Nicolas Gonzalez out of Argentina team for World Cup qualifiers


Nicolas Gonzalez is out of the Argentina squad for the November World Cup qualifiers.

Gonzalez tested positive for COVID-19 at the end of last month and has not yet tested negative. Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni called Gonzalez to the team for the matches against Uruguay and Brazil in November.

The Argentina national team Twitter account tweeted that Gonzalez is out of the matches.


  1. This is actually a crucial round, winning against the two highly ranked teams of Brazil and Uruguay will cement Argentina’s position in the top 7 of FIFA rankings.
    Not being among the 7 means we will have a top tier team in our group and will likely face another one in the second round (France, Belgium, Italy…).
    Now that qualification is almost guaranteed, this needs to be a priority.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. The top 7 FIFA ranking along with the host, Qatar I think will earn the top seed. We have to earn top seed before the draw of the WC group. Being second seed will improve our chance to be in group of death.

      We can’t experiment at all.

    • Or these teams will come from the second pool, now Qatar, Brazil, Argentina and five european teams in the first, and still high chances remaining europeans come to us. 1998 Croatia 2002 England, 2006 Netherlands 2018 Croatia whats the difference? Nothing, luck matters more.

  2. Can anyone with the information tell me why Argentina’s match is held on Friday with Uruguay while all other 4 matches are held one day earlier i.e. on Thursday?

    Previously all 5 matches used to be on the same day. Is there any special reason this time around?

    • No idea, but I really wish it was on Thursday because in the US it is a holiday which means the game won’t collide so much with my schedule. I will be able to watch it but barely. Really annoying. Saturday would have been better to when you consider people watching in Argentina itself.

    • Probably it’s better, we will have 3 days of rest compared to Brazil who have 4 but we are not traveling much, the Uruguay game is practically at home.

      • So we really don’t have the reason behind the fixture date it seems. It’s odd to be honest.

        And yes even though Uruguay game will be like a home game for us in terms of distance travelled, it must be noted that the game vs brazil is at San juan which will have quite a distance after Uruguay match.

        Anyways I just hope 1 day less rest won’t put our players at disadvantage against Brazil.

    • Don’t know the reason, but it is good. We can see all the results. I really feel based on the results, we can rest Messi (because he needs it) and play Dybala (because he needs it)

  3. Well, as of today, although many of us anticipated it, Gonzalez is out for good. Many criticized him and called him an overrated mundo invention but if you take the time to watch many Argentina games you realize how important he is to how Scaloni plays and the team functions. With him out the left wing is vacant, and while I do not know the entirety of the Scaloni pecking order it may be a possibility that Alvarez is not only a back up to Lautaro but also Gonzalez. Maybe we will see him play on the left for on Friday

  4. Juventus and Milan send scouts to Argentina to track Alvarez. I will be sad to see him leave River but if I have to choose a club for him to go to I would choose Fiorentina if Vlahovic leaves. Not Aston Villa. Maybe Ajax if an attacker or two of them leaves to give him space for minutes

    • Ajax would be great. However, he would need to ensure that he doesn’t go to the premiere league afterward. Spain or Italy would be a good destination after Ajax. Look what happened to Hakim Ziyech

    • Don’t rule out Newcastle United. They have an Arab billionaire now taking over the club. In 2-3 years they will be a Euro giant for sure as they plan to spend unlimited money to buy players.

  5. Folks, here is the deal. Here is a simulator for Conmebol. You can play it out. I stayed super conservative on our results. Losing to Brazil and Ecuador. Not winning any away games. Just one win of all the remaining matches.

    Why did I do it that way? Point is even with that we easily qualify. Based on how we have done so far and how other countries have done, we will qualify quite easily from here. I say, this is the time to play Dybala and rest Messi. He is in a good form, Messi is not fully fit, this is the time. Give him and others a run without Messi. Nothing to lose here

  6. Aston villa may hire steven gerrad, i love him as a manger he is the one actually changed the Chelsea team by purchaisimg young fit and fast players then got sacked the guy thoms thuchal(pradon me for the misspeling) just had very few works to do for them to win champions legue because gerrad already changed that team
    He will make Bundia a better player by using all his potential since he love fast moving players he may want Juliam alverz too if he ever heard about him

    • What are you talking about? He was not a Chelsea coach. I think you are confusing with Lampard.

      Anyhow, I don’t want our players to play at Aston Villa. That is not the standard I strive for our players. Our players should be playing in CL teams. That’s what I prefer.

      • The guy stated his preference
        I’m not sure how stating yours as the standard
        Supersede his preference.
        Having players that play every weekend that are fully fit rather than players like Paredes riding the bench in UCL

        • Your comment is totally dumb one and off track…lol!

          I never said mine supersede’s his. I am not excited about Gerrard coming to Aston Villa. Its not a top club, I am not super excited about our players playing at Aston Villa, Brighton etc. That’s just my preference. You understand what “prefer” means?

          Who is talking about injured players? Not him, nor me either. Are you saying if players go to CL club they get injured?

          This is dumbest comment!

  7. You guys better be making a visit to the butcher for some beef before Fridays game. I don’t want to hear anything about “it’s 3 am here”…. If you are watching then u better have been on the Asado for some hours before hand.
    No asado, no blog participado

  8. Guys, Lautaro Martinez is a great player no doubt..I like him more than any other forwards…but Julian Alvarez is going to challenge him for the position soon. I can see that coming..!

    • Now that you mention it I can see it coming as well. When you look at what Scaloni likes in Lautaro for his strikers, Alvarez fits the bill. Great presser, energetic, can harass the opposition, not a classic #9 in that they maybe can play also as second strikers and aren’t Icardi static yet can do a good job tactically as a main striker. LM10, recently he has been used as a Gallardo #9 which does more work than an Icardi but yes, is a striker. He can also play on either wing and as a second striker in a partnership. Can fit many roles. I think Scaloni likes that type of intelligent player that fits his system, which is the reason why Gonzalez plays so much despite missing chances

  9. The news is coming in fast and furious……..and I just hope that Messi is a 100% fit and nothing less, otherwise it will be more bench sitting for him in the future and nobody wants that.
    ARG beat Uruguay down last month in possibly the best team win in many years and they will be locked and loaded playing on their home soil.
    BRZ, I hope they get smacked again and for ARGENTINA’s crowd to make them feel as if they’re on a desolate island with danger all around them.

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