CONMEBOL confirm South American teams will boycott extra World Cups


CONMEBOL have confirmed that the South American teams will boycott the FIFA World Cup, should it take place every two years.

Rumors have emerged in recent weeks that FIFA are looking to have the World Cup take place every two years, as opposed to the current format of every four years. This has divided the opinions of many people and CONMEBOL have communicated a message regarding the possible new format.

The message mentions how there’s no real reasons, benefits or justifications for the World Cup to be held every two years. And because of that, the 10 South American national teams will not participate in the World Cup if it it’s every two years. This was released on Wednesday.


  1. The extra WC would be equalling meaningless as “money nations league” . Even Confederation make more sense since at least its basically pitted champions from each continents. The basic idea is still fun, but extra WC? Those elites at organization probably piss that the super league aint happening, now they’re looking for another $$$ to make.

  2. I watched the Spurs vs Burnley today in EPL cup. Cuti and Lo Celso both started. Lo Celso looked decent. He almost scored a goal from close range.

    Cuti gets better and better. His performance was near perfection today. He won all air and grouns battles almost 100%. Burnley hardly had any shot on goal. And as usual, he made the other defender who played along side him look good, Davinson Sanchez. Now we know why Nico Otamendi always looked good when paired with Cuti.

    Can’t wait for CR vs CR this weekend.

    • Cuti Romero is phenomenal defender, no doubt He will be a world class defender, as for lo celso he plays good every time he plays his perfer positions as nu 10 or 8, I think he is best spurs midfielder and i’m not overexaggerating he just need more games in oder to proved and btw those spurs fans who chatting rubbish against lo celso were praising him couple years back as they doing to cuti Romero now, honestly speaking spurs fans are one the deluded supporters in world football. it doesn’t matter what they say about lo celso, He is pure talent unfortunately he is in wrong club. I agree with you cuti Romero makes other defender play better.

  3. I’m glad they hated the idea of a world cup every 2 years and FIFA can say whatever they want to say about trying to include more nations into the competition because its all about money and will always be about that more than anything else.

    @ddr1123 I saw the video about Adidas leaking the info about Messi winning the ballon d ‘Or 2 or 3 days ago, I know I saw it but didn’t want to say anything on here because I assumed many would have seen it as well. The so-called leaked ballon sheet that everybody is talking about today seems to be fake and I’ll let you read what the Mirror says

    As far as the Corona discussion from the previous post, I respect the opinions of my fellow ARGENTINA diehards but there is no point on going round and round in circles to what should be obvious to everybody!

  4. like it was not enough that from 2026 world cup the idiotic new format will take place and the prestige will decrese as never in past… now the same idiots want to blow more the world cup with this every 2 years thing.
    God save football from morons.

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