Nicolas Gonzalez tests positive for COVID-19


Nicolas Gonzalez has tested positive for COVID-19.

Gonzalez is asymptomatic and already in isolation. Fiorentina announced on Tuesday that he has tested positive and are following the local health authority guidelines.


  1. Hate to talk about this but with all due respect Dfox, there are great doctors around the world, some of the grestest, some of them awarded with Nobel, who are claiming based on proofs from recent researches that those specific vaccines not only protect from the virus but are also dangerous for people’s health. And all of these when there are conservative meds which can protect people from the virus but they are cheap in comparison to the expensive vaccines.

    You can search it and find out on your own, those doctors are very famous, some of them are the best in the world, and researches are even made by some of the biggest scientific instifutions!

    I don’t know about you, but for me personally, i never and i will never trust “authorities”.


      my friend i find this from past and i want to share it with you.
      when our teams face each other in year 2004 🙂 🙂 🙂
      i don t know if you knew that we face each other ever but personally i wasn t remember that until by luck i find this video 🙂 🙂 🙂
      what years back then and what memories 🙂 🙂

      • Wonderful post my friend! I was in the army back then, army in Greece is compulsory, everyone in Greece is obligued to serve the army for a specific period of time. But what i remember the most back then is the olympics in Athens where our beloved Argentina cruised to the gold medal!

        Yes, wonderful memories my friend, really nice that we are sharing them with each other and i never had the chance to meet Argentine fans, that would have been great!

        • i see. in Argentina military service is voluntary since late 90 s. But there in your country you have issues with your “good” neighboors so your system is normal to be like this.
          Anyway.As about 2004 Olympics was perfect for us my friend. Gold in football ,Gold in Basketball and my beloved Las Leonas take Bronze. (Las Leonas is Argentine national hockey women team).
          Maybe the best Olympics for Argentina history.
          wow what you remind me now.
          Old good times 🙂 🙂 🙂
          As about last you mention. one of my dreams is to travel in Europe one day to watch Argentina national team play in world cup !!!
          in 1998 in 2006 and in 2018 i was so jelous for all those was there. i was seeing our fans there in tv and i was dreaming myself to be there.

    • All I reports or leaked info or whatever you want to call it that I have seen thus far have said the same thing, Messi is the clear winner…….from Adidas introducing his new shoes with the Ballon d’ Or in the background to reporters leaking the winner…etc

    • Lewandowski was robbed in last year. If we see 2020-2021 years combined still Lewa was the best. In 2021 Messi deserves it, but the polish is so unlucky. And people will hate Messi for it as usual.

      • Messi was clearly cheated when her majesty stole the ballon d’Or that year when Mr. corruption AKA Seth Blather reopened the voting when Messi had already won and again when Messi did just what Christina did………placing ARGENTINA into the WC and still lost to her.


    i want to share with my friends here this emotional video.
    one very loved to me song mixed with our beloved team.

    from me to all those we are in age that we lived inside our skin and cry from our losses from 90 s.
    keep on celebrate Dfox1942 we wait long enough.
    we are still champions my friend and …..nothing over yet….
    our destiny owe us something more….
    so be patient for one more year…

  3. Feel sad for this youngster he scores his first goal for new team get injured
    He back and scores his second goal for the team he tests positive 🙄
    Seems like he is the new dembale

      • Are you a doctor my friend? and neither am I, many YOUNG and HEALTHY people have perished because of this awful disease that didn’t need to.
        I don’t know where you live but when the authority on infectious diseases TELLS YOU vaccines and masking up helps stop the spread of the disease and every other doctor with a clear conscience who is NOT motivated by personal, political or financial gain around the world tells you the exact same thing, THEN WE SHOULD ALL LISTEN.

        • No disrespect my friend. Don’t know where u live, but you are a naive man. “Authorities” tell u lot of things. They’ll one day tell us to dig a deep hole and bury ourselves inside so nothing will affect us. To understand the Corona saga, you need a deep understanding of world political order and our own history of the past hundreds of years and how history is repeating itself or made “to repeat” itself. Nico is fine, in a “sane” world he’ll play the coming weekend match.

          • Naive!! so what you’re saying is the following:
            Don’t listen to what the doctors say, they basically don’t know what they’re talking about.
            Covid is not real and just a way to control the masses by tying to tell people what to do just for that purpose.
            The millions of people that died and dying as we speak and the ones that will die in the future ……its all a BIG LIE, fake news!!

            I find it funny and I’m not directing this at anybody in particular, that some and unfortunately many will listen to nonsense from somebody/anybody instead of listening to the actual people who do this for a living.
            BTW, my comment wasn’t about Nico in particular either, chances are he’ll be fine……………….I was talking to everybody in general.

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