Former Argentina, Newcastle player Jonas Gutierrez announces retirement from football


Former Argentina and Newcastle United player Jonas Gutierrez has announced his retirement from football.

Jonas Gutierrez will play his final match on Monday with Almagro against Ferro as the 38 year old has decided to retire. Part of the Argentina national team for the 2010 World Cup, Gutierrez showed his versatility as he played as a right back at the World Cup.

Gutierrez started his career with Velez in Argentina before joining Mallorca in in 2005 where he would spend three years at the club. His celebration, where he would put on a Spiderman mask would go on to become synonymous with the Argentine.

He would leave Mallorca and join Newcastle United in the Premier League and stay there until 2015 where he would join Norwich City on loan for one season. After that came a move back to Spain with Deportivo La Coruña for one season before going back to Argentina.

Currently with Almagro, Gutierrez overcame testicular cancer in 2014 while he was with Newcastle United.


  1. Fabinho – Fred – Parqueta
    Neymar – Jesus – Raphinha

    This is how Brazil are going to lineup. It is much different than final.

    Raphinha is upgrade over Everton, he is skillful and in good form.

    Jesus was poor last match. But Jesus always caused us problem in the past.

    Neymar is in bad form. He was not particularly threatening last match. But you never know.

    Fabinho is downgrade to Casemiro.

    Lodi will not start, it’s alex sandro and danillo in wingback.

    Alisson will start instead of Ederson. Silva and Marquinhos are usual cb duo.

    In my opinion, considering form and capability, Brazil’s team strength is similar that of in final. May be slightly better. Better attack, slightly downgraded midfield, same defense.

  2. Enes Sali was handed his first cap today by Romania – he’s 15.
    Gavi and Pedri both play for Spain and they are also youngsters.
    It’s logical that Thiago Almado and Barco should be given a chance too.
    Let’s showcase our talents to the world.

  3. Any news on the Boss’s fitness??
    I hope he doesn’t play vs the Banana yellow because they’ll hack him every chance they get.
    Messi didn’t look happy sitting on the bench Friday night but then again Scaloni needs to put his foot down and tell him to keep his ass on the bench because it seems he doesn’t know what’s good for him!!
    ….and what’s the word on Dybala, somebody mentioned him coming off injured but he didn’t seem concerned sitting next to Di Maria and chowing down on whatever he was eating!

  4. Jonas is 1 of so those called “defensive winger”, in general I am not a big fan of that kind of player, I have feeling that most of them are the same, very hardworking not brilliant with the ball and not have the positional sense of a defensive players, usually used in a 442. It’s very wrong to think that this kind of player can be used as a fullback because they are not natural defender. That’s why Jonas wasn’t good with NT. It may work if we convert them to winger back if the player has good dribbling skill.

    Acuna is the same kind of player, he used to play in this position before being used as fullback. As a fullback, I haven’t found him good so far, especially when the team is dominated. I believe that he’s way better as a winger back in a 343 or 352.

  5. Gentlemen, we can all have our doubts and arguments about lo celso and paredes when it comes to our midfielder but one player we can’t have doubts is Rodrigo de Paul, best Argentina midfielder since riquelme days plus papu gomez has to be our first sub or sometimes starts ahead of lo celso in the mid or di maria in the attack, I never thought I will care aging player when comes the nt but papu is class, i like him a lot based his performance for the nt.

    • Lo Celso and Papu Gomez are one of the best of the team.Lo celso is one of the best midfielder of Argentina his creative passes are unique.

      • I always defend lo celso and I do believe he is good midfielder player at times can be great but not world class, I think he became victim of his versatility for club and country more often he plays out position and that is the reason he has been inconsistent, if his coachs plays him 8 or 10 I’m sure he will give you 7/10 by minium that is how much I rate celso.

    • I am surprised to say this, but Papu may be the secret ingredient in a final game, like Di Maria would have been in 2014 Final against Germany. Papu attacks and has something about him like desperation to score when he comes in, fearless. Love him!

  6. Off the topic Dani alves is one of the most passionate footballers.
    The most titled player AMAZED EVERYONE BY HIS ACT FOR RETURN TO BARCELONA! HE will play and help in coaching staff for 1 euro per week.

  7. This is the guy that maradona called to the team in 2010 over zannetti and cambiasso.
    Anyways, commenting on the other nights match, I would really like to see more of papu Gomez. Also alot of players had a bad game such as Guido and lo celso, but this is how it goes, we pick up and survive, and we can do this with a built system, a machine.
    Only a well oiled machine can switch formation and play the way we did while missing two key starters.

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