Sergio Agüero out for 3 months, will miss Argentina’s World Cup qualifiers


Sergio Agüero is out for three months as he will miss Argentina’s World Cup qualifiers.

Aguero looked to be off to a good start with FC Barcelona following his injury. He was brought on as a substitute and scored against Real Madrid and on Saturday started for FC Barcelona. However, he had to be substituted off early in the match due to chest discomfort and it was later revealed that he has a heart arrhythmia.

He was ruled out for FC Barcelona’s match against Dynamo Kiev in the Champions League as the club released a statement regarding his situation. They stated that he underwent a diagnostic and therapeutic procedure and that the effectiveness of the treatment over the next three months will determine his recovery.

The 33 year old would not return before the start of the new year. For Argentina, that means he would not be taking part in the World Cup qualifiers in November.


  1. wish a speedy recovery for Kun, health is the most important thing; Unfortunately Barca will missed him for 3 months and to Scaloni is getting a moment and indeed a right time to find the replacement, Alario and Correa will get more time.

  2. First of all, Best of wishes to Super Kun, I hope he is fully recovered and playing football is not mandatory.
    I hope Conte is hired to manage the Spurs and properly uses the assets at his disposal.
    3rd, F Barcelona, a bunch of ungrateful low lives and with Laporta a so-called friend, who needs enemies??? and with Kun out for 3 months, I hope they get relegated.

    • You honestly think Daniel Levi is willing to spend 280 million? LOL!! Not a chance in all 9 circles of hell! The man is a stereotypical Jewish business man i.e. intelligent, tight pocketed and gets the most out of a deal, hence why he has remained at the club for so long despite having no trophies to show for it.
      I honestly can’t see Conte coming into Spurs and if by some miracle he does end up going there, he won’t last beyond the season because there is a better chance of peace in the mid-east than a Conte-Levi partnership succeeding, honestly.
      As for GLC, well the problem wasn’t that he had better players ahead of him, because he didn’t! The problem was that he was misused by a coach who is already clueless. We’ve seen what Celso could do with Argentina and Betis…..and to a lesser extent PSG and Spurs (in his 1st season there). The guy is a classy midfielder who can hang with the best of ’em if given his proper chance.

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