Lionel Messi out for PSG, will make Argentina team for World Cup qualifiers


Lionel Messi has not been included in the PSG team for their match against Bordeaux but will play for Argentina in the World Cup qualifiers.

Messi will not take part in PSG’s match against Bordeaux as coach Mauricio Pochettino stated on Friday. Messi, who also missed PSG’s last match due to knee and ligament injuries, was in Madrid receiving treatment.

However, according to a report by TyC Sports, Lionel Messi will be available for Argentina in their World Cup qualifiers which begin next week. He could play a few minutes against Uruguay on November 12 and would play play the entire match on November 16 against Brazil in San Juan.


  1. If we beat Uruguay, Messi should just sit on the bench against Brazil. I’d love to see how Argentina do without Messi against top opponent. I believes the current team is strong enough without Messi. We needs to prepare the worst scenario , lets say Messi gets injured in middle of WC, we needs to be prepared for that kind of situation.

    • He’s always impressive, one of europe’s top GKs but honestly the Aston Villa coach needs to get fired because if this continues Dibu will end up like Rulli and De Gea i.e. continue to ship goals because of a useless defense and end up losing his confidence. Luckily both aformentioned GKs found their groove again but still, Dibu is way too talented for a team like villa, a team that I thought would do much, MUCH better than they have this season considering all the money they spent.

      Also should give a shout out to Emi Buendia how was fantastic IMO, he’s getting better and better every game and I really hope he’ll reach his considerable potential.

  2. Well, he better NOT play until he is fully recovered, a 100% WC qualifier or not.
    He’s 34 years old and things take much longer to heal now than before and obviously we need him in one piece for the WC and playing through injuries doesn’t help.

    On a side note, where the hell is the verdict on the ARG/BRZ game???? FIFA playing this bullshit game, it shouldn’t have taken more than a month.

    • There will be a rematch or they will consider it a draw and award both teams a point.
      Of course they will not give us the three automatically which is what should happen in my opinion.
      Back in the day, late 90s, I think it was Peru who was disqualified and other team was awarded 3 points, because Peru showed up with a few players that were not on their list they provided before hand. It could be Bolivia, I can’t remember

      • I don’t know about the late 90s one but didn’t Peru or Paraguay lose points in the qualifiers for 2018 WC (playing a suspended player) that benefitted ARG when they badly needed points or move up the top 4 list.
        It was a clear cut case, their stadium and their responsibility, I don’t mind strong opponents before the WC but NOT them, they need to be punished for their crap and know that they can’t get away with what they did just like 2019 Copa, a bunch cheatin sons a bitches.

        • I agree they need to be punished. I also would like to see another match between them tho after this week’s match. As long as we stay comfortable in the standings that is

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