothing y’all quick to say he’s shy and not a leader…

  3. I do not know why Scaloni is not giving chances to pure no. 9 when there are so many creators in playing eleven. J. Correa is not a striker he rarely score goals.
    Argentina creates 5 to 7 quality chances every match they need finisher but Scaloni just wants player with either they should have speed or work rate type.

  4. Messi would again land up in trouble because of this comment. With Uruguay and Brazil matches coming up such comments inviting harsh reaction from FIFA is not welcome. He should apply sense before making such comments. Anyway, we won the match. So all grievances should have been left behind on the pitch.

    • What sense though? if Conmebol wants to punish him , Messi should just handed out the video replay which clearly shows the Peruvian dive. First on our disallowed goal, second for that penalty.

      We need to be bold against unfair treatment instead of letting ourselves getting kicked around by varzil refereeing.

      • Last time too, we had enough evidences to support what Messi said. But AFA could do nothing against a strong lobby. IMHO our mission is qualifying for WC 2022 and not winning petty battles against Brazilian referees, which is anyway a lost battle. Even the VAR supported the referee though the dive was clear. Sometimes victory is the best response to unfair treatments and we already registered that. The penalty miss was a poetic justice too. So Messi should have shown more restraint with his comments.

        • Well, we’ve actually seen the impact of Messi’s comment after that 2019 final. I believe its the reason why the refereeing in Copa 2021 final was fair, because conmebol’s aware that everyone’s watching and paying attention .

          Beside, we’re pretty much qualify at this point, especially with Ecuador drew with Colombia. Uruguay is in fifth place, so even a draw would be good result for us but a nightmare for them.

          Also, Colombia will play Brazil which means Colombia most likely will drop 2 or 3 points.

          So even with 2 draws in next 2 games , Ecuador still cant match our points.

  5. Also the notes on the current pecking order based on the latest matches:

    DR: Molina seems to beat Montiel for the starting spot. They are not that equal anymore. Unless we face Brazil as Scaloni sees Montiel as Brazil killer I guess. Foyth? Clearly third.

    DL: Acuna wins Tagliafico. Unless we face a team where we need to defend the left wing more.

    DM: Paredes won against Guido. Guido still a very important rotation player, but he is obviously behind Paredes in Scaloni’s pecking order.

    Back up winger: Nico Gonzales won against A. Correa. This is a bit surprising to me as A. Correa always played good as a sub. Nico almost never played better than average when given a chance. The only thing Nico does better than A Correa is that he covers more ground.

    Back up striker: J. Correa won against any others. Scaloni seems to like J Correa a lot. Today he was half injured, Scaloni still played him when he still had the likes of A. Correa on the bench.

    Also another thing I notice, Scaloni does not want to play both Montiel and Tagliafico together as they both are too defensive minded, which is a good decision.

  6. 3 things I notice about the match:
    1. How in the world Cuti goal is disallowed? He was not offside. And how is that Guido goal also disallowed? That’s a joke.
    2. How would they let a BRAZILIAN referee doing the job in our match? That is too unfair. It should be anyone but any Brazilian referee.
    3. Get ready to see how team play against us in the World Cup especially if we keep getting stronger and stronger: park bus. They will be scared and go for the safest route, park bus.

    European or smaller teams are known to park bus against a stronger opponent. Today’s match is a good practice.

    In 2014, Iran, Switzerland, and Netherlands parked bus against us.

    • I think Guido’s goal disallowed was correct. Cuti’s goal is sensitive, his head was offside, waiting for an expert to analyze the situation.

      But agree, SA’s referees are a joke!!

    • For me Cuti was offside and Guido pushed him in the back… But the penalty to Peru was a gift from the referee…

      And by the way Netherlands were not parcking the Bus. They played great and it could’ve gone either way….

      I was hoping for more after the Uruguay game.. Everybody is just complaining about the referee. But we didn’t play very good. Di Maria should’ve scored at least once…

      RDP MOTM, and also Lo Celso played both awesome again. And I also think the RB question is answerd. Molina is playing very good. Acuna was a little bit disapoining.

      Cuti and Ota get along very well they play great. And who said Lautaro was not good at headers… What a difficult goal to score just great…

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