Leandro Paredes injured for PSG, will miss Argentina matches in November


Leandro Paredes is injured and will miss Argentina’s World Cup qualifying matches in November.

Paredes will miss PSG’s Champions League match along with the rest of their matches in October due to injury. Per a report by PSG, Paredes suffered a thigh injury while with Argentina and he is not expected back until after the November international matches.

Argentina play Uruguay on November 11 and Brazil on November 16 with the first one away and the second one at home.


    • i watched lisandro v haaland very closely today. while lisandro is a good player i think the scoreline kind of overstates it. he did get in some clean tackles and duels but really it was a double job between Timber and Lisandro in keeping Haaland quiet. Also there were couple occasions where he over attacked the play or Haaland had him turned only to miss it – crossbar hit, goalkeeper save etc.

      Defensively it was a decent performance by him but not really like a cristian romero kind of CB performance. it was really the overall Ajax team which kept Harland/reus/brandt quiet. What lisandro is incredible in is his build up game which is not surprising considering the team he plays for.

      To me this is not new. Every time I watch Ajax I get the same opinion. That the kid is exceptional in high possession teams but I suspect he might suffer in low block setups. Again its just my opinion because in both ajax and Defense Justicia he played in attacking teams and not defensive teams. On the plus side though it does seem Scaloni is trying to transition to a more protagonist type team so that could help him well.

      • Agreed to you brother but I think now we are also a team which is performing amazingly because of high spirits and commitments (like Ajax). Otamendi is not an error free option. But the team play and spirit made him better under Scaloni. I think we can expect the same for Lisandro as well. In addition to that I think he can give some calmness and creativity from the deep. I would love to see some minutes from him. Just a wish.

  1. The only missing puzzle in our team is a center-mid who can defend , create and score. Someone like Modric and the player that is closest to reproduce that kind of game is Palacios. If he can stay fit then he can easily be undisputed starter in that position.

      • De-Paul is good but his offensive skills are far superior to his defensive skills. Someone who is equally good in all areas. defensively impenetrable ….. like the legendary Redondo!! But yeah currently there is no one in international football like the El Principe.

        • I disagree, De Paul is the very definition of a total footballer. While his creative, attacking abilities are superior to his defensive ones, he never the less has the physicality and the defensive discipline to contribute hugely to the defensive side of the team.
          Remember that only a year ago, some posters here were complaining that De Paul isn’t doing much attacking, scoring or creating and some of us responded by saying that De Paul was covering for Messi’s lack of defensive contribution, which was true. However, De Paul has now found a way to maintain his defensive cover of Messi while maximizing his attacking intent and the result is that De Paul is, IMO, the best player in the NT right now (yes even ahead of Lio). Dibu and Celso also deserve loads of props for their great form and contribution.

  2. I hate to see our players get injured. But this could open the door for Guaido, Palacios, and Dominguez. In my opinion, they all can be as good as Parades, if not better.

  3. Papu Gomez should get more chances he is good in almost everything. He can be used in Left Wing as starter, J. Correa is best for sub role and Di Maria is better
    in Right Wing.

  4. Paredes is an important player for Scaloni but we have ready replacements in Guido and even to some extent Palacios and Nico Dominguez both of whom can play a holding midfielder role too.

  5. Go to wc 2022 qatar, 23 man squad (4231 formation)
    Gk: (3 spot)
    1. Emiliano Martinez*
    2. Franco Armani
    3. Juan Musso
    4. Agustin Marchessin
    5. Sergio romero???

    Righ back (2 spot)
    1. Nahuel mollina
    2. Gonzalo montiel
    3. Juan fyoith

    Left back (2 spot)
    1. Marcos Acuna*
    2. Nicolas tagliafico
    3. Facundo Medina

    Center back (4 spot)
    1. Nicolas ottamenfi*
    2. Cuti romero*
    3. German pezella
    4. Lisandro martinez
    5. Lucas martinez quarta

    Central midfielder (4 spot)
    1. Rodrogo de paul*
    2. Leandro paredez
    3. Guido rodriguez
    4. Ezequel palacios
    5. Nicolas dominguez

    Righ winger (2 spot)
    1. Angel dimaria
    2. Paulo dybala
    3. Angel correa
    4. Julian alvarez

    Left winger (2 spot)
    1. Gio lo celso*
    2. Nico gonzales
    3. Papu gomez

    Attacking midfielder (2spot)
    1. Leonel messi ****
    2. Joachin correa

    Number 9 (2 spot)
    1. Lautaro martinez*
    2. Kun Aguero
    3. Lucas alario
    4. Mauro Icardi ???
    Forza argentina…..

    • Too early to talk about WC. Have you considered the possibility of injuries and player forms? As of next year, Argentine players in the major leagues as usual after qualification, will raise their game with hope of inclusion. I expect fierce competition from players seeking inclusion. At this point in time, it’s premature to talk about WC squad.

  6. Does not matter if Paredes is injured or unable to walk or can’t get up from bed- he will play the match irrespective – Scaloni is the final Doctor..

  7. Big rumor circulating this morning that psf staff want to trade Icardi for aguero.
    Management in PSG say that Messi and Icardi have a “sore” relationship and that they feel if they bring aguero then they can make the culture better for the team. Let’s see what happens.
    What would be funny is if this happens, and then scaloni call maxi Lopez to the national team just to sit on the bench as a symbol.

    • ha ha good one my friend 🙂 🙂
      But exept the funny part in reality Maxi Lopez never recover in his life neither in personal or in his profecional from then. Even in this age he continue fight with his demons. He is just one more from many Argentines that begin from poor and when they earn fame and money they didn t have the mental strength to keep balance in their life and they destroy theirselves.

    • Even if Icardi doesnt actually have bad relationship with the other guys, we dont need player who will attract media attention for all the wrong reason. It will only disrupt the team concentration. This is the main reason why he’s never get picked. Thats why he’s not getting picked even when he was serie A top scorer twice.

  8. First of all it might not be 23. It could be 26 just like the Euro or 28 just like the Copa America. But if it is 23 only, then I agree with all the names u list, however some of them are still not secured. They are:
    #9 Sergio Aguero. Here one spot for either him, Alario, Dybala, or the local hero Julian Alvarez. It is still one year but I say Julian Alvarez has the biggest chance here.

    #12 Marchesin. I say Juan Musso has more chance than him as of now.

    #2. I believe LM Quarta is slightly behind Lisandro Martinez in pecking order.

    Other than those 3, all other 20 are confirmed for sure. I mean those 20. Scaloni loves them and they always convince us that they deserve to represent Argentina.

    It will be hard for the likes or Nico Dominguez, Buendia, or one of those strikers to make the final 23. If it is really 23.

  9. Hey guys I want to know your thoughts. If the world cup is tomorrow who do you think will make the 23 man squad. Put a * next to players who you think are 100% guaranteed. Please, let’s keep this realistic. Remember who you think will make the squad not who you want to make the squad.

    Argentina’s 2022 WC Squad Prediction.
    1. Franco Armani
    2. L. Martinez Quarta?(Foyth?)
    3. Nicolas Tagliafico
    4. Gonzalo Montiel
    5. Leandro Paredes
    6. German Pezzella (L. Mar)?
    7. Rodrigo De Paul*
    8. Marcos Acuña*
    9. Sergio Aguero? (Dybala?)
    10. Lionel Messi*
    11. Angel Di Maria
    12. Agustin Marchesin
    13. Cristian Romero*
    14. Exequiel Palacios
    15. Nicolas Gonzalez
    16. Joachin Correa
    17. Papu Gomez (Alario?)
    18. Guido Rodriguez
    19. Nicolas Otamendi*
    20. Giovani Lo Celso*
    21. Nahuel Molina
    22. Martinez*
    22. Emiliano Martinez*

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