Giovanni Simeone scores four goals for Verona in 4-1 win vs. Lazio


Giovanni Simeone scored four goals for Verona in their 4-1 win vs. Lazio.

Simeone managed four goals against his father’s old team Lazio as he made it six goals in eight matches this season, six goals in his last four matches. He would give Verona the 1-0 lead with a through ball in to Simeone who made a run inside the penalty area and scored.

The Argentine would make it 2-0 with a goal from outside of the penalty area with his shot going into the corner of the net. With Lazio scoring, it was 2-1 for Verona but a ball into the penalty area and a finish by Simeone as he would complete his hat trick. 

But at 3-1, Simeone was not done yet. A cross sent into the area found the 26 year old who would head it in to give Verona the 4-1 lead.


    • Messi was isolated playing as a right wing. For some reason all Sampaoli’s teams look good defensively except Argentina. Messi had 2 chances but he is still adapting to his new team. 0-0 away at Marseille is actually not bad but of course people think PSG would go 38-0-0 this season.

  1. If Messi wins another golden ball this year it will be because of his performances in the Copa America and with Barca. His performances at PSG are far from brilliant .Since July his form has dropped, just like Ronaldo. Both dominated world football for 15+ years, but those heydays are over. Most of you here can easily pick 3 players who perform way better in the past few month than our beloved captain. The Copa win came just in time!

        • Bullshit. I have been an Argentina fan for decades and being realistic right now. Messi is phenonomenal. Besiides a goal against City his PSG era is however not so memorable.

          Lack of blind enthousiasm makes me a hater? Grow up.

          • Bullshit. Since Copa finished, Messi has scored 3 goals in 3 games in CL, 4 goals in 5 games in WC qualifier (broke Pele record). Only struggles in ligue 1 where the whole team played like crap in recent months.

            You’re just nitpicking certain games where he just happen not to score since you’re probably one of those who only read stats without watching the game.

          • ha ha richard how can people forget things so soon…..he had a even worse start last season…and some people wrote him off….and then he scored around 35 goals.

            i have not seen the club games but i have the international ones….he is just as good as a year ago in those….WTF is wrong with you?

      • Richard is a highly respected member in Mundo. He is an old member too, I never saw a single hatred post of him towards Messi. It’s true that Leo isn’t at his best with his new club recently and I think that is what Rich was trying to shed some light on.

  2. PSG is looking extremely vulnerable in the back. Teams like Bayern or Liverpool will wreak havoc on them. Their midfield has no clue when and where to pass the ball and most importantly Mbappe doesn’t want to pass to Neymar whatsoever. Messi was decent today, only had one opportunity to score but his header was saved. Mbappe wasn’t able to capitalize on couple of Messi’s great through balls. Neymar is looking lost and had no impact in the game and wasn’t happy to get subbed. He and Messi are the kind of players that need the ball to go through them in every attack. Dimaria had a decent game but had to be sacrificed for PSG’s poor defending which resulted in the red card.

    It looking like, playing only two out of Messi, Mbappe and Neymar seem to provide the balance needed in the midfield and defense . Since Mbappe doens’t want to pass to Neymar no matter what , it looks like it would have been better for everyone if Leonardo and PSG had accepted the 200+ million offer Mbappe and let him leave for Madrid. If real comes knocking in January they might as well let him go and buy Kante or a good Defensive mid. But as of right now, PSG is looking like team that will knocked out from the 2nd round of Champions league.

    • with 200 million + they could invest in like 3 world class players, like a Kante and some other defenders to plug up holes, so yeah they probably should sell him.

      I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this but every game I have watched of PSG this season Neymar looks awful, he looks slower (at one point overweight), has dreadful touches of the ball and does not have that edge to him he one had, plus wastes goal opportunities. Maybe it’s just the games I watched but he only seems to be good for Brazil anymore.

      Di Maria was quite sharp today and along with Messi should have had at least an assist and maybe two, but Neymar and Mbappe were off. That Saliba tackle on Mbappe at the end was impressive and was a clear assist for Messi had Mbappe finished it

      • In the fist half , there were couple of occasions when Mbappe didn’t pass to Neymar even though Neymar was in better position to attack or score. While Dimaria was on the pitch he was providing Neymar with some good passes but after he was subbed Neymar was totally isolated from the match and was invisible.

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