Argentina squad for November World Cup qualifiers, Lionel Messi, Paulo Dybala included


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has announced his squad for the November World Cup qualifiers.

Lionel Scaloni has selected over 30 players for the two matches against Brazil and Uruguay in November. While most of the squad which won the Copa America have been included, Scaloni has also named several young players from the Argentine league.

Paulo Dybala is back in the squad as he was injured for the October matches while Lionel Messi, who could miss a few matches for PSG, has also been included. Leandro Paredes, who could miss both matches, is also in the team.

Alejandro Papu Gomez does not make the squad due to injury along with Lucas Alario who is also injured. Scaloni has selected nine players from Argentina, one of which is 17 year old goalkeeper Federico Gomes Girth, who plays in the second division with Tigre. Here is the squad:

Franco Armani (River Plate)
Emiliano Martinez (Aston Villa)
Juan Musso (Atalanta)
Nahuel Molina (Udinese)
Gonzalo Montiel (Sevilla)
Cristian Romero (Tottenham Hotspur)
German Pezzella (Real Betis)
Nicolas Otamendi (Benfica)
Lucas Martinez Quarta (Fiorentina)
Nicolas Tagliafico (Ajax)
Marcos Acuna (Sevilla)
Guido Rodriguez (Real Betis)
Leandro Paredes (PSG)
Lisandro Martinez (Ajax)
Enzo Fernandez (River Plate)
Rodrigo De Paul (Atletico Madrid)
Exequiel Palacios (Bayer Leverkusen)
Giovani Lo Celso (Tottenham Hotspur)
Nicolas Dominguez (Bologna)
Angel Di Maria (PSG)
Lionel Messi (PSG)
Angel Correa (Atletico Madrid)
Lautaro Martinez (Inter)
Paulo Dybala (Juventus)
Julian Alvarez (River Plate)
Nicolas Gonzalez (Fiorentina)
Joaquin Correa (Inter)
Thiago Almada (Velez)
Santiago Simon (River Plate)
Exequiel Zeballos (Boca Juniors)
Cristian Medina (Boca Juniors)
Matias Soule (Juventus)
Gaston Avila (Rosario)
Federico Gomes Gerth (Tigre)


  1. Lo Celso is one of those players that constantly gets criticized for almost literally no reason. This goes on here and it goes on with the fans of his club. Yes Lo Celso has not reached his potential or fully come up to his expectations at spurs (despite having a good first season) because of injuries and coaches, but spurs fans don’t seem to realize that there are 100 other problems worse and more important than them. Same thing on here, why are people always asking for Lo Celso to be replaced or criticizing him? He has 99% of the time played great for us and done everything needed of him. He is not an issue in the slightest. Asking to replace him with Almada or Barco right now just borders on insanity, the worst thing we could do is chop off our best players of a winning team. Don’t change a winning team, only tweak it and build on it as is necessary. But don’t make abrupt, unnecessary, and downgrading changes. I don’t think that Barco or Almada could even play the same role Lo Celso plays for us. Barco is not Pele or Maradona in the slightest, he is a player that is in the mls wasting valuable years of development. If he goes to Europe he may take another year or two to fully adjust and begin giving regular output, and by then he will be 24-25. Not at all ready now

      • No idea, he may in the future and I really hope he does, but MLS moves are usually inspired by money and seeking a comfortable league to play in. His performances so far this season look like they’ve been incredible, just that it is in mls and not a league where he can be prepared to play against top quality opponents

  2. Another Ballon Dor final list leaked where Messi won, second Lewandowski with minimal gap. Poor polish was robbed in last year, like Ribery in 13 vs Pendu. Overall this is still a marketing voting, imo neither Messi neither Pendu deserved 6 or 7 and 5. Messi 4 or 5, Pendu cca 3, and Sneijder, Xavi, Iniesta, Kroos, Ribery and Lewa all would have deserved one

  3. Horacio Pagani, a veteran Argentine journalist:

    “Lo Celso is a Riquelme of the 21st century”.

    Those who say Lo Celso is “lethargic” should re-watch the game vs Uruguay. Messi and Lo Celso combine so well in midfield and for the NT Lo Celso has been largely solid. He is in fact the most dynamic midfielder we have.

    Almada and Barco are nowhere near Lo Celso yet, maybe one day.

    • Exactly i havnt seen medias talking about a young talent as next riquelme as much as lo celso had in age group times. Truely so his passong range is so good there is nobody in argentina right now as good a midfielder as him under the age of 30 he is creative engine and he is a team player

    • As much as I like Le Celso when he played for the NT, I think he is no Requelme who was a commander in ball distributor, expert in free kicks and very good goalscorer too. Le Celso is a good player but no world class.

      • Lo Celso certainly is world class. Riquelme was a better creator but different in that he was the classic South American #10. Rarely would you see Riquelme take on defenders unless they overcommitted. He’d rather pass to create space (I miss those players btw) than attack the defense. Lo Celso is that player.

        On top of that Lo Celso is box to box. Riquelme thoroughly admits he didnt care for defense. That’s why he was dropped by Barca, subbed out in a knock out game against Germany, and eventually retreated to Boca.

        Lo Celso is world class and us fans should be thanking the heavens that Arg has that quality of player

      • I agree comparisons to Riquleme are way off base. The closest player in the NT to Riquelme is Paredes.

        Lo Celso is an excellent creative midfielder, same as Depaul. They are well rounded midfielders, something we haven’t had the luxury of having for over a decade.

  4. I am just laughing on all of these pundits on this forum saying LoCelso is not good enough. You better play mobile games. He needs better Coach. He will thrive with better coach.

  5. Yeah, I like Barco too. Lo Celso’s ‘lethargic’ playing and his over reliance on his left leg is a problem for me.
    Some may say Barco is too young for the national team. Maybe that’s what Pekerman thought of Messi in 2006. Maybe Pele shouldn’t have gone to his first world (@ 16?)
    I’ve come to realize that most people are parroty – they mindlessly repeat what people say. A footballer is good but, “he’s not ready for the NT”.
    Maybe we’re too clever for ourselves.

    • ‘lethargic’?? I honestly don’t think that word means what YOU think it does. Celso has weaknesses in his game (namely his fitness) but no way in hell is he lethargic, the kid is a fire cracker, taking the ball from the deep and driving it forward, getting ‘stuck in’ with his tackles/defensive work and trying to get in good positions up front to shoot and score, he’s a b-2-b player in every meaning of the word. The word ‘lethargic’ can be used for the likes of Riquelme or Paredes but not for the likes of Celso.

  6. I think it iis littile early for Almada in team .I think Barco is too serious midfielder for Nt. Scaloni can use him in locelso s place.

    I cannot watch Arg vs Uru match live. I have an event. I am a performer. Can anyone please share a clean website to rewatch the full match. I ll be watching from USA.

    • You also must prefer drugs

      Sorry, I’m not seeing how Almada is anywhere near the level of Lo Celso. Or any other midfielder on the NT

        • Yeah and the 18 month old baby in Lanus i saw on the street yesterday have higher potentiel too. He Will be ready for the 2022 World Cup ?

          Stop to speak about “potential”. Many potentials never become top players. Now Argentina have to prepare the world cup in 1 year. Almada is a player who have to grow up to be ready in 5 years or more .

        • Still not understanding people’s logic when it comes to Lo Celso. I guess you want club level messi play for Lo Celso to be considered “world class”. Every time I’ve seen him on the field with a NT shirt, he has overly impressed. He is flat out dangerous with the ball and constantly pressing forward instead of back passing.

          So many times I’ve watched Arg games with people who dont watch arg play. Every time they say “who is that Lo Celso guy?” Same with the announcers, always saying how great Lo Celso is playing.

          You guys really need to watch the games. International football is not the same as EPL

        • I disagree completely with you saying that Celso failed as a world class midfielder. He was a world class midfielder at Betis and one of no growth Spurs’s best players in his first season and for Argentina he’s totally world class, which is what really counts for me. He had an injury ridden season with Spurs last year and he’s been used all wrong by that fool Nuno (good riddance BTW) this season, so saying that he ‘failed’ to live up to his potential isn’t faire. I mean that’s like saying that Pogba failed to be a world class player because of his up and down form with Man U, yet we all know that with France and Juve he was one of europe’s best midfielders.
          I still maintain that Celso has to leave that cul de sac club and England in general because that overrated league isn’t for him. The kid never had any fitness problems at Rosario, PSG or Betis, not to mention that he played one of the most physically brutal international tournaments (copa 21) and came out almost unscathed *knock on wood* but in England it’s been one injury after another ever since his first season.
          I personally would love to see him at Sevilla or maybe the likes of Inter/Atalanta, highly respected teams with a balanced style that play CL and compete within their respective leagues.

  8. In this 3-4-3 Lo Celso wont play, in 3-5-2 he could be a starter, but imo Conte will prefer 3-4-3 with so many wingers Son, Bergwijn, Lucas and Gil, plus Reguillon and Emerson as wingbacks, one pure defensive midfielder Winks, Skipp and one ZM who will be Hojberg, just after him comes Ndombele and Lo Celso

    • And even Alli is there too, 4 players for one position, where Hojberg is an automatic starter. In 3-4-3 Conte can use him maybe as right winger, which is out of position again.

    • Quote: [In this 3-4-3 Lo Celso wont play]

      Why not? Celso is exactly the kind of player that Conte loves, a skilled, hard working b-2-b player, not to mention that Celso has the fighting spirit and mentality to earn his starting place like he did with Mourinho.
      I personally believe that as long as he stays fit, Gio will be an indispensable player for Conte.

      In a 3-4-3, Conte could opt for either a classic 3-4-3 with Son, Kane and Moura as the 3 up top or a variation 3-4-3(1-2) where there is a ’10’ playing behind Kane and Son, with the 10 being either Celso, Nodembele or Alli (or maybe even Erikson). If that’s the case then I believe that Celso can easily out do them both because: A. I think he’s more talented than either of them and B. Nodembele and Alli have abit of an attitude problem that might rub Conte the wrong way.

      At the end of the day it’s way too soon for us to know what and how will Conte treat Celso, but I repeat -yet again- that IF Celso stays fit then I have zero doubt that he will be one of Conte’s main men in the team.

  9. This s good list, a predictable list. And I say predictable in a good sense. Consistency is required. We are not a team of superstars or of crazy talents that can on their day romp and plough through any opponent. We are doing good as a collective team. If we have any success it will come in the form of a team not individual brilliance. So let them stay together, play together and form a solid, difficult to play team. I think this is where Scaloni and co. is doing a good job.

    Now some personal opinions on the selection
    1. Still don’t understand Armani. Why? What does he bring to table that we fans don’t see?
    2. I like the young local players. Even though I don’t know about them. This is better than calling Enzo Perez.
    3. Ascacibar, Senesi are not going to make it. Not at their current level. Nothing special to don Argentina NT shirt.
    4. Really want Messi to rest. Let others start playing, they are already doing it. Messi era is coming to an end. Don’t be Barcelona.

  10. Nice to see some young new talents in the squad. Good move 1 year before the WC starts. Calling injured players is a bit strange though.

    • Probably due to his profile which is closer to a defense of 3 and seems that it’s not in Scaloni’s plan to move to that formation. Actually a lot of Argentina players in this list have experience to play in a 343 or 352 with their club(Acuna, Molina, Montiel as winger back, Romero, Pezzella, Quarta, Otamendi as 1 of the 3 CB). Even for De Paul, in some games he used to play as winger back with Udinese.

      Personally I am a big fan of 343 or 352 and wish to see that with the national team again. Players like Medina, Lisandro Martinez would be much more valuable.

    • I am sure Buendia will get selected in the future. In fact, I think it is better for his career to stay training at his club than go to the national team and travel for 1-2 weeks to not be used. They still need to figure out how to use him. He is a great player and I really like him, when he actually gets the ball at his feet he is great, look what he created against West Ham. Scaloni seems to be in a phase where he calls him up every now and then, he will be back in the future but he isn’t always there. But better for him to figure out what he is doing at his club so he can get back into the form or output he showed last season

  11. During the previous Argentina-Peru, the team played between 442 and 433. When De Paul played in the middle, Di Maria moved to the right. When Di Maria went to the left, De Paul moved to the right, part of Lo Celso’s job was to move to close the gap left by them. Those 3 moved around with Lautaro and the 2 fullbacks to press the opponents. Paredes has a very important role in the midfield, his job seems to decide how far should press the opponents. If he drops deep then the whole team drops deeper. The 2 CB move according to his decision. I see a big change since Copa, the fullbacks becoming more involved in the attack. We all know that our fullbacks are not top players that’s why it’s important for the midfielders and to CB to cover them when they attack. De Paul and Romero did very good job on that part.

    Messi plays quite well in this team because of that pressing and constant running of his team-mates, so he can stay in his zone, no need to drop too deep, no need to stay on the right. Messi plays more as an inner attacking midfielder, not exactly as 10 but similar to Iniesta in the past but in a more advanced position.

  12. I’m very happy that a number of players from the Argentine league were chosen.
    Let me explain why
    The game of soccer is a revolving door. Many of our starters who now play in Spain and England were once in the Argentina league. Also, many go back to retire in the domestic league. A good coach not only thinks about the next game, and the two qualifiers that follow, but he is thinking about the next tournamen, the next 6 months, and that next few years. Scaloni is impressive that he really cares about the future of our national teams. Some of the domestic players he called may never play on the field, some will never be called up again. But maybe one player, just one of them, gains experience, shows a spark, learns something new from Messi and DePaul and Martinez,…. If that one diamond in the rough shines then we all benefit.
    Anyways, I hope dybala starts.

  13. the fact that some people crying just because some new young players will bench warm in the next 2 national team games is beyond my imagination.
    The desire for find something to make critics and for find one subject to complain about is bringing people to lunacy.
    Jesus Christ !!!

  14. Olive my friend don t worry. we will not miss anything. we play against Patronato on sunday and our next game for championship will be after the national team break up for games against Uruguay and Brasil.
    we play against Platense at 20 of November when everybody will be back from national team games. So we will not miss nobody.

  15. Olive, the kid Gomes Gerth was not eating alfajaroes at home with his PlayStation when he got the news 🙂

    As per Ole he said: “I was training when the list came out. When I found out, I started to cry. It’s something incredible and I still haven’t realized it completely,” Gomes Gerth told TNT Sports about the moment he found out that he was going to share a dressing room with Messi and the rest of the squad. .

    • Either way he must have been very surprised haha. Good for him, I am interested to see what he can become. This may be the first time I’ve heard his name but certainty not the last!

  16. A good, (somewhat) predictable list, Scaloni has more or less decided on his squad and that’s a good thing because if there is one thing that’s been missing from Argentina (thanks to the incompetence of the former AFA) it’s stability.
    Really glad to see Paulo in there because he’s been immense but I really wish Icardi was there also because Lautaro could do with abit of competition. Hopefully Dybala will stay fit, J.Correa finds a bit of consistency while Simeone and J.Alvarez continue their ascent, thus leaving Scaloni with a good problem come 2022.

    Armani continues to be selected ahead of Rulli and especially Benitez but I guess that’s just something we all must live with, but honestly what does Benitez have to do to get some recognition? The guy is class all the way! Ok I get Armani getting selected because of continuity and experience but to select an unknown kid (Girth) ahead of the 2 aforementioned GKs is just bizarre, even if I am all for giving youth a chance.

    Pezzella and Avila getting the nod ahead of Senesi is yet another oddity. I get that the former brings experience while the latter brings youth and is (apparently) doing really well at Argentina but neither have any right to be selected ahead of Senesi, especially Pezzella who is sadly not good enough anymore.
    Cuti, Otamendi, Licha and Quarta (doing very well at Fiorentina) more than cover the CB quota but hopefully Scaloni will realize that if he is to select other CB options it should be A.Senesi and B.Medina.

    Hope Messi and Paredes are selected for comradery and locker room stability rather than the intention of playing both matches because they both could use a bit of R&R so they can get their season finally going at league 1.

    Finally, a few words on Scaloni’s youth selection:

    J.Alvarez and Almada are obvious choices while the hype around Soule seems to be quite real if Allegri is to be believed (I think even Ronaldo spoke highly of him) and so a bit of a confidence boost can’t hurt.
    Now, regarding Santiago Simon, Enzo Fernandez, Exequiel Zeballos and Cristian Medina, well it’s the age old River/Boca favoritism rearing it’s ugly head again. Don’t get me wrong the aforementioned River boys are doing really well and Media, despite his lack of playing time, is clearly talented but I don’t see any of these guys coming ahead of the likes of Velasco (not doing brilliantly but continues to play well and has done so for nearly 2 seasons now), Nico Castro (level dropped off recently but he’s been on fire overall) and Bullaude who, along with Ojeda, has been an eye catcher at Godoy, infact the whole Godoy team is packed with eye catching young talent.
    Again I like Scaloni’s intention and thought process but one should select players based on their overall performances and not be swayed by the clubs that they play for and the media pressure that comes with it.

    Overall, as I said before, it’s a good list despite my numerous criticisms. Our boys are in a good position but this isn’t the time to get complacent especially since these coming games happen to be the toughest in the WCQ and the subsequent ones won’t be that much easier and the team still hasn’t qualified yet, so hope Scaloni and co. don’t take their eyes off the ball.

    • @mamoun agin you are spot on brother, i was too surprised by the youngsters name apaert from Alverez, almada, soule the other ypungsters are surely picked becz they play fpr boca and river see N. CASTRO, JM LOPZ all could have eassily given the chance

    • Agreed on many points. Scaloni and co do NOT easily move on from legacy players (Armani, Pezzella, etc) but hey the man (and his mates) won Copa America so I would also tame my criticism of him.

      I guess those kids are selected not because they might play any time soon, but it’s likely for sparring and to build continuity across generations and to attract attention of worthy suitors from Europe too perhaps.

    • I agree with some of your points Mamoun but not all of them, look at my post below to see my logic. I don’t think these players are swayed by clubs in this case, else why is someone from Tigre and Rosario on the list (yes Avila is on loan from Boca but I am not sure if he will play much for them when he goes back)

  17. Other position is ok. But i am really disappointed about CB selection. I mean most of the centre backs are not yet tested. Moreover why Scaloni is ignoring new promising CB like Senesi. I cant imagine LMQ or Pezzella playing in WC in absence of Romero or Otamendi. We dont have any dependable CB except Romero.

  18. Off the topic, looks like Messis last chance to win the Ballon D Or is almost over. This was suppose to be his best chance but the PSG form has really impacted his chances. Lewandowski will mostly win it. Over all its a disappointment for Messi fans.

    Messi at PSG may win trophies but he may not be the impact player he was. Where as Messi at Barca may win him individual accolades as he will always be an impact player at Barca. Obviously Messi chosen the former option. But he should have atleast got 1 more Ballon D Or for sure in his career. Now its too late.Our worst scenario is that CR7 is doing well at Man U means he will be in contention for next year. Cant imagine him and Messi haveing same number of Ballon D Ors. Just cant…

  19. If i am not wrong its for the first time Scaloni is selecting such young players. Good to see that.At this point we all know Scalonis squad. Around 20 players are already his base apart from injury reasons there wont be much changes in his player selection with players like Ocampos, Foyth etc haveing an outside chance to be in the 23.Most likely in Qatar WC also Fifa may allow to call 30 players considering Covid scenarios will still be there in 2022 too.

  20. I love To watch Leo with a National Team

    But I was Hoping Scaloni would give him couple of week off

    We are almost qualified, what’s the point? it would have been perfect opportunity for Dybala and others to step up instead of Messi

  21. I maintain my stand only one thing has stood between Argentina and the winning the world cup. The manager. They all had mental issues, especially Pasarella and Bielsa. Basile was unlucky and Sampaoli a scapegoat. This guy Scaloni is semi retard, excuse my language but that is the hard truth. Luck though is with him. A good thing.
    He thinks he has the perfect squad just becoming he has won the Copa. Repeatedly calling up same guys and all his changes have been forced mind you. The number 9 is a huge issue, you can’t have a guy who needs 5 chances to put away one to win a wc. Lautaro is lucky that this team manages to create chances. And the defense is still not sorted. Otamendi is a fraud but lucky that Argentina found the best defender since Samuel to make the partnership look good. Again, this Scaloni dumb ass only selected Romero because someone was injured. His luck I mentioned. Pazella is piss poor not NT material at all.
    We know we have issues with 9 and now he has called up some reserve kids. What a wasted chance. This is your chance to test upcoming players who are in form. Jose Lopez anyone? Yet this moron actually called Gaich a media created fraud, who couldn’t even break into his club squad. Gaich only got Argentina youth call ups because teams wouldn’t release other players. Almendra is on fire and you call up another reserve kid. why not Benitez instead of a 17 year old reserve kid.
    Enzo Fernandez is good but Ignacio Fernandez at the top of his game would add value. He is only 31 and a true box to box. Again if you are going for a midfielder from local league, Franco Cristaldo in brilliant form deserves it more than Enzo.
    And you call back Reserve winger Zeballos, but shut your eyes on the likes of winger Martin Ojeda, who has been a revelation in Argentina.
    Btw, speaking of 17 year old kid. Keep an eye on Newells right back Tomas Jacob.

    • Interesting post. I agree with some points, but I think Scaloni is doing good. His team looks stronger and keeps improving each time.

      As for the local league players, honestly there is no local league players but Julian Alvarez and Almada who deserve to make the final 30 of Scaloni’s squad. I mean as good as other players of local league who you mention, they are not better than even the reserve of the starting 11 of Scaloni. I mean if the likes of Buendia can’t make the squad, let alone other local league midfielders/attackers.

      So then he called the young players of the local league instead. As for the young players he called such as Zeballos or Medina. I understand his decision. According to TYC they are actually called for being the first team sparring partners only, but Scaloni adds them to the original roster so they will have more access to their idols the likes of Messi or Di Maria or Lautaro. That way they can learn even more from them off the field.

    • This post is just shocking. Calling Scaloni a semi retard? Sorry but who won the Copa America? Who makes decisions based on day to day interactions with our players and tactical knowledge? Not you. His calling up of these young players is a very positive thing, not something to be complained about. Let me go through your points

      1. The reason Scaloni calls up the same players is because they WORK. You can’t just chop and cut things every other months in a winning team. We won because of the team we have. The team functions well and above all seems balanced. Our situation is tactically very good, better than top clubs like PSG or Tottenham. Why should we change anything?

      2. Yes I agree that Lautaro has missed chances before, but have you seen how horrible we are without him? He is absolutely vital to Scaloni’s style of play, which goes to my last point. Look what happened against Paraguay, when we didn’t have Lautaro. He has missed chances but he has scored some great goals before.

      3. I agree that Senesi should be called up in the future, and Rulli/Benitez deserve a spot. They are better players than Pezzella and Armani. But it is not as simple as that, it’s not FIFA on playstation. Armani is the captain at River and Pezzella was the captain of Fiorentina, they are not in the squad because of how good they are but because of their leadership qualities. They have been pieces of the NT for years now and are probably important in the locker room, you can’t just take out a few components in a car and expect it to work. Imagine the effect on the team for players that have been there for years, that are probably friends with them, to be chopped of suddenly by the manager. Of course it has to happen eventually, but not abruptly. If you think Scaloni calls them up because of their footballing level that is silly and obviously not true.

      4. Regarding the young players, I am sorry but it is painfully obvious what Scaloni’s metric is for calling these players up. What do they all share in common? They a) all played in Argentina’s youth divisions, in several cases with each other and b) are young, no older than 20. Lopez and Ojeda have not played for Argentina’s youth ranks as far as I know. Ojeda is nearly 23 and has only just had his breakout season, no idea what will happen the seasons to come. He does not fit in these plans. Franco Cristaldo is a 25 year old Huracan player, nowhere near nt level for the present or future. Ignacio Fernandez is not “only 31”, he is 31. I think he is a great player but calling him up signals there is no project for the future, he is playing in the Brazilian league and will not play ahead of De Paul, Lo Celso, etc, etc, and is not going to the wc and is not going to get any better. Better give a youngster experience. And who is the “reserve kid” being called up at the expense of Almendra? Of course there are many other players that are young and have played in our youth teams that can “deserve” to be called up (like Almendra himself, Sarmiento, Luka Romero, Matias Palacios, etc etc) but there is only so much room, this isn’t a u20 call up list. There is not enough room for everyone to be satisfied or everyone who deserves it, who is there is there. End of story.

  22. Please guys stop your obsession with Buendia…
    He did not perform in PL at all. And by the way he is a right winger or RAM. We are the only NT with the most World Class player in that position. Messi Dybala Di Maria A Correa… If we don’t need anything it’s on our attacking right side so please stop with Buendia… He was playing other positions like Nr 10 or midfield and he did not deliver.

    I think overall quite a good list. I hope to see Dybala since his form is outstanding right no and with Messi not being fit that could be a great opportunity.

    let’s go and get some more points

  23. Armani again????!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤭😇
    Rulli is performing regularly in la liga & ucl!
    Benitez, Ledesma out of syllabus..& u call Armani again & again??

    • Lautaro did not have a terrible game yesterday but yeah, a striker’s job is to primarily score. At the same time, he seems to be doing better for the NT when he plays for us.

      As for Taglia, yes he has sadly been relegated to the bench. Should have left Ajax for a better league by now given he’s already 28. I want to see him at Napoli.

  24. It seems like Scaloni really think thag his Copa America squad is untouchable. As many as 25 out of 28 Copa America players are called up. Those who are left out are: Marchesin (still injured), Papu (injured), and Aguero (injured).

    The key questions seem to be answered now.
    1. Who is winning the back up number 9 role?

    As of now Joaquin Correa/Julian Alvarez holds the edge, and Paulo Dybala is right behind them.

    Alario DNP status for Leverkusen means he is gone. Icardi has lost the competition. Aguero is impossible to include. Giovani Simeone? Let’s see if he is just on fire or really has improved.

    2. Where are the regular back ups? Such as Foyth or Buendia. Foyth is injured. Buendia has not seemed to convince the coach.

    3. He calls up some of the best local players and some of the young ones to learn from “the legendary winning groups”. Alvarez and Almada totally deserve it. Enzo Fernandez maybe. Others are just young players to learn from the best.

    4. Mati Soule. For me he is the best among below 20 Argentina have. I have no idea why Juventus still has yet to give him a chance. I am happy with his called up as he will learn from both Di Maria and Messi, 2 players whom he has been compared to.

    • I think Almendra deserves more than Enzo Fernandez to be honest.

      The goalie kid from Tigre though, really curious call-up. He was a bit obscure, perhaps even Gonzalo would not have known of him. What is about him that warranted a call-up? He must have shown something…

  25. Nice to see youngsters get a chance to train v closely with seniors. With a tough fixture, i dont expect them to get playing minutes. But gio simeone & ocampos shld have got chance this time.

    • to be honest Ocampos still long way to go. After his injury, he still has not been the real Ocampos yet except the last 2 games. Plus his position is covered by too many players: Di Maria, Nico Gonzales, Angel Correa, J Correa, Dybala, and J. Alvarez. It will be tough to eliminate any of them above.

  26. Do players receive calls before they are called up to inform them or confirm? Because I am just imagining that this 17 year old kid, fourth choice goalkeeper in a second division club in Argentina, probably just home from school on his playstation eating some alfajores, looking down at his phone and seeing his name on a list next to Lionel Messi. Hope he manages to get some sleep in the next week!

  27. all this young players just only that will make few trainnings with Messi is huge boost for their confidence and learning process for their future. and this is just one of the gainings.
    very smart move from Scaloni. very good.

    • The only thing I am worried about is River (maybe only me and cox share this problem), because we could be left with 50% of our team the next two games (also because of players for other countries). On the bright side I remember how Alvarez has exploded after being called up to the Copa America, maybe training with such great players will help Fernandez and Simon in the same way. The rise of Simon has been insane, a year ago he hadn’t even made his debut and now his is called up to the nt

      • “On the bright side I remember how Alvarez has exploded after being called up to the Copa America, maybe training with such great players will help Fernandez and Simon in the same way”

        exactly that the plan so thier level will raise, it’s great opportunity for those kids to train with the nt.

  28. This is great to call up some next gen talents to have experience of national team its build their confidence also👌 luka romero and two simione brothers also needs to be called

    • Senesi, Ascacibar, Lamela, and Gio Simeone should have been called.

      Paredes is called even when he is injured. Scaloni can’t live without Paredes it seems lol.

      • Given Aguero and Alario’s injuries perhaps Gio Simeone should have been called. But Lamela and Senesi’s exclusions are the most surprising (well maybe not “surprising” but probably the hardest to understand), I would expect them to be called up eventually though

        • I admit, I have a soft spot for Ascacibar, he’s not necessarily doing amazing lately but I believe in his potential. I just hope that a call to the NT would generate interest from better clubs because Hertha Berlin is not ideal to say the least. I do believe that in a better team he might also flourish. A tenacious tackler with underrated passing and a decent long shot, I hope he makes a better career move sooner rather than later.

  29. Thiago Almada, Santiago Simon, Exequiel Zeballos, Matias Soule, Gaston Avila, Federico Gomes Gerth. This experience with la seleccion would be huge for these kids.

  30. Wow. I am very confused haha. I’ve never heard of the last guys name in my life! Clearly, based on all of the young names etc Scaloni is planning on getting them together with the first team for the future and for experience, I doubt many of them will play. After all, there are many injuries to first team experienced players. What is surprising is that Scaloni chose to do this during these qualifiers against Argentina and Brazil instead of the easier ones where we can experiment at the end, but I guess it is irrelevant because they are probably just here to train with the first team and maybe fill a spot or two on the bench. I can’t think of anyone obvious that is missing that isn’t injured but I will wait for the Kevin comments to remind me haha.

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