Sergio Aguero scores for FC Barcelona in 2-1 loss against Real Madrid


Sergio Aguero scored for FC Barcelona in their 2-1 loss vs. Real Madrid.

Aguero got his first goal for FC Barcelona as he came on as a substitute. With Madrid winning 2-0, a pass into the penalty area found the Argentine as he scored from close range.

He has played three matches for Barcelona, all three as a substitute. Argentina play two World Cup qualifying matches in November against Brazil and Uruguay as Aguero would want to continue his scoring form and be included in the team.


  1. I still have faith in Kun for the world cup but it all rests on injuries. Besides that he is still a world class finisher. I’m not willing to call him finished, before his spell of injuries he had 19 goal contributions in the prem and before that 29 in 33. Just have to wait and see. Not to mention that his first official goal for Barca is in his second game against none other than Real Madrid

  2. Kun regaining form will be more bad news for Icardi as he would be further away from the NT.

    Also, keep an eye on Foyth situation, in the last game Aurier who is not a good player IMO, replaced him fairly early. Now it might be because of a yellow Foyth picked up earlier or a tactical decision, cause Aurier mediocre as he is, at least offers more penetration in the final third, more natural width and crosses.

    • To add to that, Kun looks extremely good and lost lot of excess weight. He looked fat and walked like a rhino in Copa but now he looks quite fit and in shape. He just need to find a way to stay fit and goals will come for Barca and Argentina.

      • It would be interesting to see Icardi and his wife/ex wife with a reality tv show. He would be more fit for that than football. Some updates are that on social media he unfollowed everyone but his wife and is posting photos of them daily, meanwhile she has ignored this and once even posted a photo saying her hand looks better without a ring. Just getting embarrassing at this point. Best outcome would be for him to be swapped for Aguero with Barca and Mbappe sold so PSG can outlay on a DM.

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